Anthony Goldstien makes a point of lighting hannukah candles in the Great Hall. He dislikes putting his religion on display, but he would hate himself more for hiding away in his dorm like it was something to be ashamed of.

It’s worth the patient but tedious explanations to his fellow Ravenclaws of why it was in fact a miracle for the light to last 8 days,  “No the Maccabees couldn’t simply Lumos the ner’ tamid if it went out…”

It’s worth it for the Hufflepuff girl who comes up quietly one night and says.  “I uh-I know how to get into the kitchens if you ever want to make latkes.”

that “jk rowling confirms there was at least one jewish wizard at hogwarts” is a very misleading title. she literally just made a tweet saying “anthony goldstien was jewish” . it was a whole article generated around a single tweet

not that it absolves her of the weird retroactive representation game she plays but its not like she went out and said “theres One Jew in all of hogwarts!!"