• me, a poc of colour simply browsing kmart:gosh golly i wish there was makeup my skin tone, all i see is pale shades.
  • white person, appearing out of nowhere:how dare you make this about race. it doesnt matter if youre blue, green, boysenberry purple or magenta we are all one race. the human race. how dare you, and you have the AUDACITY to call us whites racist when you just decide to

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How would klance become canon? (like they are canon somewhat but why and how would they fall for each other and how would they proceed?)

If we’re talking about canon, I think it would take a long, LONG, slow process, and I don’t think it will be as glamorous as we all make it seem in fics–we gotta remember that this is shown to the general public, which is not 100% ready for everything we are, so I bet it will be extremely subtle. I’m guessing there will be a number of instances where they will save each other exclusively (picture the alleged bonding moment) and I’m guessing they’ll never directly state it outright, they’ll probably just be around eachother more and I bet one of the other paladins will be like “golly Keith and Lance seem to be getting along well these days!” And maybe in a scene they’ll be holding hands in the background or something that we will have to go back and pull out a magnifying glass out to find but I don’t imagine they’ll ever do a sideplot on their relationship considering there are too many important plot events coming up in this new season. So like, I’d say don’t get your hopes up and surround yourself with some good fics.
But hey, maybe studio Mir will be in an incredibly gay mood and decide to make it a thing, which would be SO neat but I’ve already talked about how great a canon lgbt romance in a children’s animation would be.
Anyways, thanks for the question and I’m sorry it took so long to reply!!👽👍💚

im very sad! what’s new..
im feeling not real? But real . time is a blur,nothing is happening right now.
having so many nightmares!,about my parents, abt Reality.abt abusiv friend(s),,abt futur,
i feel everyone’s eyes on me

send me new music to listen to

preferably good driving music for like, evening driving? when it’s not quite dark and the sun is making everything look golden

sort of upbeat music but it gives you that rly calm feeling too

Gamma Garden Golly

She had already stated this online, but she repeated it to herself. Garnet knew this was going to be a day where she had a lot to do. She would have liked to ask Peridot to come along, sure, but given the fact that the two Kindergardens she was going to hadn’t been cleaned in a long time, she wanted to make sure they were safe, first.

On her list, both the Gamma and the Delta Kindergardens hadn’t been investigated yet. She hoped maybe she could find more information on the Corrupted Gems. Or, if she was really lucky, even on the Fusion Experiments. That wasn’t likely, but it sure was always on her mind. She had to help them. It was a must.

Distracted as she was, it took no time for her to land on the Gamma Kindergarden’s Warp Pad. It was as… ruined as ever, really. She hadn’t been here in a long time, and she did not plan to stay for long. She only had to find the control room…

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what's your opinion of video games

*Well, golly! Video games nowadays are just so violent!

*Some poor children might get the wrong idea!

*Like that anything they do ACTUALLY matters.

*Hee hee…

*They were one of the ways I passed the time back when I was in control.

*It was nice to… escape reality, sometimes.

*But I can’t stand them anymore.

*Video games are so much more predictable than even the dullest people.

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ooh now im curious!! what would a relationship with underfell alphys, toriel, and asgore look like?

oh golly here we gO

Underfell-Alphys Relationship Headcanons:

- She’s a wonderful scientist, but a terrible person. She’s hurt others, tortured them, all for the sake of scientific curiosity. & damn it all, despite the fact that she’s tried so hard to distance herself emotionally from every aspect of the world, she still had to go & fall in love. With you, of all people. & what’s even worse–she’s glad she did.

- Anime is a side-hobby of hers, but instead of cuter anime shows like a magical girl series, she loves the darker stuff. Give her something with blood & gore over something with sparkles & frills any day. If you have a weak stomach, you might want to skip out on “Anime Night!”–not that she’s really going to let you, anyway.

- Originally, Mettaton was created to be nothing more than a weapon. She harvested his energy as a ghost under the threat of using one of his family members if he didn’t comply with her commands, which he followed willingly. Even though she tends to treat him like garbage, & still holds that threat over his head, she does admittedly think of him as a close friend, & will invite him over to hang out with you both any time you have friendly get togethers.

Underfell-Toriel Relationship Headcanons:

- She’s controlling–but it’s just because she’s so, so scared that she’s going to lose you too. She lost both of her children, her husband kicked her out, & every child she’s tried to take care of since then has run from her. It’s going to take a long time before she actually calms down on her reins on you, but once you have that trust, you have it fully. You can come & go as you please, & she’ll wait for you loyally, with open-arms.

- Caring about others is her only strong suit, if not when she’s a bit overbearing with it. Whether you’re hurt emotionally, physically, or mentally, she will drop everything to rush to your side. If it’s something personal bothering you, she’ll show an unexpectedly understanding part of herself when giving you comfort. If it’s someone else who’s bothered you–well, let’s just say that you’ll never have to worry about them ever again.

- Cooking keeps her calm. It keeps her sane. & just having you by her side when she does it makes it all the more sweeter. She’s used to fixing up rather “questionable” dishes, most of which she’d never eat anyway, but after you enter her life, she starts to get her recipes back under control. You even helped her bake a pie once. She started crying in the middle of baking it, but you knew better than to pry into the reason why. When it was done, you both ate it in silence. She wouldn’t let go of your hand the entire time.

Underfell-Asgore Relationship Headcanons:

- He’s not particularly “fond” of humans, & he voices that at every turn. He’ll constantly grumble something about why he can’t believe he’s taken up with a disgusting, pathetic human, all the while stroking the back of your hand with his thumb, or running his claws through your hair.

- You’re the only human (in a long, long time) who’s ever let him get his hands near you without flinching away from him. It’s this trust that you’ve shared with him that makes him all the more desperate to have you near, despite the fact that you both know he could end you in a second if he wanted to. You’re so small, so vulnerable compared to him, & it frightens him. The fact that you’re so trusting of him, despite everything, frightens him. You frighten him.

- He used to garden, but the only remnants of that time long past are the dried up stalks of the dead & dying flowers. Any bloom he sees around his castle he’ll have ripped up from the roots. But he doesn’t hate the flowers. They just…remind him of unpleasant things. With time, & patience, there’s the possibility that you could bring gardening back into his life, little by little. It starts when you tell him what your favorite kind of flower is, & by the end of it, it’s the only flower he’ll let grow around the premises.

so i just used mouthwash 2yrs past the expiration date and i was never the type to use mouthwash so i didnt know what it would entail and By Golly Did It Hurt

idk how ppl are supposed to keep rinsing for the full 30 seconds the directions say

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Can you do some domestic Genji hcs pretty please??

Well of course! Thank you for asking so nicely, golly!


  • He’s actually pretty good at cooking! He likes to cook for his s/o, and loves talking over a meal with them.
  • He cleans, too. He finds that it’s pretty calming.
  • He keeps his faceguard(?) off when he’s at home with his s/o. He’s comfortable enough with them to do it, and likes to give them a little kiss here and there.
  • In between meditation sessions, he likes to do things like cuddle, or play games with his s/o. Sometimes he’ll read a book with them in his lap.
  • He tends to fall asleep on the couch with his so when they’re watching television.