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Wanna know the fandom’s best kept secret? These two make an awesome couple

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For the Butch/femme discussion for Kara: I think the wardrobe department is the stereotypes(social programming) to express Kara's thru self. Color and cute dresses for her more femme qualities that scream girl, but still using butch influence to give of a tone of strength. Us queer people are just picking it up more cause we look for it more, the straights are only picking up subconsciously. So it showing she is super-sweet but will kick someone's a$$ if she needs to.

Yes yes yes. She’s like… a cupcake made of metal

Bulletproof pastel cardigans. Cute tan flats with steel tips. Ponytails with razor blades in them that fall out occasionally and Kara goes “Oop! Watch the razor blades! Sorry! Golly.” 

But really it’s gay button ups but in cute “girly” colors. Plaid shirts with pants but with high-maintenence hair styles. Hell, she could wear a bow tie, but it’d have like little flowers or polkadots or something on it.

Pan Pants and a Bi Belt but an attemptedly Straight Shirt:

So much plaid (but usually- though not always- in dress or skirt form or paired with a skirt.)

And then there’s the original and most iconic of Kara’s half-butch half-femme looks, the gay sweater with collar poking out paired with a bright ass skirt that only a straight should wear.

Don’t even get me started on those neutral-ass shoes.

“Kara, doing your hair nicely will not negate the fact that turtlenecks are gay and that that is a gay jacket” 

“Oooooooh. Well what about the jeans?”
“Well they’re not helping.”

And then. My absolute favorite. This. Which looks like a gay-ass button up shirt that changed it’s mind halfway through and decided to become a dress instead:

And then it threw in some butch boots with a femme heel and just enough ankle to drive the ladies wild and called it a day.

But the point is, Kara can go anywhere from:


During the span of one daily, non-fancy event day. Especially since her outfit could be damaged during Super Things. If not because she was wearing it when attacked then because she threw it in a bush when changing.

But I bet Kara is most comfortable in just

To conclude, Kara’s style, from soft butch to chill femme, pretty much just looks like:

i just saw Newsies and like. with all my previous experience of musicals, by the end of intermission I was steeling myself to watch all hell break loose. I could almost see Jack holding Crutchie’s broken body. I was envisioning at least three deaths and several missing limbs i was getting myself ready to bawl my eyes out

in light of the ending may i just say
I’m so glad Disney was in charge of this


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Please tell me in the college au that Thomas and Alex initially hate each other but grow to have at least a tolerance for each other bc on their breaks ham buys 2 coffees (Jeffersons is super complicated and hamiltons is black with triple shot espresso) and Jefferson buys 2 bagels (hams is blueberry and Jeffersons is everything) and they sit outside and talk about classes and share their breakfast. (this could be jamilton if it developed right)

absolutely! the two set aside differences one day  when alex sees a bag labeled “truce?” on it from the bagel place, and instead of doing what he usually does and throw it in the trash he shares the bagels during break like a nice boy.

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Sam can’t help but smile as he notices Dean waiting for him in front of the school, looking so nice and great in his leather jacked and mullet rock echoing softly from the Impala. He’s been in a great mood since Dad praised him for a good hunt last week and Sam can just enjoy and push his luck– so when he gets close enough, he wraps his arms around Dean and hugs him tightly, waiting patiently until Dean gets the hint and kiss him just as Sam wants.

“Missed me, baby boy?” Dean asks, amused and cocky as always and Sam rolls his eyes. “You so sweet, Sammy. Wanna a romantic date at a fancy restaurant and roses, too?”

“Sure, why not.” Sam just shrugs and can’t not laugh loudly when Dean chokes and stares at him as if he’s grown another head. His brother is such an idiot sometimes Sam can’t even remember why he’s fallen in love with that guy–but there’s a lot of reasons and he just doesn’t want to think about it right now. “Jerk.”

“Bitch.” Dean shakes his head and presses a soft kiss to Sam’s lips before pulling away. “But for real now, what about hanging out with your awesome big brother?”

“I dunno, I have lots of homework to do.” Sam replies, but he’s smiling and wondering what Dean’s planning now. His big brother just shrugs.

“Your loss. I found this real nice place near the lake and it’ll be empty for another few weeks.” Dean says, looking around for a moment as if he’s trying to find someone. “You think that Amanda girl will want to come? She–”

Oh that’s a low blow and they both know it– but Sam ends up rising for the bait and jumping into the car before Dean can say something else. His big brother just laughs, gets in the car and kisses him again, and they stay there for a long time, kissing and holding hands and talking about random things until Dean revs the engine and starts driving towards the lake and this ‘nice place’ of his.

It’s just a cabin like any other they’ve found during their travels around the country, but there’s a nice fireplace and good, comfortable furniture inside, they have this nice view of the lake and more important–the place is empty indeed. Not that Sam doesn’t trust Dean- but sometimes his big brother is prone to do stupid things just to please Sam.

“So, your highness.” Dean says, dropping the leather jacket on the couch– but he’s almost bristling, like he’s expecting Sam to say something about the place. Okay, there’s something going on here and– oh. Oh boy, he’s planned this. “Is it good enough?”

Sam smiles and nods, pulling Dean to another kiss. “You didn’t kill the owner, did you?”

“Didn’t need to. I saved his ass from a black dog a few months ago and he gave me the keys for some time. We can use it until Dad comes back.” Dean wraps his arms around Sam, smiling almost gently, and brushes their noses together. “Love you, baby boy.”

Sam’s got this feeling telling him this is going to be a wonderful week.