gomen for hair


I’m sorry for whatever this is

Why is it that I always do the draw the squad memes whenever I have an art-block?

When you’re trying to surf the web but your stupid bf wants to snuggle for the millionth time today smh

I missed so many friends’ birthdays this year cos of uni work so I’m trying to catch up! This is for Viria who I will scream at forever for getting me invested in volleydorks…*cries*

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~Leelu doodle turned comic~

*cringes* this is only my second attempt at drawing comics, so I still haven’t quite gotten the hang of things .-.

I am also sorry for the shitty lighting - it’s still better than my trash scanner

ft. drinkyourfuckingmilk‘s OCs Samson and Leelu 

I can’t get over how much I love their sibling dynamic


suddenly friends starts talking about exorcist!komui, from here (please read it!! <3) and resulted into this