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for daichi rarepair week - day 2 : memes

(i couldn’t possibly pass up the opportunity of drawing the meme kings)
makki and mattsun talk about 2016 memes; daichi is getting a headache


I’m not exactly sure what a cute quotient is, or, um. How to maintain it.


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48. “Boo”

The drive over to Eren’s place usually takes about fifteen minutes, but tonight he makes it there in only ten. There’s no one driving around on Halloween night, of course – instead Levi sees dozens of small ghosts and witches and skeletons finishing up their trick-or-treating and comparing their bounties on the sidewalk. Eren’s neighbourhood is already quieting down as he pulls up to the parking lot and turns off the engine, staring at the shadows cast by the bare maple trees.

Even though they’ve been going out for six months now and he’s been over at Eren’s place a few times before, but it still feels like there’s a swarm of carnivorous butterflies fluttering around in his stomach.

Since he doesn’t want to show up too early, Levi spends a few moments checking himself out in the mirror. He’s practised a variety of cool and seductive expressions to greet Eren with as soon as he opens the door, yet somehow now they all make him look more constipated than anything else. Well, that’s still marginally better than the constant resting bitchface he’s been told he has going on.

Exactly five minutes later, he’s knocking on the door of Eren’s apartment, trying to look as calm and collected as he can. A flurry of throughts run through his mind, but as the door finally opens and he sees Eren, it all goes blissfully quiet in his head.

“Boo,” he states, leaning on to the doorframe, ready to deliver a witty seasonal one-liner until he registers what Eren is wearing. “Wait, what?”

“Oh, I just got back from Armin’s Halloween party,” Eren explains with a beaming smile. “It was really fun, you should definitely come along next time, there was a chocolate fountain and everything.”

“Yeah,” Levi states, eyes flickering over Eren’s frame. That’s all fine and lovely, but still doesn’t explain what Eren’s wearing. It looks like an orange puffy tent with a spooky face printed at the front, and to top if off there’s an orange and green knitted beanie perched on Eren’s head that looks like it might slide off at any given moment. “But, uh, what is it?”

“Exactly what it sounds like, a fountain with chocolate,” Eren explains with a roll of his eyes like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“I meant your outfit,” he replies with a raised brow. It’s not the spookiest thing he’s seen, even though he has to admit that Eren looks pretty cute, even if Levi’s not too sure exactly what he’s dressed as.

Eren gives him an unimpressed glare. “I’m a pumpkin, of course!” he exclaims, tugging at the orange fabric to spread it out into a more pumpkin-like shape. “See? A scary Halloween pumpkin.”

“I’m definitely spooked,” Levi intones, a faint smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Kinda looks more like a squash, though.”

“Says the guy who didn’t dress up at all.” Eren narrows his eyes at him as he pulls him inside, hands gripping tightly on to the fabric of his jacket. “So boring.”

After Levi’s taken off his shoes and jacket, he follows Eren into the living room. His arms wind around Eren as if on their own, and as he presses his face into the crook of Eren’s neck and breathes in his familiar scent, he distinctly picks up on something that hasn’t been there before.

“Are you wearing pumpkin cologne?” Levi questions in an incredulous voice.

Squirming around in his embrace, Eren lets out an awkward laugh. “Pumpkin body mist, actually. I was getting into character and they were giving out free samples of it at the mall, okay?”

“Into the character of a pumpkin,” Levi states. Damn it, he doesn’t even know what to do with this boy who’s far too precious and endearing for his own good. “Alright. I can respect that.”

Eren merely laughs and swats at him absent-mindedly before worming out from his grasp. “Anyway, I’m gonna change out of these.” Now the beanie is definitely slipping off, but he grabs it before it falls off completely. “Make yourself right at home, there’s some snacks and drinks in the fridge.”

“You could wear it the whole night, I wouldn’t mind,” he answers as he plops down on the sofa. “The hat’s a pretty nice detail.”

“Oh. Thanks. I made it myself, actually,” comes Eren’s sheepish response from the direction of the bedroom. “Jean said it looked kinda dumb, though.”

“Well, fuck Jean, whoever he is,” Levi states resolutely, his composure crumbling a little at the thought of some jackass referring to his boyfriend – or his hat, for that matter – as dumb. “I think it’s great.”

“You’re just saying that.” There’s a light edge in Eren’s voice and Levi can almost imagine the light pink shade dusted over his cheeks – Eren has the habit of getting adorably flustered over the smallest of compliments, something that Levi takes advantage of at every given opportunity.

“Shush, you.” The idea’s just beginning to form in his head, so his words come out a little hesitant at first. “I didn’t even know you knit. You should make me a hat as well.”

There’s a moment of silence, after which Eren’s head pokes in through the doorway, a puzzled expression on his face. “Wait, really? You’d wear it?”

“Of course,” Levi says solemnly, his heart almost skipping a beat at the thought of owning something lovingly handmade by Eren. “We could have matching ones.”

Eren looks far too amused as he steps out again, this time dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. “Christmas is coming up soon, so why not?” he intones as he settles down on the sofa next to Levi, pressing against his side. “How sweet of you to say that.” He plants a light kiss to Levi’s cheek, lips curving into a shy smile, and suddenly Levi’s already looking forward to Christmas.

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ok at since u seem to want to talk laven i'mma ask u about somethin u said earlier, about laven having the strongest canon foundation out of the ot4 ships? just talk about why u think that, if u want ;v;

I feel like you are going to regret asking because you just called for a really long rant about canon events

no really I can talk you through canon watch me

buckle up I hope you’re ready

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Momma Aegislash taking care of its children (◡‿◡✿)

Why do swords hatch from eggs? I don’t know, you tell me

I swear I tried recording my process but Camstudio crashed on me //lays I’ll try recording the next one instead ;;

Paint Tool Sai, ~1 hour

Here are some more Aegislash o v o 

[HQ!kurotsuki] Tsukki and his Sasuke

My gift for @essrambles (that I kept bothering as an anon bcz I dnt wanna mess up lol) for the @kurotsukiexchange I hope you like this. I am late!! So gomen!

Soulmate AU (slut for that au) where Kei received his tattoo— but oh no, it’s not a very good tattoo. Or the day Kei wanted to become a murderer jk.

posted this also on AO3 (mytsukkishine) but I do suggest for ya’ll to read that there *winkwonktocommentwinkwonnk*

It’s good to know what’ll be the first thing your soulmate would tell you, but for Kei—he doesn’t want to meet his, for he’s sure he’ll kill his soulmate if he did.

Because his soulmate is a fcking ‘spoiler alert’ of his favorite manga.

!! WARNING contains spoilers for Naruto Shippuden and Avatar the Last Airbender (if ya’ll haven’t seen it yet)– not proceed :3

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Merry Christmas!

Comic starts from top left! Click for full view (especially the last strip)!

"What exactly is your pride, Tsuna-kun?"
"Oh! Is that all? My pride is...