Water- Another photograph made for my ‘Haunted Bodmin Moor’ university project. So far my project has focused on wider landscapes around the moor, so for this shoot I was keen to focus on  smaller details to show variety in my final set. The inspiration for this photograph came from a book I am currently studying in which the author states how  pools, streams and rivers “trigger manifestations” which could explain the moor’s ghost life. 

I know blurred water is a popular subject for photographers, so I put a lot of thought into how I could best display water within the context of my 'ghosts’ project. My plan before shooting was to make an image focusing solely on the water and then place it centrally among the other images in my final exhibition. I feel that by doing this people may look at the image in a different way, instead of viewing it as being just 'another water image’. That the plan anyway!