ok we’re talking abt crushes apparently but: (I have trouble differentiating between romantic n platonic attraction buT!) this dude is really cute n sweet and beautiful and I look up to him so much and he literally helped me through a panic attack backstage and still came up to me and told me I should be in the musical and he’s a sweet dude n golly. but way out of my league. way way way way waayy out. I’m shy and tiny and not all that attractive and he’s a literal sunbeam! whatevs

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The mastus with a puerto rican s/o

Oh gosh golly, I hope I get this right. I only understand sports.

Osomatsu: Doesn’t mind it at all, but he isn’t too sure about family visits. He doesn’t want to be the one who messes up and gets a sandal thrown at him from across the room. Oso knows he’s annoying and bad.

Karamatsu: How exotic a lover! How they bloom differently, but all flowers are beautiful, his s/o is special cause they have tame- Did they just pick something up with their feet? A flower with many special talents.

Choromatsu: Shares his traditions and in turn likes to know about theirs! Its all very cute and fun. I hope only for the best life for them.

Ichimatsu: Doesn’t really mind anything, he found out however cats keep Puerto Rico clean from rats. He’s so proud of the kitties, and he’s glad they protect everyone including his s/o.

Jyushimatsu: Im not saying you’ve found your match if you want someone to be excited about winning baseball, but you have. Him watching the championship games between the Caribbean countries, is about the same excitement as a whole stadium full of people. 

Todomatsu: Is excited to learn about the culture, whats socially acceptable, the outfits, if he needs to change to be cute in everyones eye, the usual you know!

  • Me, with a poorly drawn and Crayola-colored House of El crest taped to my shirt: hello it is I Melissa Benoist ready to do my scenes with Katie McGrath
  • SG producers: wh—
  • SG producers: where's Melissa
  • Me: here, in front of you, I am Melissa, golly, stop playing around
  • Me: very busy schedule
  • Me: lots to do
  • Me: bring out Katie McGrath
  • SG writer: why is there muffled screaming coming from that closet?
  • Me: termites

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Golly youre so adorable and soft!! Is it okay to hug you?? *her eyes sparkle*

*giggles* O-of course!~ I w-will never turn down a-a hug!~ *hugs*…..Unless it’s a clown!…*shivers* o-or a doll!~ N-no hugs for them…..oh, but what a-about doll Bendy? They n-need hugs too…. *looks conflicted* I’ll h-hug em! E-even though their a d-doll!


Girls, if you want to see a beautiful, sweet, cute and lovely story where nobody dies, check this lesbian short film (less than 9 minutes). I REALLY recommend this. You won’t regret it… Trust me. You’ll feel better after this

shipping your own OCs

shipping one of your OCs with 4 other OCs and not knowing which pair should be canon