Ghethok Wyrmbane, or “Geth” for short, is one of the D&D characters I’m currently playing in a pretty long running campaign. He’s a goliath barbarian (Path of the Berserker) hailing from the nomadic tribes inhabiting the frozen northern regions of Anima. He and his brother met and joined the party while traveling south towards Kronesis, where they helped in rooting out the evil forces plaguing the city. He makes a habit of getting drunk every chance he gets, breaking down tavern doors, intimidating the common folk and town guards with his presence alone, referring to gold coins as ‘beers’ and being clueless about everything. After surviving the siege of the Sister Towers, he and the dragonborn fighter Myazel were tasked with tracking down and eliminating the last remnants of the necromancers army.

Miniature converted and painted by me; the drawing is a collab between me and @tomis-jb.

The batcave? Well..

Sometimes, it’s a fun place to be in. Damian always gets bullied by his brothers, but I know it’s just for fun. They’re brothers after all.

Sometimes, Bruce always gets stressed out, but Alfred is always there for him. Alfred is like.. A father figure of sorts to, mister Bruce.

Damian also has this really loud friend that visits from time to time. Alfred isn’t exactly fond of the young boy, but that’s okay.

But y’know..

I think the best part about living here is the family.

Yeah definitely…