So just a little written guide on these guys :^D THEY ARE AN OPEN SPECIES

(Lower example is what they look like fullbody! This guy is for sale for $25 if someone wishes to claim them!)

Golgon (Golem + Dragon)
(name coined by @redrabbu :P)

- You are free to make them for yourself and friends, you may NOT make adoptables of them or sell them.
- You can however trade them.
- You may anthropomorphize them if you wish
- You may use them in original stories/comics but you must credit me for the species!
- Credit me if you create one (and link me it, I’d love to see it!)

- Golgons are dragon golems! They like to live in and near caves and mines. They eat rocks and like to collect crystals and gems.
- They are based off a single ore/gem/mineral/metals and the gems on their body reflect that as well as their over all coloring. (aka if it’s based off a metal the “gems” would be made of that metal)
- Their names generally start with the first letter of the mineral that’s apart of their body (i.e. an Agate golgon’s name would start with A)
- They weigh a LOT, despite what appears to be fur covering their body they are literally rock solid. You would not want to be sat on by them.
- The wings are completely vestigial, they serve no function besides aiding in courting.
- Not all Golgons have wings.
- Body parts can break off but slowly will be rebuilt over time (Golgons can also repair broken parts with found rocks/ores - which can create interesting mixed-appearanced golgons).
- They often act as guards to others, usually in exchange for rocks and other shiny goods (hence the golem part of their name).
- Their horns can be any shape, and they can have up to two pairs of horns. These horns are made of the same gems that cover their body.
- Gem placement can be random.
- They will always hae the gem formation on their head.
- Ears will always have the similar shape as the example shown - but can be any length.
- Back legs are always bird legs, front are paws (like a reverse gryphon leg wise)
- Tail tapers in then floofs back out, gems generally adorn the end “floof”.
- There can be multiple golgons with the same crystal/ore/gem - just make sure they look different B)

- Custom on my base are either $30 for a custom, or $25 if you have a drawn reference and want it on my base :^)