Alien Boyfriend

Just like robot, I got a ton of requests for an alien bf. I really hope you guys enjoy this! 

   Sometimes life on the spaceship is quite boring. When you’re not assisting between planetary debates, taking missions, or escorting dignitaries, sometimes life in space is really dull. There’s not much to do. You feel bad thinking these things, considering how many people would kill to live such a life. It’s just that, when nothing happens, nothing is literally happening. There is only so much to do on the ship and so many places to go and so many people to meet. It all eventually just bleeds together.

   And when you get lonely? Sometimes that can be the hardest. The crew is very much like family and you know a lot of them very closely. It’s hard to find decent companionship on board even when new members join. Especially when new members join, they’re either on your team or they’re snatched up faster than you can look at them.

   Wandering the halls is what you do most of the time, it’s better than staying in your room. Often times you go to the gardens and play on your tablet or order food and eat it somewhere. You watch your teammates and the rest of the crew and sometimes have conversations. You’re just tired of feeling alone. If you’re truly honest you’re tired of not having someone in your bed.

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