Random findings~


I know most of you guys are B.A.P biased fans but… ._.

I just stumbled upon some really old subbed videos of mine.

They range from Suju to DBSK to SS501 xD I don’t even know.
All this crazy random videos from the past.

I wonder if I should upload them? ._.

Well the ones that I remember to be safe anyway.
So no WGM or music shows because… they get taken down in a heartbeat =_=;

 I guess that is my question of the day. Hmm… your thoughts?

Tag, you’re it! Share 10 facts about yourself and then tag 10 of your favorite followers. Have a lovely and wonderful day ahead!

   — orangekath


Thanks Kath!!! I won’t be tagging people coz most of the people I wanna tag have already been tagged. But should I make you guys answer more?

1. I’m starting to get lonely with no one else at home. Good thing I’m able to chat with shinchangs. 2. But I’ve been too busy to chat lately. I get too distracted when the chatbox is open so I don’t open it. Too much work to do!!! 3. I have the same birthday as Teen Top’s Chunji, 4 years apart. We also have the same blood type. He’s infinitely prettier cuter. 4. I learned some Japanese before I started trying to learn Korean but my Japanese is now riddled with cobwebs. 5. I can say the English alphabet forward and backward in one breath. 6. I have a driver’s license but I’ve never driven after then. Does not help that I don’t have a car to drive. I’ve renewed my license and shall be needing to renew it again (OMG I just realized…by tomorrow or Friday!) 7.  I love books but I can’t appreciate Steinbeck.  I understand Shakespeare’s plays more than I understand East of Eden (not that I ever managed to finish it). 8. I don’t have Chinese descent (as far as my knowledge of my lineage is concened) but nobody believes me. Everyone was speaking to me in Chinese (Mandarin?) in Taiwan.  When I told them I didn’t understand them I think they were either puzzled or judged me. My boss thinks I’m adopted. 9. I missed a concert last Saturday because I got flooded in. Murky water on the street is a good hindrance. 10. I love Shinhwa Changjo so much I would like to hug you if I ever met you in person. Please don’t run away if that happens. Please don’t be scared. I’m only slightly crazy.   optional answering if you’re tagged

Thanks! Eyesight and Japanese are both subpar (the former better than the latter).  All I see is “mi” and chiisai “yu” but doesn’t that spell “Mu”? haha. The last character on Eric’s name is definitely a “ku” but I wouldn’t know that if I didn’t see the roman “Eric.”

I miss having time to learn languages. Target: know enough Hangul to survive Busan’s non-English by May next year!

franragon answered your question: Random curiosity

“Hi~ I’m a new fan of shinhwa and I’ve listen to The Return and The Classic albums and it’s like listen the Backstreets so familiar and cool”

If you listen to the older albums they’re even more like that. Their title songs like “Only One,” “Hey, Come On” and “Perfect Man” are so there. Actually all the rest of the songs in those albums are so Backstreet, haha. Welcome to the fandom!


gomdoriii answered your question: Random curiosity

YES :D i was only 4 when they debuted and my fave albums are those from the 90s ^^

Actually not so crazy about the real 90’s albums. Haha (imagines their images at the time, with all the wacky hair and make-up). Though I like the Resolver and T.O.P., I think they were still trying to find their style. Most of the stuff that followed were getting to be trademark Shinhwa though.

forcedretention answered: 

i know exactly what you mean about 90s boyband feel, my childhood as well~

Our childhoods were awesome. Haha. However, I now think Shinhwa trumps all those boybands: synchronized and can sing live while dancing crazy tiring moves, daebak!