Randal Hubert

Loves Heat, Snob, Schmoozer, Born Salesman, Equestrian

Randal hates his last name.. Who wants to be called Mr. Hubert? Anyways, this aspiring jockey loves riding the most in summer. He can make friends easily and that helps when he tries to buy and sell horses. It also makes him fell very mighty and proud. Randal just wants to be the best of the best and riding and make lots of money along the way. Anything to make the Hubert name to sound more respectable. 

Sim and intro by Gomar6sims


So gomar6sims asked for some berry teens to fill her town. Here you go m'dear!

Here are Caramel Mikado, Queen Rackley, India Fern and Cyprus Urchin. The photos are captioned so you can tell who is who!

Individual Traits:

Caramel - Hydrophobic, Mooch, Frugal, Equestrian

Queen - Unlucky, Perfectionist, Snob, Nurturing

India - Virtuoso, Loves the Cold, Hopeless Romantic, Childish

Cyprus - Supernatural Fan, Perfectionist, Loves the Heat, Heavy Sleeper

The only CC item I’ve used on any of them is Cyprus’ skin, which is a Scatter Tone.

I’m only going to provide links to download them separately, because I’m mean like that.


I hope you enjoy playing with them as much as I enjoyed making them! :D


gomar6sims’ request!

If you can, I just need a smallish 2 bedroom house. :) Make it however you like. Go crazy if you will lol.

totally feeling the cottage-y feel rn, can you tell? haha. anyway, here it is! hope you like it :) sending you the download link, gomar6!

Berrification Dedication

Hi from Susie & Sabrina (aka Gomar6sims)

To all our Berry loving friends ..
We really need more help over at our berrification blog; Berrify All The Worlds. Anything you can do will really help us out - whether that be building a house, creating a family or even a simple reblog. So click the link above and have a little look around our berrification dedication blog.

Lots of berry love
Susie <3 xo & Sabrina ^.^


Jagger keeps getting love letters from different ladies around Apple Loosa Pie, I feel so sorry for Viola. She’s the one who checks the mail the most because of all the courtesy books she gets from her writing career.

Also it’s finally Spring!! That Winter just seemed to last FOREVER. There was practically a week of heavy snow and school kept getting cancelled. And then the one day it wasn’t heavy snow, it was Snowflake Day! Aaargh, I wanted those girls to get those A’s!!


Sparrow heard of the Big Brother contest and she thought:

1) Couldn’t be any weirder then her dad.
2) Sounded like fun.

Fun loving, mutable, and sweet, she doesn’t want to win a contest so much as just enjoy her life as much as possible from point A to point D.  And maybe experience as many different hairstyles as possible, too.

More info about Sparrow here.

(eeek, sorry it’s late!  It was just 8 am about 5 minutes ago, give or take…)