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Ok, so I recently hit 500 followers (OMYGOD THANK YOU SO SO MUCH EVERYONE) and I also was thinking of doing a ff so, yeah here is my first ff~ If I left anyone out I’m really sorry, I remade this so many times and I always left someone out so it can’t really be helped, I guess ;n; Well, thank you everything, you’re all amazing!


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I was tagged by my best friend soratori42 So here we go.

  1. Nickname: Maggie, pumpkin, magdaloodle
  2. Eye Color: Blue, on the darker side but still blue. Though, if I wear navy around my face they kinda look, you guessed it, navy
  3. Hair Color: GINGER. Sometimes it’s more of a ruddy red, sometimes it certifiably orange.
  4. One Fact: I love AUs. I could talk about AUs, what ifs, and crossovers all day everyday and I cannot be stopped
  5. Favorite Color: Hm, this is hard. I would have to say blue or purple. I love blue and purple so much, not gonna lie. Most of my wardrobe is one of those colors, I painted my room blue, I get all my shit in those color, and I typically paint my nails blue or purple.
  6. Favorite Place: My bed. I love my bed and my room. But if mean by a place I want to visit I would say Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Russia
  7. Favorite Celebrity: Taylor Swift. I think she’s so funny and such a dork and I love her music. I own every one of her albums.         E v e r y  s i n g l e  o n e
  8. Favorite Animal: I think a fox. They are so cute and in Russia they domesticated them
  9. Favorite Song: Another tie between “Blank Space” even though Talon thinks its stupid  and “Wildest Dreams” both from 1989.
  10. Favorite Book: Oh god this is hard. I really liked the Eon series (canon trans characters, standing up against gender roles) and the Grisha Trilogy. But if I had to pick I would pick Ruin & Rising from the Grisha Trilogy because it ended wonderfully and the author knew what she was going to do from book one. Plus, I think her writing got better. (and hey, canon LGBTQ+ relationship in there.)

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kiryuzero  asked:


I take about 7 hours or so to stop laughing at the fact that you’re the first one who sends AoKi to me www BUT HERE WE GO 。◕‿◕。

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you who holds what;

AoKise (´▽`ʃƪ)

  • The umbrella, when it rains - 
    Kise is thoroughly convinced that their 3 cm difference won’t be a big deal if he is the one who holds his penguin-patterned umbrella. But Aominecchi always complains that Kise isn’t holding it high enough for the both of them, and so the ganguro always ends up snatching the umbrella away from Kise and holding it high for them both (´ヮ`) But it turns out that the umbrella isn’t big enough for them growing up boys (they used to fit just right when they were in Teikou), and so Aomine has to drape his arm over Kise’s shoulder and bring him closer to his side, making both of them squished in close together and walking slowly under the same umbrella. Somehow the cold from the rainfall seems nothing compared to the warmth that they share between one another. (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  • The popcorn, at the cinema - 
    Kise holds the popcorn because he learns from past experiences that he won’t get any if he lets Aominecchi get his hand on the bucket of popcorn. At times Aomine will just reach for a handful of popcorn from the bucket and shove it all into his mouth, and Kise will start whining and tell him to eat slowly! Aominecchi says that Kise is stingy and the blond will start pouting and says that it’s because Aominecchi is a monster who has been stealing his food for years even before he get the chance to eat half of them! But then, more often than not when Aomine doesn’t get his fill of popcorn, his hand starts reaching for Kise’s thigh instead ehehe //v\ And that always ends up with Kise getting hot and flustered in the cinema because Aominecchi is being a pervert bastard /////

  • The baby, when it cries - 
    Kise is usually the one who wakes up first when the baby starts crying because Aominecchi is a deep sleeper. But then even as he tries with all his might, he always fails to stop the baby from crying. When Aomine wakes up due to Kise’s absent by his side, he will go to the baby room and sees the baby crying in Kise’s arms with Kise’s face looking like he is about to cry too. And Aomine is right because the moment Kise sees him, his tear starts to fall ‘cause he feels bad at the fact that he can’t be a good parent. But Aomine will shush him and gently wipe Kise’s tear from his cheeks and take the baby into his arms and after a couple of minutes, the crying eventually subsides and the child is just staring at the both of them. Aomine tells Kise to hold the baby but Kise refuses, saying that he will start crying again. But then Aomine will convince Kise that he won’t and Kise just needs to loosen up a little instead of being so tense when holding the baby. And so Aomine gently hands the baby back to Kise before he wraps his arms around Kise’s waist from behind and rests his chin on Kise’s shoulder, just to make sure that his lover won’t start tensing up again. When Aomine convinces Kise to rock the baby gently back and forth, Kise does as he told and in less than a minute, the baby is lulled back to sleep and Aomine is glad to see the expression on Kise’s face lightens up once again. And then they will silently exit the baby room after putting him back in his bed and Kise pecks Aominecchi on his cheek, telling him that he can never do this without Aominecchi by his side (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )

