Erik was walking down the street, the day was fine it wasn’t too hot for Erik. Today was actually a calm day, he had played for the golks down at the shelter, an all his powers were remaining in check. Today was shaping up to be a good day.
He then stopped hearing a screech of tires an the crash of metals an a scream.

He watched the scene a woman was pinned against the wall, the driver was unconscious. He could hear the woman’s cry as he ran over to the wreck he tried so hard to open the door, he looed to the woman beghing for his help, but what happened next was something he couldn’t stop.

His eyes glowed a soft orange gold light as he tried moving the car but the only thing he heard was the sound of her breaking bones as the car lurched further. He cursed repeating no no no. He looked around as more of his powers started to flare up, he needed help, fire spells other magic started everywhere. His golden eyes looked around his hands a glow as he was loosing control.