GoLocalProv | Secrets and Scandals - Reforming Rhode Island 1986-2006, Chapter 21 - GoLocalProv

GoLocalProv | Secrets and Scandals – Reforming Rhode Island 1986-2006, Chapter 21 – GoLocalProv

GoLocalProv | Secrets and Scandals – Reforming Rhode Island 1986-2006, Chapter 21
The director of California Common Cause had told us that corporate interests were investing in initiative campaigns rather than traditional lobbying. I told Silverman about armies of paid signature-gatherers deployed to resemble grassroots groups

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First Look at Woody Allen’s RI Filmed “Irrational Man,” Release Date Set:  The first still from Woody Allen’s Rhode Island filmed “Irrational Man” was released earlier this week by Sony Pictures Classics. It shows Emma Stone, who portrays a student who falls in love with her professor, played by Joaquin Phoenix.The movie was filmed around Rhode Island last summer, including locations in Newport and Providence. Loie Fuller’s and the Classic Cafe on Westminster Street  in http://dlvr.it/9PmnTB

GoLocalProv: Stop Blaming Immigrants for your Problems

“…We live in a time of stress, confusion, and frustration. It is hard to find a job. It is hard to make sense of all the changes in our world. However, that frustration is no reason to blame people of different skin for a crisis brought on by wealthy bankers and neglectful regulators, to blame immigrants for a local budget crisis created by politicians down the street, or to deny the right to citizenship to those born here.”

GoLocalProv- Flatiron School: Providence’s Louisa Bay Wins Karlie Kloss Coding Scholarship
Providence's Louisa Bay has been selected by international supermodel Karlie Kloss and the Flatiron School as one of 21 high school girls to win a
A city's steepled horizon

A city’s steepled horizon

College Hill looking south from across the Providence River.

Shot these photos the other day after penning a strategy for the beautification of Providence that ran last Monday, Nov. 10, at GoLocalProv.com (where I now do a weekly column). The basic thrust of the plan requires the demolition of the city’s 10 most obnoxious buildings. These include the Rubik’s Cube and RISD’s Chace Center, which…

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New England Tech Awarded Scholarships to 65 Students At Annual Awards Ceremony

Rupertico Sevenino Salas of Providence, RI, a student in the New England Institute of Technology Advance Automotive High Performance Technology program has been presented with a Bridgestone/Firestone Scholarship. Other awards were also presented by the New England Tech Alumni Scholarship Fund, including those that are dedicated to the memory of a friend, staff or faculty member of […] http://dlvr.it/4qKl14

Providence Police Chief Might Be Resigning...

…because of an underage drinking scandal at his house?

I love that GoLocalProv caught it first! Their exclusive story says:

The graduation party at Providence Police Chief Col. Dean Esserman’s East Side home that included underage drinking was promoted on Facebook as a celebration that would not be interrupted by police, GoLocalProv has exclusively learned.

In a Facebook message sent two days before the party, Esserman’s daughter told other high school students on the invite list to bring their own drinks and marijuana, and promised drinking games that would be taking place both inside and outside the house.

“The party starts at noon, but that is mostly family and my parent’s friends,” the message reads. “Everyone can start to come through around 730/8. Bring whoever, just let me know. Bring your own drinks and bud (slang for marijuana) for the night, and there will be plenty of food if you want to eat. Cops won’t bother us so we don’t need to worry about that. Not like my last party, im flying to XXXXX the next day. Bon fire, pong (inside and out). I’ll also have the Bruins game on”

And they totally have the screen grab to prove it.

Esserman claims he attempted to shut the party down when he ‘smelled alcohol on a cup,’ but if his daughter was so sure the police wouldn’t bother her, I doubt it. This is all so Rhode Island and I love it. For the full story on GoLocalProv.com click here.

Bieber Spotted In Providence! Oh Wait.

Some confusion erupted today in Providence when a bus with the word ‘Bieber’ on the side was parked in the Courtyard Marriott downtown. But was it actually the Biebs? Nope! Instead, it was merely a bus from company called Carl Bieber Tourways. 

Apparently the bus has inspired a bunch of confusion before, including making teenage girls (and stubborn mothers) mad because they thought the bus drivers were covering for the real Biebs! Bahaha. For the full story, click here!