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im really trying not to be mean.... it's just true lol. pale skin means everything cute (peaches, sakura blossoms, kawaii stuff like that) and dark skin just isn't. it's not racist if it's true, i just don't want to be mean loool xD =^-^= gomen

i can’t tell if you’re being serious anymore. you sure you ain’t trolling cause this sounds so unreal right now…………

i honest to god want you out my inbox unless you’re gonna show your pasty ass off anon


Then they all proceeded to have the greatest movie lecture in the history of Paradox Space.


(( This marks the end of the prom for me. I’m really sorry about  not answering your requests, guys, but as you can see there were a lot of it and there’s a limit of dances one can suffer! I hope you understand!

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things to (hopefully) look forward to in Osomatsu-san:

  • a swapping identities episode
  • someone actually gets a real girlfriend
  • brothers need to make the other breakup with said girlfriend because she’s actually scummy/ its ruining him/ whatever
  • brothers being nice to karamatsu actually destroys the balance of the show and so he tries to get them to hate him again
  • karamatsu has a come-to-jesus moment and actually becomes too cool
  • more brother bonding moments

Since it’s the end of the year I thought it’d be nice to make one of these (…to compensate for the fact that I rarely make actual edits anymore eep) so yeah! I’d like to thank all these people for sharing & making some top posts and keeping my dash looking super rad, and for generally just being some pretty cool people overall. I hope you all have a good 2015 and a happy new year!
Peace out. (`・ω・´)”ノ★

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+ everyone else I’m following, it’s really hard to pick just a handful of people so please understand that if I’m following you, that already means I like your blog so no hard feelings, please.

Sometimes I still honestly can’t believe that it’s been three years. Alucard is a muse that has been with me for that amount time, solid, and has never faltered in strength and inspiration for me. This dumbo vampire has helped me discover a lot about myself, make friends that have been with me for years, and through him I’ve written stories I would’ve never otherwise. And it’s all thanks to you. 

To everyone who follows me, and has stuck by my side, thank you–from the top and bottom of my heart, you mean the world to be. Now, without further ado:

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Hello everyone~! This is my first follow forever and I already wanted to do one for my first thousand, but I postponed it for too long and now it turned into a 2k+ ff ( “+” ofcourse, because I also postponed doing a ff for 2k).

For those who I follow, thank you for keeping my dash alive and for being awesome ଘ(੭ˊ꒳ˋ)੭✧.

And for my followers, thank you for staying with me and for reblogging my amazingly shitty edits. I love you! (ˊૢᵕˋૢ.)

And a special shout out to xinxinmato ! I want to thank you for telling me to pay attention during science and physics class.

I probably forgot some of you, or I misspelled some of your urls. If I did that, please tell me!

And here are all my favorite blogs. It’s quite a mix from amazing graphics makers to lovely artist. And some cute random blogs too.
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