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I had the privilege of going along for a wonderfully fun run of ↳The Royal City of Rabanastre↲ tonight! ♥ Even though I just got bullied. I’m gonna fight you all.

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*Cap’s dialogue in last panel: “Howard. I’ve got lots to discuss with you concerning Tony’s questionable upbringing…

and our marriage.”

Howard and Tony:


Based on @iwritestony‘s prompt and a continuation of this post

Sorry I hecked up yesterday and deleted the entire thing! And yes it’s only a sketch so the shit quality is to be expected.

Anyway we can all agree that the Frankenstein au is something we all never knew we needed. I expect fics guys

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1. what book do you think is hugely underappreciated by everyone else?

The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown (and the others in the series)

I’m sorry I love those books and am hurt when ppl say shit about them. Except Inferno that one was uncomfortable

2. what did you want to become as a child and is that dream still achievable?

A Dragon, a Mermaid, or a Pirate.

If I take enough drugs, sure!

3. what are you doing tonight? up for a date?

Staying up all night for a sleep deprived EEG tomorrow afternoon at the hospital, so if u wanna hang out w grimy tired me, sure

4. what is your opinion on jk rowling adding more and more to her harry potter universe?

Some is good, some is bad, a lot should’ve been IN the books but better late than never I guess. Some things Should be added but she’s avoiding it. Also the cursed child doesn’t exist because it’s bullshit

5. what is the ultimate question to life, the universe and everything?

Hugs and Dr Pepper w strawberries in it

6. would you rather be a dragon or have a dragon as your pet? why? (or be the pet of a dragon, i don’t kinkshame)

I already have 2 dragon moms (ur one of them Lies why are u asking) and a dragon grandma I gotta be a dragon to gotta complete the set

7. if you had the opportunity to learn a dumb language (like dutch), would you take it?

……I already am u sukkel I’m learning like a billion

Vertel je broek is het niet beleefd om te wijzen

8. what is your most played song and how do you know it?

Idk I love a lot of songs. Probably Breathless by The Corrs (please listen I love it)

Been my jam since I was a wee child

9. what is your latest fandom?

I’m in so many fuck. Idk if there’s any new ones I just cycle lol

The fanfic I’m reading right now is from The Hobbit so technically that? Gotta read about my precious sunshine boy and his not-very-merry band of grumps and his boyfriend, the King Grump

10. did you know the number 5 was missing? (made you look)

I didn’t look bc I don’t care fuck you

I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say fuck you I love you

But also fuck you

11. how are you doing

It Could Be Better™

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My Questions~

1) What’s your favorite book series? Can you describe what it’s about in less than 10 words?

2) Favorite berry or fruit?

3) Favorite animal? Favorite supposed “mythical” animal? Do you believe it exists?

4) Favorite criptid?

5) this isn’t a question I just wanted you to know I love u a whole bunch

6) Favorite movie genre? Fave movie? Fave line from that movie?

7) Do you believe in ghosts? Scariest/Creepiest thing that’s ever happened to you?

8) Have any pets? What kind and what are their names?

9) Favorite childhood plushie? Do you still have it?

10) Do you like stand-up comedy? If so, who is your favorite comedian?

11) Favorite part of your appearance? Describe it? (Nothing is not an answer u shits u better answer think about it)

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Plus, I’ve always had terrible bed head too. It’s got a mind of its own, just like yours! I remember how long you used to spend combing it out for me every morning… Oh, Father… I’m so glad to see you. Even if it is only for a little while…

Noire and Stahl’s Future Past conversation is so cute and sweet i’m gonna die

and a quick omake too


Then they all proceeded to have the greatest movie lecture in the history of Paradox Space.


(( This marks the end of the prom for me. I’m really sorry about  not answering your requests, guys, but as you can see there were a lot of it and there’s a limit of dances one can suffer! I hope you understand!

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Sometimes I still honestly can’t believe that it’s been three years. Alucard is a muse that has been with me for that amount time, solid, and has never faltered in strength and inspiration for me. This dumbo vampire has helped me discover a lot about myself, make friends that have been with me for years, and through him I’ve written stories I would’ve never otherwise. And it’s all thanks to you. 

To everyone who follows me, and has stuck by my side, thank you–from the top and bottom of my heart, you mean the world to be. Now, without further ado:

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things to (hopefully) look forward to in Osomatsu-san:

  • a swapping identities episode
  • someone actually gets a real girlfriend
  • brothers need to make the other breakup with said girlfriend because she’s actually scummy/ its ruining him/ whatever
  • brothers being nice to karamatsu actually destroys the balance of the show and so he tries to get them to hate him again
  • karamatsu has a come-to-jesus moment and actually becomes too cool
  • more brother bonding moments