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Unfortunately, Holly realized that running away from their problems wouldn’t solve anything. Gail argued playfully, attempting to convince her that sneaking away was just the solution they needed. Then Holly brought up the very real possibility of their mothers banding together to form a national search party.

It wasn’t worth the trouble, Holly said. Gail had to agree. Dammit.

So they were relegated to text messages and phone calls when Holly could escape her mother for a few minutes at a time. Gail came to love the nighttime, usually after ten o’clock and Holly’s mother had gone to bed. Holly would call her as soon as the elder Stewart had said goodnight and retired to the guest room.

Later, Gail would argue that she was not the to initiate the phone sex, but Holly insisted that she was. (Holly was right.)

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A Jimmy Deans commercial just came on Pandora in which they assured me that Jimmy Deans breakfasts are all “made with real ingredients.”

I think we have officially found the lowest bar set for food product advertisement.

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I know you've got internet issues right now so I'm not expecting it to happen soon. But I have my fingers totally crossed for an update of 'Best Friend's Ex'; love that fic :)

Last chapter, Ao3

“What’s up Grumpous?” Sue asked while shooting another zombie.

“Nothing. Why?”

Sue chanced a glance at the blonde beside her. “Because you’ve been quiet for the past three days, it’s weird and it’s worrying me.”

Gail chuckled.

“So, what’s up?” Sue asked again.

She killed three zombies, taking the time to gather the words. Gail hadn’t been able to think of anything but her and Holly’s almost kiss, about every emotion elicited that day because of the med student. It was nothing that she had ever experienced before. Sure she had boyfriends during high school, one of which lasted three years, but what she felt for them wasn’t even in the same ballpark as what she felt with Holly. Her head was swimming and all the brunette did was touch her waist, her hot breath against Gail’s had drove her insane. She didn’t get any sleep because the brunette kept creeping back into her mind, and being surrounded by her delicious scent wasn’t helping.

Even when she snuck out of the apartment in the wee hours of the morning and showered the second she got home, she was still consumed by Holly.

And then guilt set in. She almost kissed her best friend’s ex. It was one thing when she just had a crush on Holly, when all that happened was a few butterflies and maybe a smile or two. But now Gail knew -undeniably- that what was going on was much more than a crush, this was a liking, a lust, and if it was anyone else she would have woken up next to them by now. She had to tell Sue, she didn’t want to be sneaky and have an incident -which is what she’d started to call the almost kiss- happen again.

Her palms began to sweat. “I” she started, taking a deep breath before continuing. “I-uh, I like Holly.”

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Second pic [Full size] (It’s quite messy closeup)

The rough doodles are inspired/dedicated to the amazing ryobkr and her doujin, “Left Places.” Seriously dude, you’re like, my  awesome senpai! I love all your works. o((*^▽^*))o 

 I’ve never been so absorbed in a doujin before and I really love how you’re able to mesh YB and Marik’s canon and abridged personalities, it makes me love thiefshipping even more than I used to. 

 And the ending with Ryou’s ponytail and YM waking next to garbage, I couldn’t help but doodle strange stuff about it.

Thank you so much for the inspiration! Keep up the amazing work and best wishes on your original manga and future endeavors!  (◍•ᴗ•◍) ✿

ok but like Gail Peck’s sexuality was poorly handled

how does she go from year long loving healthy and sexual relationships with men to “100% homo, gay. 0% straight” ?

like I get many lesbians realize theyre gay later in life but the way they wrote it didnt seem like that and its just random. Have Canadians not heard of the word bisexual??

plus the way they brought Holly in was clearly for token points and poorly written like ‘these past season we have never needed the forensic team working with us but now suddenly we do cause its a lesbian’. There was literally not any other reason to introduce her other than her being a lesbian and having her date Gail


Price to Pay || Justine/Molly/Thomas

Death had come for me, and I was ready to welcome it.

I don’t drink much, you see. People look at me, on the arm of the playboy Thomas Raith, in the White Court’s clubs wearing the nicest gowns of silen white, looking like – as my friends described – an angel, but better. I mingled with the crowds, ordered my Fuzzy Mackpack at the bar, and engaging the patrons in lively conversation.

