Or I’ll tear it off.”-

30 Day NSFW challenge- (Lineart version because I’m a lazy ass- feel free to color it if you want idk)
-DAY 1- “ Cuddle-nekkid.”

Erwin’s hug seems awkward with that stumpy arm thing he has,
and I didn’t draw lower regions because I had art block- but with Genitals…


(message me if you want me to post all this challenge on another blog If it’s too much nsfw, I’m more than happy to do so, and It’s pretty sharp lines so I’m gomen if you have to open in new tabs))

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Really sad thought: Shido possibly had Goro kill Wakaba one way or another (Whether by accident, ignorance or plain threat) because once he did so he was doomed: Turning himself in would be useless given the method he used aside from how such an incident would want him to bring Shido to justice at all costs, and he could in turn justify these acts that are wrong because no one existed back then who opposed Shido the way he did.

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im sad can u tell me stories about ur roomba. do u even have one stil. if u dont gomen i dont follow u i ws jus goin thru my old likes

Okay, so a few days ago, I come home from work. I park my car in the garage and try to open the door leading into the laundry room, but it’s stuck. It only opens about an inch.

I’m confused, puzzled, and a little bewildered. It could be that my parents have a left a laundry basket space the fits between the washer and the parallel wall, but it was too tight. We also don’t own a laundry basket that big.

At this point, I’m also worried about getting into the house. I don’t have a house key, and I make sure to lock every door and window before I leave the house. More importantly, I just finished working 5 hours of continuous deliveries with no break. I’m very hungry, and I was in such a rush to get home that I left without using the restroom.

So, I decide to grab a crowbar from the work bench in the garage and shove it under the door to move whatever could be in the way. Problem: I don’t feel anything. Nothing.

Now, I’m frustrated. I’m tired. I just want to eat some cow tongue and and pigs feet. Get on with my life. I push on the door as hard as I can, no fear of breaking it.

Suddenly, I’m in. Nothing in plane view on the floor. Nothing, except the left match of a birkenstock sandal wedged between the washer and the adjacent wall.

The roomba. They must have pushed the birkenstock, as they do with my various shoes and other small items, into the small space. Knowing the strength of a birkenstock, it’s understandable that it would be a difficult blockade for anyone.

As for the roomba, I found them stuck under the low coffee table of the piano room, the low battery song of defeat playing. Their time had come, so I once again carried them to their port to sleep it off until the next time

just thanking you guys for your patience with me, i’ve been exhausted the past couple days with some early ass shifts at work and i’ve been fixing up my new laptop since it wouldn’t let me web browse at all? reinstalled the operating system and if the issue happens again, i’m going to get a replacement. in any case, i’ll resume activity here. i know i owe some asks and a ton of replies.


Yeeep I’m doing one of these, and honestly, no I’ve never made one before so i’m really, really sorry the GIF looks like it was made on a potato. To the point, I’d like to thank you all for following me and I sincerely hope that despite my social ineptitude, you know that I appreciate each and every one of you and that I really enjoy following many of you back! Keep on being rad and if I happen to have missed you in this list, please shoot a message my way!


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ummm… /hides otl i’m sO SORRY WHY IS THIS SO LONG AS;LKDJF i originally had 50 blogs but then i felt SO bad for leaving some people out so then i just kept adding more and more and then this happened -_-

but anyways, i would just like to thank everyone here on tumblr for giving me such an amazing year! i have met so many fab people here in 2013. my followers are always so nice and supportive and theyre the most amazing people i could ask for. also, the people i follow have such perfect blogs and personalities that make my dash wonderful and i am really just so grateful ;; I HOPE EVERYONE HAS AN AMAZING 2014!!!

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Heh heh so it’s that time! The time to make an epic follow forever. And also to celebrate as I reached over 1000 followers this week. These are the people who’s blogs I’ve had a lot of fun seeing on my dash. Bolded are favourites (and also because they’re absolute cuties). If you’re not on here gomen! I do follow a lot of blogs and it would be hard to fit everyone on here (I would if i could).

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yeah whitewashed nagas you dense colon-sucking shitnugget


so basically what you’re telling me is the fr userbase is a bunch of straightwhitecis cocknubbin teenagers who just finished lapping off mommy’s god damn tit and think they have it figured out because they can respond with a “witty” gif


regetti-rising is a miserable fucking trash-heap human. regetti-rising is a mucus-laden throatfuck. regetti-rising is, probably, at this moment, rimming satan’s asshole.


Oh my gosh this person’s insults are comedy gold


If you’re trying to make an argument that start with “cis white makes don’t understand” just stop right there and I lost any effort of taking you seriously. I understand misogyny still exists and is bad, but you’re just as bad if you’re just an sad pathetic person who blames all cis people, males, white people or the combination of all. Yes there are ugly bad people who are misogynist who fit under the category cis white male but don’t lump ever single cis white male in the same category. You’re just as bad as people who assume all people of a certain do the exact same thing. So let’s knock off the generalization social justice bullshit and focus on actual equality instead of hating on a specific group of people.