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Ahem.. Unless you two want to stay like that for the next twelve hours, we better go.”

(I just can’t with this guy basically being the proud cockblocker of the entire clan. He can have all my love and affection, though, regardless if he wants it or not. Disapproving traditionalist grandpa - no hugs until you wed her first, Goliath.)

Lucifer’s True Face

I’ve seen a couple people react by saying that Lucifer’s true face in 2x13 is one of the more scary faces they’ve seen yet. I’m kind of an odd ball here, because my very first OTP featured this guy:

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Goliath loves a fiesty, independent cop, Elisa Maza:

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Goliath struggles with the world seeing him as a monster, and treating him accordingly. He can be blunt, stubborn, and violent, but what matters is his heart.

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So for me, while Lucifer’s true face isn’t a turn on, I’ve shipped odder looking creatures. What matters more is his character development and his devotion to his detective.

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Goliath and Elisa have three canon kisses. The Goliath Chronicles aren't and have never been canon. But Greg Weisman developed the relationship further in the comics he wrote which take place after season two. They were canonized, they are together.

Oh, Hunter’s Moon Part 3 is squarely Weisman!canon so I have no doubts or fears on the validity of Goliath/Elisa in canon. ;) (I may be rewatching that ep right now…for reasons.)

I heard about the alternate S3 comics he wrote when I realized S3 was “The Goliath Chronicles” and went looking for answers.  I was actually trying to see if it was uploaded anywhere earlier but I think I stumbled on another set of comics altogether because they were being used as examples of horrible writing and arcs, which doesn’t resonate with what Greg Weisman previously created.  I have to say, I can understand why he didn’t want to be creatively associated with the show after S2.  I kept waiting for my faith in the show’s humanity to be reasserted after the Quarrymen showed up and it never happened. It’s weird when Xanatos seems an overall better person than the average citizen…

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Juuuust wanted to say I loved your gargoyles rant. I also recently re-watched it and I must say I am screaming for a love action film

Right!? These are things we need in life. I’m currently 1.25 eps away from having rewatched the entire series and I still think this is something that needs to be done.  Honestly the only thing I can imagine holding it back is the budget for the Gargoyles but like…okay I have no solutions, but surely someone out there does!  I want to see the Gargoyles, I want to see Goliath/Elisa, I want to see Xanatos and Fox and Alex, I want to see Avalon and Puck and Titania, I want to see all of this magnificence brought to life.

(Also, thanks for bringing that post up because I’ve been DYING to squee about how my ship totally got canonized!!! The UST became semi-RST!!! I forgot that actually happened in the series but it did and it was awesome. They even almost went on a date…you know until they were chased all night by terrorists. I need them to kiss again by the last episode though. I can’t survive on just one kiss in 78 episodes.)

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For the kiss thing: Goliath and Elisa 1, Nux and Capable 6.

How fitting that the first request I got is of my very first OTP and of prompt number 1! Goliath x Elisa from Gargoyles with a Kiss on the forehead.

And Nux x Capable from Mad Max: Fury Road with a cute Kiss on the Lips!

Scribbles for the Kiss Meme prompts!

I got tons of requests! I will be slowly working through them XD