They didn’t realize that the bartenders knew what a Fuzzy Mackpack was. As did the girls who worked the clubs, the bouncers who took care of us, and anyone who has ever worked in my business knows the concept. You come to the bar. You order something. The bartender serves you a glass. And you drink it while mingling with the people, among them, without suspicion.

But the drink is a facade. Mine was tonic water with lemon.

I had had many such drinks at Ivory over the years. I couldn’t afford to be even the least bit intoxicated while I was there making sure the books were good and the day-to-day operators didn’t skim from us. I was very good at this, and I depended upon my mind to continue to be very good at this.So I don’t drink much. Only on special occasions. With friends and family.

I also don’t tend to drink because of one other problem: I don’t know when to stop.

I guess some people know their limits. I know mine. I just…wave to them as they go on by. I make the decision to be responsible when I am sober. And then after a few drinks…the moment someone’s back turned? I had a little more. I didn’t know how much of that problem people were aware of. It hardly ever came up. But the first moments of consciousness were my body, valiantly reporting to me that it was not doing so great. Hardly great at all, actually. My mind was hazy, my hands tingled, I hurt in several places…

And I was naked.

I didn’t know that I wanted to know why. I felt an arm underneath me. A muscular arm. Oh no..what was the last thing I could remember? Burgers. Lots and lots of burgers. Who was this man, whose arm formed a cushion for my head. Open an eye, Justine. Investigate. He hasn’t killed you, so maybe he’s not going to. See who it is.

It took me several moments to create the necessary processing power in my mind to force my eyes opened. When I did, I glanced to the hand of the man who was holding me. He had several characteristics that I couldn’t possibly mistake. It was my Thomas. But that meant…I was touching him somehow.

I was touching him somehow.


“THOMAS!” I screamed in terror and jumped as quickly as my arms could propel me. Off the edge of our bed, and onto the floor, sending many things crashing from the nightstand to the floor around me. I felt the blankets tangle around my legs as I put as much distance between my beloved and my poisonous skin as I could, quickly smacking the back of my head into a nearby wall.

The impact sent stars through my eyes, and I grabbed my head immediately, falling from an attempt at a seated position to curled up in the fetal position, trying to remember things. Like my name.

And what the hell had happened last night.


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You know I really think that you should know this but your are literally one of my most favourite artists ever! Ive been watching you on all your other sites for like a long time and watching your progression makes me happy. I love your igwulfs ever since you first drawed one. And now you draw my favourite Pokemon (chespin). Why are you so damn awesome. Igwulfs and Chespins are just the best. Keep up the awesome art!!! Sorry for my rambling, haha.

(I really need to make an animated version of this image; I use it often enough, haha!)

Golly, haha!

I’ve actually gotten a lot of super-nice messages like this lately. I really wanted to respond to them all, but a combination of having not slept well for the past week, a really busy work-weekend coming up, and a few being anon has made it tough.

Everyone who didn’t use anon, I did get your messages, read them, and visibly smiled from ‘em. I’m gonna try to respond to those more personally after Memorial Day weekend (and hopefully after getting a little better sleep). Everyone who has sent me a nice message on anon lately, this is a thank you to all of you! I really appreciate the kind words, but I’d feel kinda weird about posting a bunch of ‘em.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and even taking the time to let me know you enjoy my work. It really keeps me going. Y’all are the best. <3

Bunny Tries to Have a Quality Blog and Fails Miserably

Wow, golly gee lolly I haven’t really posted anything substantial on this blog for a few months, have I?

Oh sure, I’ve picked up the occasional reblog and contributed the occasional quote, but now that Summer is here and I don’t have to spend as much time in a classroom, I have plenty of time to funnel into this Obscure Social Media Website.

So here’s the deal, citizens. In the upcoming weeks I intend, for the sake of my streetcred and blog’s quality:

  • Post a Review of Kathryn Harrison’s Joan of Arc: A Life Transfigured: largely because I’ve received many “hey, can I get your opinion on this book?” messages and it’s really time I answered them. 

  • Post a review of Melanie Craig’s new biography on Marie-Antoinette: Which will, I’m sure, piss everyone off because it’s impossible for me to discuss Antoinette without antagonizing Communists and Monarchists alike. But the way I see it, I haven’t gotten into a substantial debate with anyone on this blog for over a year, which was once one of its hallmarks, so it’s gonna be a good time.

