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demo-ness answered: prompt: Mabel and Henry bonding time

Thanks to @marypsue for coming up with the main idea behind this fic and helping me brainstorm!


Henry opened his eyes.

Large brown eyes met his gaze, a button nose less than an inch from his own.

The first three times Mabel had spent the night with him and woken him up like this, Henry had screamed and jumped enough to send Mabel laughing off the bed and on to the floor. But by now he was used to it, so he sleepily wrapped his arms around her and gathered her close to him. Mabel squeaked with delight then giggled into his chest, burrowing her nose in his chest hair.

“If you aren’t careful, you’re going to wake up everyone in the house,” Henry warned, not entirely teasingly. Uncle Dan’s house had thick sturdy log walls, but very thin doors.  In response, Mabel only blew a raspberry into Henry’s chest, a challenge which Henry met by immediately going for Mabel’s ribs with his long fingers.

After the resulting tickle fest (Mabel was very ticklish but Henry had a weak spot or two) had settled down, Mabel blew a tuft of her hair off her face.

“What do you wanna do today?”

“Um, I’m not sure.”

“We could…go fishing?” Mabel offered.

Henry paused.

He loved Mabel, he really did, couldn’t believe that they had only been going out for only three months and already couldn’t imagine life without her.

But Mabel plus fishing almost always ended up in an unmitigated disaster, mainly because she could sit still for only an hour before she went nuts with boredom. Maybe it would have helped if she fished herself… but considering that the first time they went out, Mabel made up names and life stories for each of the fish in his bucket, Henry never asked. That trip had ended with her ‘accidentally’ knocking the bucket over and letting the fish free.  She would go swimming around the boat and scare the fish off. Or talk her friends among the school of naiads that lived in the lake…who not only scared the fish off but, and Henry felt terrible even thinking it but it was true, had a piercing dolphin like squeak to their voices that hurt his ears.

And the less said about the trip that ended in Mabel riding MegaBeaver the better. With one slap of his tail, the massive animal had emptied half the lake and sent Henry’s boat flying through the air.

“I’m okay; I still got some fish in the freezer.” Henry paused. What would Mabel like to do, what would she like to do…. “Maybe we can scrapbook?” he asked.

Mabel paused.

Henry was the light of her life, her snuffle boo moose pants, her tall person, her everything… but he really, really didn’t get scrapbooking.

There were the forty minute mini-lectures on the pH levels of different kinds of paper, the acidity of ink and how what was readable now would be completely bled through in three hundred years, and the dangers of glue and tape. There were the incredibly pained looks that crossed his face whenever she took scissors and cut a cutie jagged edge around her photos, or when she used Elmer’s Glue to stick newspaper articles in. The fact that she used newspaper clippings period led to another thirty minute diatribe about the inherent frailty of newsprint. He didn’t appreciate glitter as much as she did, much less when she dumped some in her hair and did the same for him.

And of course, there was the time Henry glued his hand to his face on accident with her Super Turbo Glue and it took three hours and demonic intervention to free him.  

They looked at each other for a second, caught at a standstill. The problem, Mabel suddenly realized, was that they were trying too hard to please each other. Just because they were a couple didn’t mean they had to share everything. She thought fishing was boring as heck, and Mabel knew that Henry wasn’t one for scrapbooking or golf cart jousting or dumping food dye into the toilet tank to see what happened. They were allowed to do their own things and that was okay! What they should do is find new things to do together….

Suddenly, Mabel had an idea.

“Have I ever taken you exploring in the forest around the Shack?” she asked.

Henry smiled.

“I don’t think you have.”

“Well as soon as you throw some clothes on-“Mabel thought about it. “Okay not too soon, but when you do, I’ll show you my favorite places. There’s a waterfall and this neat place with crystals and this one circle where I beat up some unicorns once and-“

Henry laughed and held up his hands. “Hey, leave some surprises for me okay?”

Mabel kissed him on the lips in response which led to further things and a morning pleasantly spent.

(The afternoon ended with them running into a wild griffin and her litter of grifflets. To his amazement, the griffin nudged Mabel towards the nest and soon Mabel was laughing and covered in tiny griffin kits. She looked at him, feathers in her hair and a bit of spit up on her shirt, and he realized, truly realized for the first time, that he was in love with this woman.)