This is one of my favorite drawings that I did. Probably hands down? She’s crying gold tears (the original concept was for her to be bleeding gold from her eyes, nose, and mouth). This piece is supposed to represent blacks, African Americans as royalty and of prestige! We are of value and worth. And for the first time ever I will be apart of some art show at my community college and I will enter this in amongst two of my other realistic-like drawings. Many will probably see it as a beautiful piece, and will probably question why I had her crying gold tears, and being that there’s gonna be a lot of white people, the answer may make them uncomfortable and disappointed. I can already imagine one say/think: ‘How dare black people be of value/worth?’. But I will be hold my ground and and stick to the reason why I even created this in the first place: to uplift, inspire, and encourage black women (or just blacks in general) and let it be known that we are beautiful, valuable, intelligent, and worthy of so much!

Anyway, I ask that if you like this piece, please do share it on all social media, it would make me happiest :)

The image that I used for reference:…