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Carl Appreciation Post
  • Abu-Dhabi:
  • Carl: Golf Tango India, expect twenty min delay, due runway inspection. Enter the hold at Arden, maintain seven thousand feet.
  • Martin: Golf Tango India, Roger, hold at Arden, maintain seven thousand feet. Can you confirm delay only twenty minutes?
  • Carl: Phwwww, probably. It all depends really.
  • Martin: Thank you tower, hugely informative as ever. Out.
  • Boston:
  • Martin: Fitton approach. This is Golf Echo Romeo Tango India. Climbing to six thousand feet. Left turn, direct Lutin.
  • Carl: Okie dokie. Have fun.
  • Martin: Carl. . .
  • Carl: *sighs* Roger, Golf Tango India.
  • Martin: Thank you.
  • Carl: You're welcome. Don't fly into anything I wouldn't fly into!
  • Helsinki:
  • Carl: Golf Tango India, I'm going to clear you to start after Golf Echo Echo.
  • Douglas: Thank you Carl, ready to go after Golf Echo.
  • Carl: That's Golf Echo Echo.
  • Douglas: Sorry tower, I thought the second Echo was an echo.
  • Carl: What?
  • Douglas: I thought you said, Golf Echo. . . echo. When in fact you said Golf Echo Echo. That is to say I thought the first Echo was Echo, and the second Echo was an echo of Echo. Whereas in fact both Echos were Echos and neither Echo was an echo.
  • Carl: Then perhaps I'd better put you right to the back of the queue while you check your radio equipment.
  • Douglas: Golf Tango India, clear to start after Golf Echo Echo.
  • Timbuktu:
  • Martin: Fitton tower, this is Golf Echo Romeo Tango India, established on the ILS.
  • Carl: Hello, hello, hello. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's- Oh, no wait, it is technically a plane.
  • Douglas: Hello Carl.
  • Martin: Fitton tower, please confine traffic communications to standard phraseology.
  • Carl: Yeah yeah yeah. Wind at two-eighty and eight, three-six clear to land, all the usual jazz.
  • Martin: Roger, clear to land three-six.
  • Carl: So did you have a lovely time in Lutin?
  • Douglas: How could one not? It's a palace of pleasure.
  • Martin: I mean, seriously, you're really not meant to just chat on this thing.
  • Carl: Sorry Martin. Oh! One last thing though. Did any of you order a furious posh man?
  • Martin: What?
  • Carl: Only one's arrived for you. Very cross, very drunk. Phil poured him into your departure hut.
  • Carolyn: Lounge.
  • Carl: Sorry. Lounge. Anyway, hope you like him. Turrah!
  • Vaduz:
  • Martin: Fitton tower, this is Golf Echo Romeo Tango India.
  • Carl: Hello chaps! Timed that well. You can come straight in. Cleared number one for the approach.
  • Martin: Yes, actually, Carl, we'd like to hold before landing.
  • Carl: Eh you- You want me to put you in the hold?
  • Martin: Yes we do.
  • Carl: After all the bellyaching you normally give me?
  • Martin: Even after that.
  • Carl: . . . Why?
  • Martin: We just do.
  • Carl: Alright then! Golf Tango India once 'round the holding pattern. Enjoy the view.
  • Martin: No, we need to hold for. . . about twenty circuits.
  • Carl: Twenty?!
  • Martin: Yes! Is that alright with you?
  • Carl: Oh it's fine with me. You lot are gonna get dizzy though. Into the hold at Arden, maintain flight level seven-zero. Advise when you've had enough and want to go on the dodge-ems instead.
  • Carl: Hello Golf Tango India. How's life on the magic roundabout?
  • Douglas: Hello Carl.
  • Carl: It's ever so restful watching you, you know. Round and round and round. Like- Like one of those mobiles you hang on a cot.
  • Martin: Fitton tower, please confine-
  • Carl: Aaaanyway, silly question, I know, because obviously you live in the air now, but do you fancy coming in?
  • Douglas: No thanks Carl, we'll have another five laps worth please.
  • Carl: Fair enough. Why stop just when you're beginning to enjoy yourself? Remain in the holding pattern, and sCREAM IF YOU WANNA GO FASTER!
Golf Echo Romeo Tango India

….five words that spell (not literally, of course..unless you mix up the letters a bit..and add some others) me nearly choking on coffee (which then exited via both my nostrils) in laughter when First Officer Douglas Richardson went head-to-head with Herc Shipwright to see who it was that could provide the smoothest delivery of the promotional video intro (ep 3.5)…

Roger Allam & Anthony Head…you saucy, saucy devils..*fans self*