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Hey Amethyst, does Pearl have any Earth guilty pleasures like with you and sleeping/eating? I figure I'd ask you since Pearl might try to cover it up. ;)

“She likes science fiction, and Star Wars especially.“
"Amethyst, why?”
“But not as much as she likes yelling at bad science in science fiction.”
“Amethyst. Is the camera on.“
"You should see her reaction to the ‘parsecs’ line.”
"Amethyst!! COME BACK HERE.”

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I was thinking about Hide and how his care gets the better of him and I had a realization.. If Hide lives in the manga (a jump but plausible) and knew Kaneki died, he'd feel guilty for being unable to save Kaneki (there wasn't a way out, but this is his best friend's life at stake). But, if he does see Haise, what do you think he'd do? (I mean it's been 2/3 years and he thought Kaneki died, it's probably a mess of feelings) Sorry if this was a long question but I really love your headcanons;;

Ahh it’s okay! Like I said, I always love to have TG/Hide-related discussions/headcanons!

Hmm I have never thought about this tbh. All of my theories about Hide surviving has him having a hand in turning Kaneki into Haise, and even if he doesn’t, there’s still a matter of whether or not he’s still working with the CCG – and if he did, there’s no way he hasn’t heard about the Quinx.

But hey let’s say that he doesn’t; let’s say he somehow moves on and is now working in a different place because he decides to cut all ties from the things connecting him with Kaneki – I think he’d notice him. Hide’d spent most of his life being by Kaneki’s side I’m sure he can tell if Haise’s Kaneki, after all, this is the person who still managed to recognize Kaneki under the mask and blood and the new white hair and everything in a dimly lit sewer I don’t think he’d have trouble figuring Kaneki with a new hairstyle. He’d be surprised that for sure, and I guess it’ll be all kinds of awkward in their first meeting because Hide’s un-Hide-ly stumbling between words and disbelief and Haise being.. well, the usual unknowing Haise (”Why are you staring?”).

But seeing Hide’s tendency, I guess he’d notice that Kaneki has a new life now, and he looks quite happy too, so in the end he decides not to really interfere with Kaneki’s life. Also please note that I’m really basing this headcanon on a random encounter, like in the middle-of-the-street encounter. He does, however tries to find more information about his friend and what happened about him but that’s that. He might end up going back to his old part time job of supplying infos about ghouls to the CCG too, and pass Haise a few times (I imagine Hide’d still talk with Akira), but he never really try to connect with him. He’s content to know Kaneki’s alive and well even when he’s not part of it.

..tbh I was wondering about the possibility of Hide slipping up and mentioning ‘Kaneki’ and triggering the memory like what happened with Nishiki, but then again if Haise did end up in pain, it’d do nothing but deepens Hide’s guilt and in the end it’ll be the ‘You’re happy now. you should be better off without knowing me’ route all over again.


I did a remake of one of my OLD paintings//yeah I used a base in the past but everyone starts small uxu//this was one of my first YunoxLavi pictures uvu And a quick picture;-;//with using a base because I was really lazy to do an own sketch{maybe I should finish my other arts}but I wanted to draw before I continue study for my exams (ノ-_-)ノ ~┻━┻//

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If I pay you 20million bells will you draw me something?

give me that in cash and i’ll embellish it with gold and hand deliver it to you myself.

(but in all seriousness, bells are essentially of no actual value, so no. sorry.)


Ludger/Jude art trade for the lovely smashingbamboomoustache ;)

Since idk the dimensions for anything, im uploading the comic here so chakkun can ACTUALLY read it (how in the world did you read it?! lol)
(gomen again if they seem v ooc. I havent actually played the game… yet)

Edit: Okay, not sure if this is going to work, but i’ll give it a try…
here are better res for the comic x . x . x

Happy birthday you hella pretty and adorable baku~ @seriouslynotpaul

I dont know why but you look so dominant gomen

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Okay so this is only a recent development because of a certain someone ahem who made me ship this even though I didn’t even nearly ship it when I played the game. Now I am complete trash. Gomen.

Also everything of mine is in folders. Folders everywhere. Organization. Order. Literally the only place I am organized in my entire life is my desktop. I’m boring I know. 

Rules: screenshot your desktop without changing anything then tag 5 people. Repost, don’t reblog.

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