#GoLois Tweet-a-thon. Monday, Feb 24th at 7-9 ET.

Let’s show this amazing woman, the Khaleesi of DC, all the love we can. Tweet your heart out for Lois.

I want this to be a trending topic. I want this to be a success. It can happen. We in the strength and numbers of Lois fans have made it happen. Because of #LoisLane75yrs and all of us that came together to celebrate Lois, in all her Lois glory, we got DC to sit up and pay attention. We got them to cave. We got Lois Lane a celebration.

We can do it again. If they see our numbers, they will get the idea.

We want Lois!!! And we want her now.

And the Countdown to #LoisLane 1 shot issue continues… 20 days left. Don not miss the chance to support the first female character in DCU, if you are a fan of her and to #Superman mythology you need to buy this on Feb 26th. Remember to tweet the pic with the comic to #DanDidio #GeoffJohns #JimLee #MargueriteBennett #DCComics using hashtag #GoLois!

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Celebrate LOIS LANE #1! Tweet #GoLois!

A reminder that tomorrow (Monday, February 24) fans will join together to tweet the hashtag #GoLois from 7-9pm ET to celebrate the Wednesday (2/26) release of the one shot, Superman: Lois Lane #1

Check out interviews with author Marguerite Bennett along previews of the comic, and be sure to comment on them and share them with others:

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