  • The ice cream cone, when they share - 
    To be honest, they usually buy ice cream cones of their own, but Aomine finishes his in a couple of minutes and then he will start reaching for Kise’s ice cream cone instead, so Kise holds the cone when they ‘share’. But then Kise is always so protective of his food so he will take a bite and holds it away from Aominecchi’s prying hands. Aomine however has a different plan and instead of fighting for the ice cream cone, he pecks Kise on his lips and says things like “Who needs the ice cream when your lips always taste better? Heh.”. ////// And that is the last straw for Kise before he gives up and says that Aominecchi is so unfair and so they share his ice cream in the end because Kise is too incoherent and flushing and somehow the ice cream melts faster after Aominecchi’s comment ehehehe

  • The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - 
    Kise is like an excited child when they watch movie together at Aominecchi’s house, and he will have the remote in his hands and keep replaying the scenes that he loves or the scenes that he wants to show to Aominecchi and sometimes he gets really out of control so Aomine throws a pillow to the back of Kise’s head and snatches the remote from his hand and tells Kise to shut up and stop being such an excited puppy www That will earn him the Kise Ryouta’s signature pout and at times, his crocodile tears but Aomine never actually give in to those tricks, not after he falls for them for so many times //w\

  • The basket, when they go shopping - 
    Aomine swears each time they go shopping together, that he won’t hold the basket next time they go shopping again, because Kise knows no boundaries when he is on his shopping spree. Kise surprisingly has no complain though, but every time Aomine sees Kise holding up so much things at the same time, his boyfriend!Mine side is awaken and he ends up holding the basket anyway www

  • The door, on dates - 
    Aomine isn’t the one to do this kind of romantic shit, Kise can be romantic but he doubts that Aomine will appreciate it if he is the one who holds the door for him on dates. But Aomine seeks Satsuki’s help one time on how to make Kise happy on their 7th anniversary and Satsuki convinces him to bring Ki-chan to a romantic dinner, and do things like holding the door for him and pulling out the chair for Kise. Aomine gets goosebumps the first time he does it, but the flustered look on Kise’s face and the way Kise’s eyes glisten with excitement upon seeing what he has prepared for him, Aomine thinks that his efforts are totally paid off ;v; And sex that night was great but let’s not discuss on that ehem ///

  • The other’s hand, most often - 
    They started off from brushing their fingers shyly against one another until Aomine holds Kise’s hand one day when the blond forgets to bring his glove with him on one cold winter day. And that is the first time they hold hands together in public and it makes their hearts beat faster than usual //v\ After they took the first step, it’s usually Kise who gives sign that he wants to hold hands, like sliding his pinky lightly against Aominecchi’s palm before Aomine gets the message and reaches for Kise’s hand and hold it tightly in his ///

  • Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - 
    Aomine had to blink his eyes not twice but thrice upon seeing Kise walking up to him on their wedding day and he doesn’t even realized that he was holding his breath until Satsuki tells him to breathe because his face is turning.. umm white. And then he lets out something between a nervous cough and chuckles before stuttering on his wedding vow twice. Kise doesn’t have to hold his breath because he has something else that he needs to keep at bay anyway, his tears. Because finally, the one that he has been chasing up to since middle school is now right in front of him, his lips an inch away from his as they are about to seal their oath of loving and cherishing one another until death do them apart. And really, they both believe that not even death can separate them apart because a part of them will always live in each other’s soul.

  • The camera, when they take picture together - 
    Kise always holds the camera when they take picture together because he knows how to capture the right angle even though Aomine always butchers their picture by making dorky faces. But sometimes when Kise isn’t looking, Aomine secretly takes Kise’s picture and keeps those in his secret folders. Because the Kise that Aomine loves the most is the one that expressly shows his emotions without putting on any mask that conceals his true beauty. Also, the folder that Aomine keeps pictures of Kise’s sleeping face is the one that occupies 68% of his camera’s memory card among the many other Kise pictures ehehe ( ´艸`)