Golgoh is also known as the Lord of Winter and was worshiped so fervently by the first race of mankind that he was able to pass through a portal from the dark to dwell on earth for thousands of years. He has the power to create local pockets of cold so extreme that human flesh and bone become brittle and can shatter into fragments It is believed that Golgoth caused at least one of the Great Ages of Ice.

Golgoth now sleeps under a large barrow on Anglezarke Moor, known as the Round Loaf because of its shape. For the sake of the County and the world beyond, let us hope that he continues to do so.


Satanic Magic

This magic is earned at great cost by making obeisance to the Fiend, often known as the Devil. Such worship is fraught with danger as the worshipper, mage or witch gradually grows less human and more subservient, eventually becoming merely a tool of the dark.

The highest and most dangerous form of satanic magic is obtained in return for selling one’s soul to the Devil. However he is usually sly and subtle, getting the best part of the bargain.