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If you’re trying to make an argument that start with “cis white makes don’t understand” just stop right there and I lost any effort of taking you seriously. I understand misogyny still exists and is bad, but you’re just as bad if you’re just an sad pathetic person who blames all cis people, males, white people or the combination of all. Yes there are ugly bad people who are misogynist who fit under the category cis white male but don’t lump ever single cis white male in the same category. You’re just as bad as people who assume all people of a certain do the exact same thing. So let’s knock off the generalization social justice bullshit and focus on actual equality instead of hating on a specific group of people.

It took her moments to realize not only was she identifying with a figment of her imagination but she was fighting it as if it was sentient. Could she please just get some sleep and quiet–

“No. Of course not.”

Breathing was difficult, but that didn’t stop Jin from letting out another agonized sigh. She had enough energy to coil up, grabbing her head and putting herself into a comfortable fetal position.

You know as well as I do that I asked for help. I asked, I begged, I cried, and no one came to my aid. Whether it was years ago or not, no one came to my aid. No one helped me. 

“The circumstances are different and–”

But people are the same! They’re cruel! No one will help you if you don’t have something to give them in return!

“What if you’re already giving them something–”

She’s talking to a fucking figment of her imagination as if it would understand! This is ridiculous.

“But I do understand. I’m you, of course I understand but–”

Go away. Leave me alone. Oh my god. I’m losing it. I need–


Well, Jin supposed she deserved that one considering how much she was cutting off this young version of herself.

You’re me, so is it okay if I tell you to fuck off?

That seemed to silence the illusion. Perhaps despite being completely in her mind, it was still a child inside. Those were some pretty powerful words to use on a young girl. It wasn’t often Jin ever honestly had to tell someone that in earnest too, so it gave the woman herself some pause. No, it just seemed that the little one had to think about their words.

“You are a pitiable human.”


Had the young girl not laughed, Jin would’ve kept it at that. But no, there she goes, falling right into bait out of her own anger.

What makes me so ‘pitiable’?

“For one, you’re loafing about dying alone because you are too stubborn to ask for help, even from those you trust.”

I’m pretty sure you’re twelve. Who gave you the right to speak to your elders like this?

“The same fourteen year old who gave herself the right to a new life.”

What would you do if a bug just flew up your butt. Like. It flew up your butt and managed to get into your intestines. What the hell would you do. Would it die instantly? Or would it just be flying around in there. It’d probably cause an infection wouldn’t it? Can bugs survive in intestines? Would you have to get it surgically removed?