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Mabel and Pacifica sitting in a tree~

For real this is my favorite ship, probably tied with Fiddleford/Stan. I love it when the hot gay and the dork gay are gay together

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trump and pence

if they had a kid meme || accepting 

  • Name: Donald J. Trump, Second of His Name, of Houses Trump and Pence
  • Gender: Male (No women allowed ever duh)
  • General Appearance: His natural skin is a pasty, almost sickly white, but can be easily spray-tanned. His hair is closely cut like Pence’s, but his color is closer to that thing on Trump’s head. If you look into his eyes, you will both feel dead inside.
  • Personality: Demanding, doesn’t take no for an answer, and always right. A workaholic, except when it’s time to do recreational activities like golf all the time 
  • Special Talents: Narcissism, making The Best™ deals, golfing, tweeting, misusing memes, and staying awake for 67 hours
  • Who they like better: Mike (Dad)
  • Who they take after more: Donald (Father)
  • Personal Head canon: He spirals into an existential crisis at least once a week because of his lineage and expectations, but would never admit to having these crises
  • Face Claim: