Dean imagines/one shots/drabbles:

Sam imagines/one shots/drabbles:

  • Lady In Red (imagine you and Sam get a little carried away while posing as husband and wife. Smutish)

Winchester brothers imagines/oneshots/drabbles:

  • The First Hunt (The boys who are barely teenagers go on their first salt and burn together. Pre-series)


Ride With Me (AU series, Dean Winchester x Reader. Reader is a talented reining rider and goes on placement at a dude ranch in Arizona, where she meets wrangler Dean)

The Sullivan Series (Supernatural 1st season, original character insert)

1.01 Changes: (Huntress Zoë Sullivan finds the Winchester brothers working her shapeshifter case. The boys soon find out she isn’t that much of a joy to work with)

1.02 In Bad Waters: (Zoë finds a possible new case, but it’s only a matter of time before Sam and Dean track her down and join in on the hunt, despite her being persistent on not needing their help)

Fields Of Gold: (Reader x Dean. You get hurt in a hellhound attack, leaving you and Dean stuck in a cabin in the mountains, waiting for help. Angst to the max. Finished)

Three Days Ago: (Reader x Dean. A case that could have taken a turn for the worse, shake up both Dean and your mind. What will the future hold for you if you keep doing your job, and what would happen if you get out of the life? Fluff, smutish, angst. Maybe finished, haven’t decided yet)

anonymous asked:


Oh, nostalgia *pats heart*

What e'er else men say to thee, 
I ate pigs in blankets three,
Not bacon-wrapped or biscuit robe’d
But shrouded in three pancakes gold
Three sausages of seasoned pork
In pancakes (and not biscuits) cloak’d
Two poached eggs accompanied 
My pancaked pigs in blankets three.

Not All that Glitters is Gold
Three Years on Tumblr Give Away!

So Give or take a month and a few days or so I’ve been RPing on Tumblr in some form or another for three wonderfully years.  First as Zack Fair and then as Riku.  Yes my beautiful Riku is almost three.  I’ve been RPing as Hope Estheim for almost one year now as well.  It’s also been over a year now since I took over Eternal-Academia and became blog-momma to such a amazing group of RP ‘kids.’  I joke not, thats what my girlfriend calls you guys: my children.

So to thank you all I am doing a small give away!

What you Get:

  • One completey handmade pendant necklace like the one pictured above.
  • I will make it to your specifications out of materials I already  have.
  • You can have the choice of a semi-precious stone cabachon or a handmade polymer clay moon face in a color of your choosing.
  • Bead colors can be selected by you.
  • Embellishments are up to me however depending on what I have on hand.  (Because right now I have no pocket money to sink into you lovely dears)
  • I have a large stock of sea shells, Swarovski Austrian Crystal, stone beads and glass pearls.
  • The neck strap will also be hand strung with a homemade clasp.

How to win!

  • There will be ONE winner.
  • Either reblog or like this post your choice.  However reblogs go a long way to promoting me and my give away.
  • ONE REBLOG or LIKE will count to be fair to everyone who wants to enter.
  • You must be following me in order to enter.  Do not unfollow me immediately after.
  • No give away blogs either!
  • Winner will be chosen at random.
  • Deadline: May 31st at Noon EST

Have fun my darlings!