  • Recap the Scarlet Pimpernel 1999 series: I know you think it’s silly to do recaps of a series that is over ten years old, but I wasn’t a blogger in 1999. And I am now. So I gotta live that dream.

  • Answer some of the asks that have been in my inbox for six years or so: Whoa, radical move for tumblr user Bunniesandbeheadings.

  • A giveaway: What am I giving away? Revolution stuff. Why am I giving it away? Idk, man, I have a lot of books and a small house. 

  • I’m actually meaning to make a few YouTube videos as well  since I’ve a.) Have consistently received requests that I do so and b.) Actually have a video camera. So, like, yeah, I should do that.

You can expect to see these things on your dashboard approximately whenever I feel like it, which translates into a week or so.

Except for the YouTube thing, since I’m still not sure what I will do. 

Good golly I’m stresscited!

Tomorrow is my last day of work for a while. I leave for Seattle (for vacation) on Wednesday!

I have 5-ish days in Seattle to find either (ideally both) a job or a place to live with my future roommate.

It’s so much legwork. So much planning. So much uncertainty! Ahhhhh what am I going to wear??

//It’s Riot’s world and Riot’s made-up words. I’ve done my best to keep to what they’ve written in the past and build on that. But it irks me to see them forget what laws they’ve written down, how they’re taking the works of previous writers and bandying them about piecemeal. It shows a distinct lack of respect to what they’ve done… not that it’s surprising, given what they’ve done to the lore in general, but to the writing department and the people who work there? Urgh.

//And the word itself is, to me, like ‘guesstimate’, ‘supposively’ and the way that ‘of’ is used instead of ‘have’ eg ‘shouldn’t of done it’. I know English is a fluid language, but even with all the contradictions and improprieties that the language has, but good golly gee. They’re words that are the mental equivalent of sucking a lemon: they’re wrong, and downright painful to read or hear.

//Hextech makes sense. Techmaturgy makes sense. Linguistically?  Hexmaturgically… turgid hexma. Tell me that doesn’t sound like something you’d find if a guy hasn’t showered in a while.

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"Let's see what happens in s06" --> so something will happen

*shrugs* I wish I knew how to quit golly thinking. :S

 I hope to enjoy the rest of the season and see where it takes all the characters (except Gerald he can get hit by a bus while taking a selfie) because the premiere was great and everyone was communicating even Swarek (wow!). If Holly turns up, great, if not, it’s not the end of the world for me, I just hope Gail isn’t disappointed in the end because that would be heartbreaking to watch, again.

lycantraitor replied to your post “lycantraitor replied to your post “Think about it, Commander. The…”

YEP. ALL OF THIS. And I’m also mad the Asari won’t join, because THEY’RE THE DIPLOMATIC PEACEKEEPERS. IT’S THEIR JOB. But you know they’re just trying to huddle up and keep that beacon secret

Oh, God, the way the asari act through ME3, I haven’t ranted about this in a while. REVEALING THAT BEACON AT ANY POINT THROUGHOUT THE GAME WOULD HAVE CHANGED THE ENTIRE COURSE OF THE WAR! Like, even if they didn’t give it up after Eden Prime and Sovereign, their response to the Reapers showing up and the Crucible being built isn’t quietly ‘discovering’ the beacon at one of their holy sites, golly gee, who knew that was just lying around under the dust. It’s to turtle up, hide this knowledge until the eleventh hour, then expect everything to turn out fine for them.

And there’s no narrative acknowledgement of this. Like, karmically, sure, Thessia falling is probably payback, but the narrative doesn’t allow any kind of recognition of the fact that the asari, who put into place the laws about hording prothean technology, which you can hear Glyph bring up to Liara at one point during the game, so, you know, they’re still acknowledged as a thing, HORDED PROTHEAN TECHNOLOGY.

I am BEYOND pissed after Thessia. But instead, BioWare takes the reins from me and says that Shepard is actually devastated about Thessia, this planet they have no connection to beyond their relationship with Liara. AND I’M NOT AS CLOSE TO LIARA AS THE GAME WANTS ME TO THINK I AM.

Oh, getting to Thessia on this Shepard’s run will be pleasant… Y’all might want to brace yourself for some adult language when that happens…