goliath stick insect


Goliath Stick Insect (Eurycnema goliath)

…a large species of phasmid (walking stick) that occurs throughout Australia, save for Victoria. E. goliath is the second largest species of phasmid native to Australia at 25cm , dwarfed only by A.titan at 30cm. Goliath stick insects typically inhabit Eucalyptus trees and acacias, like other phasmids they feed mostly on leaves and other plant matter. Although adults have wings, only lightweight males can fly. Large males and females can only fly for a limited time as they are to heavy.


Animalia-Arthropoda-Insecta-Phasmatodea-Phasmatidae-Eurycnema-E. goliath

Images: Finalion and Nev Cross