from Japan Fanclub Magazine:

Favorite Animal: Gomdorii, Walnut-eating Lee Minwoo
Smell that you dislike: The smell of Gomdori, smell of Walnut
First thing you do when you get out of bed: clear Gomdorii’s waste, feed Minwoo walnuts.

Favorite Animal: Eric.
Smell that you dislike: Burning smell
First thing you do when you get out of bed: think of fans (aka Shinhwa Changjo awwww)
Recent Hobby: Making coffee
Past Hobby: Arranging clothes, Arranging money (wow oppa is rich)
What kind of image do you think you have: last time was cool guy, now is good guy


Eric- 喜歡的動物:熊仔,吃核桃的李玟雨/討厭的味道:熊仔的味道,核桃味道/起床後先會做什麼:清理熊仔大小便,餵李玟雨核桃
玟雨- 喜欢的動物:Eric/討厭的味道:燒焦的味道/起床後先會做什麼:想歌迷/ 最近的愛好:泡咖啡/原來的愛好:整理衣服 整理錢/本來覺得自己的形象:以前是cool guy 現在是good guy

[chinese translation cr.mwoo247/霏MIN-要當無憂無慮的屏幕飯] 

[english translation done by me]

RicMin too cute in here!!

Random findings~


I know most of you guys are B.A.P biased fans but… ._.

I just stumbled upon some really old subbed videos of mine.

They range from Suju to DBSK to SS501 xD I don’t even know.
All this crazy random videos from the past.

I wonder if I should upload them? ._.

Well the ones that I remember to be safe anyway.
So no WGM or music shows because… they get taken down in a heartbeat =_=;

 I guess that is my question of the day. Hmm… your thoughts?

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   — orangekath


Thanks Kath!!! I won’t be tagging people coz most of the people I wanna tag have already been tagged. But should I make you guys answer more?

1. I’m starting to get lonely with no one else at home. Good thing I’m able to chat with shinchangs. 2. But I’ve been too busy to chat lately. I get too distracted when the chatbox is open so I don’t open it. Too much work to do!!! 3. I have the same birthday as Teen Top’s Chunji, 4 years apart. We also have the same blood type. He’s infinitely prettier cuter. 4. I learned some Japanese before I started trying to learn Korean but my Japanese is now riddled with cobwebs. 5. I can say the English alphabet forward and backward in one breath. 6. I have a driver’s license but I’ve never driven after then. Does not help that I don’t have a car to drive. I’ve renewed my license and shall be needing to renew it again (OMG I just realized…by tomorrow or Friday!) 7.  I love books but I can’t appreciate Steinbeck.  I understand Shakespeare’s plays more than I understand East of Eden (not that I ever managed to finish it). 8. I don’t have Chinese descent (as far as my knowledge of my lineage is concened) but nobody believes me. Everyone was speaking to me in Chinese (Mandarin?) in Taiwan.  When I told them I didn’t understand them I think they were either puzzled or judged me. My boss thinks I’m adopted. 9. I missed a concert last Saturday because I got flooded in. Murky water on the street is a good hindrance. 10. I love Shinhwa Changjo so much I would like to hug you if I ever met you in person. Please don’t run away if that happens. Please don’t be scared. I’m only slightly crazy.   optional answering if you’re tagged