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Fanfic Recs - Ship #1

Fandom: Daiya no Ace | Diamond no Ace | Ace of Diamond | Daiya no A – is there any other abbreviation??

Ship: MiyuSawa | SawaMiyu | Sawmaura Eijun x Miyuki Kazuya | Miyuki Kazuya x Sawamura Ejiun

There’s a CRAP load of fics for this ship (though it’s never enough) so I’m going to go through them and find as many that I love as possible…OFC I WILL MISS SOME GOMEN IN ADVANCE

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My friend xkjb saw my sketches of these and told me i should upload them on here

Sooooo i slapped on some colors on them and now you know my humanizations of the teachers. I cannot human at all so gomen in advance

Paige has no real legs so those are fake ones made of mostly white construction paper. Some colored ones got mixed in though. 4'8"

Tony is a tall dweeb. 6'0"

Shriggy is a creepy little man. A very creepy little man. His cloak has a hood on it. 5'2"

So its been a couple weeks now since I got this and I think it’s about time I made a review! (Some friends were asking about it too!). Gomen in advance if this sounds super hodgepodge, because I’m terrible as organizing my thoughts clearly haha;; 

SO for starter’s, I really like this .  My main purpose for getting a cintiq companion was because I was traveling for conventions literally every weekend almost for the past 6 months, and I never had time to be home to work on anything. I have a 22hd cintiq at home, which I got mainly for work and school (at the time), because animating/ CU on a tablet is … terrible. I used to bring around my laptop and smaller intuos tablet, but after a while, it got extremely clunky. 

Which is why I was so interested in the cinitiq companion. From what I know from the companion HYBRID vs the regular companion is that its a tablet? (like droid tablet). CORRECT ME IF I’m WRONG. I’m really not sure. But the companion that I have is a fully strong running computer. Its pretty par par, if not maybe a couple steps down than my tower main.

I just want to hit a few points about what I thought for the past couple weeks. 

BATTERY: The cintiq, when its fully charged, says its should last about 5hours. So my first test run at this, I was actually flying international from the states to the west indies on a vaca. From door to door, the travel time was about 12ish hours, maybe a little more. I used it pretty straight on for a flight that was 4 hours (maybe i napped for an hr), and then we had a 6 hr layover and I used it for most of that time. All in all, it didn’t start dying until I actually got to the hotel. I’m not sure if I used to straight straight for 5 hours, but to me, it definitely lasted a really long time. I was really impressed, because I was using photoshop the whole time. 

Some battery problems people are having, I was researching on. I made sure to have a model that was manufactorer PAST july 2014. I hear they fixed the problem. I haven’t had a problem so far. 

PROCESSING/ LAGGING:  The first things I immediately installed were, Chrome, Spotify, photoshop cs5, and flash cs3. Whenever I work, I have at least 2-3 of these programs opened, and even then. I’ve never had a lag issue. I maybe had a FEW times where i would try opening like 10 windows up, with playing music, and transferring files, and it lagged maybe like 5 sec? But even then, thats just me overloading the computer. There were some files that I would work on, where on my laptop it would crash photoshop or flash multiple times. But while I was painting, it never crashed once. It never lagged while painting. Mind you, I work in hugeeeee canvases. like hugeee. Also like the mass brush strokes, it usually bogs down a file but. The companion held like a trooper. Its glad to not have to worry about saving every 5 seconds, and waiting 5minutes just to save.

WEIGHT: its 3lbs. Its heavy for a tablet. but its light for a laptop. If its in your backpack, you definitely feel the weight. But tbh, I’m happy carrying that, than my laptop. 

CASE:  So I didn’t know this when I ordered, but it comes with a really nice like fuzzy case that protects it from scratches, and has elastic straps to hold it down. 

There’s a zipper and also a magnetic flap to keep it shut and protected. It also has another front pouch to hold a nifty little pen case. And another little slip opening to put the charger. 

KEYBOARD: Everything was great until this. 

Like I said, the first test run for the companion, I was on a week long vacation. I forgot to bring my portable keyboard in the rush of packing. And let me say. The build in microsoft touch keyboard is probably one of the most frustrating and terrible things. Especially for someone who uses a lot of hot keys in your programs, or trying to type emails. 

Sometimes some of the buttons would work, some wouldn’t. I didnt like how the keyboard would open and close when I need/ didn’t need it/ how it would squish the whole screen down to house it. It was the only time where I was forced to use the cintiq hotkeys, which were actually…pretty awesome. Once you set it to things that you need. Also, why doesn’t the microsoft keyboard have a ‘shift’ button ;____ ; 

Once I started using my extra keyboard, everything’s been SUPER smooth sailing. Its just something that I highly recommend you get. I use a logitech solar keyboard for my main base, and I had a spare lenovo keyboard. But, just be careful with transporting a keyboard a lot (depending on how the buttons are), because my old logitech had some buttons ripped off from constant traveling. So for the companion I’m using a wired lenovo keyboard, where the keys are less likely to fly off. 

I was looking into A LOT of micro keyboards too, to help with the compact travel use. But I figured I wouldn’t need it because trying to type long things with a tiny keyboard would be really…painful. 

