The White Owl (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Prompt: In which the reader turns into an owl and Newt is absolutely oblivious.  Also includes a sassy!Frank.

Word Count: 3111

A/N: I wrote this entirely to spite my sister who is taking forever on writing her Newt x reader.

I first met him when the Goldstein sisters invited him over.  Now, I was his assistant.  He took me in when he started writing his book and became so busy with it that he needed help with his creatures.

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Aw, don’t worry, honey. Most guys think what you was thinking, first time they see me.

tina goldstein and who she is

- she was porpentina goldstein, whose parents had died of dragon pox. Who’s sister knew exactly when she was lying. She was the girl with the bitter smile, the girl who longed for magic, the girl who was determined to succeed, without anyone’s help.

- she was teenie to her sister, the fierce and independent older sister, who topped in every class, but had trouble making even the simplest of friends. She was the girl who cried alone in the bathroom and came out smiling, she was the girl who kept a straight face during classroom pranks, she was the girl who had sadness in her heart so intense that she smiled.

- to her teachers, she was tina goldstein, the poor girl whose parents had died, but used her grief to turn into a careful and vigilant class leader, dedicated to her studies and a good student. She was the girl who payed attention, she was the girl who was swift and could cast the worst spells without blinking, she was the girl who ruled with her heart and not her head.

- to MACUSA, she was porpentina, an ambitious seeker, pushing herself in things normally impossible, but being rash and too decisive at the same time. She was the girl with the impulse, the girl who went on instinct, the girl who was a liability to everyone around her.

- but to newt scamander, she was all of the above, She was Porpentina Goldstein, Teenie, Tina Goldstein, and Porpentina all at once. She was the girl who cried but was strong enough to walk out smiling, she was the swift and fast but compassionate young woman who made her own choices. To him she was a kaleidoscope of thoughts and emotions, of controversy and fear, of passion and caution, all at once. To a man who loved beasts so fondly, she was the most human person he ever saw.

and maybe that’s why, he loves her so much

and maybe that’s why, she loves him too.

anonymous asked:

All I want is Mr and Mrs Graves forcing Percival to introduce Tina. After much doubt from Tina's side, she accepts it under one circumstance, which is no games from his side. It all goes very nicely, Percival's parents see Tina as a great fit, even though she seems a bit uncomfortable- could be nerves, which would explain Percival whispering in her ear. What really is going on is Percival slowly finger-fucking her under the table, whilst whispering promises of a fuck in his childhood bedroom.

y e s omgggg I could read a whole fic with this

Imagine: being sisters with Tina, and Queen. And your talking about the new guest in your apartment. Newt and Jacob. Not realizing that Newt is listening on the other side of the door.

Sitting on your bed your sisters Queenie and Tina were getting ready for bed . Queenie spoke up,” he is cute isn’t he?” you turned to Queenie as she spoke “Sorry doll, your thoughts are very loud tonight. I saw him looking at you thru dinner.” Tina chipped in as she spoke, “he’s a unregistered wizard. Who collects beasts.. you can do better.” You shimmed in as you spoke, “He’s a Adorable Dorky, loveable guy..” “he’s a criminal who let a no-Maj catch him doing magic.” Rolling your shoulders you spoke, “its a awful Law. And Jacob seems very Nice for a No-maj.”Queenie smiled brightly. Your thoughts went from talking about Jacob to Newt. And his beautiful big eyes. Queen chuckled softly, “our little sister is smitten with Mr. Scamander. Tina your going to be busy with her now.”
What you didn’t realize on the other side of the door, Newt was leaning near the door listening into the conversation. With a small smile on his face. He was happy that you fancied him. The moment he laid eyes on you he couldn’t believe someone so beautiful existed. And for you help him a completely stranger try to help him catch his Niffler. He was swoon.
“What you doing?” Newt turned fast moving away from the door seeing Jacob he caught Newt. The door soon opened to see you peek your head out. “Everything alright?” Newt’s face turned a beat Red as he nodded his head fast. “yes! Everything’s perfect.”

More gramander musings

One thing I’m thinking of writing is a thing about Newt having to continue the Scamander line because Theseus had an injury during the war that has left him sterile. Newt is getting pressure from his family to sire a child, but if he was going to it would be Tina, but she has her career, and Newt inst particularly inclined that way. So he decides that he would rather just carry the baby himself with the help of potions. Its not common, but there were often times cases where two pure blood families would only produce sons, and that caused a big problem when wizards were smaller in numbers.

Now he just needs to find a sperm donor basically and well he’s not particularly aware of what kind of things aren’t generally brought up socially, so he just kind of bluntly asks Percival to do it as his name and lineage would appease his parents, and in return he’d be willing to do it again for Graves as the first child would have the Scamander name. Graves is shocked but he too has been pressured, but hes married to his job and has no time for such things, its almost the perfect solution. Newt isn’t bad looking, they get along alright.

So they do the deed, Newt takes a bunch of potions for it, they have some strange effects on him, but its a good night for them both. Newt cuddles up to him while he sleeps and in the morning newt thanks him, which is awkward but its newt, hes a mess socially. 

Then they go their separate ways. Newt travels, though he makes his home base in New York with the Goldstiens. He hears words about his travels about the US around the office and even catches glimpses of him every couple of weeks. 

Then one day he sees Newt and he looks mostly the same, but hes softer, and there is a slight swell to his abdomen and Graves just cant look away. Newt seems him staring and then graves looks away, pretending to be doing what hes supposed to be doing. Newt drops by later to tell him that yes It’s worked, hes pregnant. Graves had guessed as Newt didnt approach him again, but hearing it confirmed is different. 

and yeah I have more but this is getting long ill stop here unless people want to talk more about it.
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Okay, so I changed my mind about posting it in the morning. Why hesitate with a good thing?


Abernathy knows how most of MACUSA sees him: a greasy little bootlicker, the estranged son of an Italian-American mob boss, a short little man who tries to rise above his station–but when Tina Goldstien ends up under his supervision, he really does have her best interests at heart. Character study where Abernathy is a good friend.

So I saw Fantastic Beasts this morning and going in I was kind of expecting something lazy and formulaic, just intended to milk $$ out of nostalgic Harry Potter fans (which is to say, everybody and their dog,) and I guess I was…. pleasantly (?) surprised on that front?? What I got instead was basically the exact opposite: fatally disorganized and disjointed but with real enthusiasm and creativity put into it. 

I was really surprised to learn the script was a solo effort on JKR’s part, because the finished product gave me the distinct impression it was the result of like, one all-nighter brainstorming session. Like a bunch of tipsy Harry Potter fans just sat down and cobbled together every idea with potential they could come up with into a script, haphazardly and with little care for how it would all fit together. It’s a real Frankenstein’s monster of a narrative. 

If they HAD done something very boring and by the book it might have been a “better” movie. Still, there was enough to this thing I actually liked to make me interested in analyzing what Went Wrong and what would have improved it. 2K words worth of analysis, as it turns out.


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