COLOR: TBh i had no problems with the colors. I know on my 22hd, its ever so slightly reddish hue that I can’t change/ get rid of, but the companion, I didn’t notice a problem. Especially after I printed a piece where I worked on it.

COMPANION VS 22HD?: I really like my 22hd. Heck, when I’m home I’m using it. A lot of my friends are torn between which to get, and I would say. If you don’t have a cintiq 22hd, get it. Its literally the best thing. Even if you have multiple monitors. Nothing beats the size and the swiftness of work you can accomplish because of it. It is literally one of the best investments that I’ve made. Even if you only have a laptop as your main computer, id say, still get the 22hd, and hook it up with your laptop if possible. 

Then sara, why did you get the companion???

I got it because of 110% travel reasons. Also maybe if I wanted to draw in bed. … I also have a bf who is an artist, who doesn’t have a cintiq, so I thought he could use too when I’m not gone at conventions half the year. But regardless, FOR TRAVELING. I guess its personal pref, but I still thing that the 22hd is a wiser investment to have at home than the companion just because of ultimately upgrading your main base’s power/ the size is really great to work with. 


I’ve only used the surface pro 2 for a weekend. And tbh, I didn’t really like it at all. It was a really cool concept, and I really like how affordable it was, but it just felt, extremely off.

List of some times I didn’t like (I don’t know if there are ways around this, but I only had a weekend to play around with it, and it didn’t click with me): 

- The keyboard on the surface 2 was pretty terrible too. The buttons didn’t click really when you needed them too. I also personally dont like having my keyboard directly below the screen. When I’m working on stuff, I like having the keyboard on the side which the companion allows. 

-I felt like the dpi in the surface was REALLY high, so the dots were EXTREMELY small. Which is both good and bad. I love my share of really small text, but when the buttons and everything are so much that its difficult to even click on the right one. It was really frustrating. 

- I remember when I was using it, I was trying to open big scenes in flash, and It would crash every 5 seconds and it couldn’t even house playing a scene as a swf smoothly. 

- I didn’t know how to turn off the touch? Because every time I would draw, my palm that was touching the screen would move the mouse. I had to pull my sleeve so my skin wasn’t touching the screen, so it would correctly read the pen. 

- The pen pressure felt a little weak. 


So, I know the surface is a FRACTION of the companion’s cost, but I really liked the feel of the companion immediately next to the surface experience. I know also that the surface 3 is really different than the 2, so I can’t be a judge of that. My experience with the surface just really. did. not. click. 

I vote, if you don’t have a 22hd, its better getting that than the companion because of size you get to work with, and in the future the companion’s power will be outdated, vs upgrading a tower. 

Only get the companion if your traveling like a mf. Because if you’re never home and you have to get work done, its amazing piece of equipment. 

If you get it, GET A KEYBOARD.  (not necessarily the wacom one, but anyone that works with w8). Because the build in touch one is the most terrible thing I have ever tried. 

I hope this review helped some people. I know right after I got it,  A  L O T of people were asking me what I thought. I love it. tbh, I haven’t been using it as much since I ended con season now because I’m home. but It’s a really nice thing to have if I want to draw in bed (or maple in bed) or some days if i ever want to go to a cafe n do work. GL EVERYONE  ON YOUR DECISIONS ;____ : <3


This happened last week, my graduation ceremony and of course THE BIG GRAD PARTY!!!!!!!!!

i can’t believe it was 5 YEARS ago when i first started the paperwork to get into the biggest Art, Architecture and Design University in my city, after all the pressure and the entrance exams i finally made it there!!!! to the Graphic Design course. And i can’t believe i’m saying goodbye now; it was a big journey, I met a lot of amazing people, I learnt soooo much and most of all, I grew to be a better person.

Things got tough sometimes but i was able to go through all kind of experiences (except love lol) but i feel REALLY PROUD of making it all the way here. But I’m also scared, I’ll soon be going through the “WHAT THE HELL AM I GOING TO DO NOW” stage; job hunting also seems scary and implies a lot of more responsibilities; but I KNOW I’LL BE OKAY!!! I NEED TO TRUST IN MY SKILLS AND OF COURSE TRUST IN EVERYTHING I’VE LEARNT BACK THERE, I want to become someone to be proud of, and i want you guys to feel proud of me too!!!!!!!!!

That’s why I’m sharing this special moment, and also i’m here to encourage you!!!!! I know sometimes we all feel like quitting everything and just feel like we’re not good enough at something, but trust me guys you can always make it!!!! Never give up on your dreams and on what you love to do, no matter how cracked the path may seem, there’s always a way to get it through. If I was able make it, then i’m hellaaa sure you can too. 

BUT this is isn’t everything you’ll see from me!!! I plan on saving some money to pay an animation course and becoming a pro on it, I want to keep learning and do soooo much more, it just feels right. But heyyy my body (and wallet) needs to be ready so it probably will take a little time.

Thank you to everyone for supporting me the whole time; family, friends aND MY FICTIONAL BOYFRIENDS OF COURSE i would have never made it without you♥♥♥ o(;△;)o