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I got into Kpop recently since seeing a day6 concert with my friend so I was interested to find other groups! I see you talking about crack videos 😂 can you tell me some channels that you recommend watching? Thanks a bunch love 💖

lol since you didn’t mention any specific groups, I’m guessing you’re reAdY to stan all the groups I do ;;;;;; have fun wasting your weekend away w these 💗💗



Monsta X:








Super Junior:

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Single dad AU where Victor is a young single dad at 24 to a 2 yr old Yurio, living in an apartment next door to college student Yuuri. One day Yuuri came home drunk from a party and accidentally goes to Victor’s room instead and goes “watchu doin in my house? *hic* u look like that hot dad I’ve been crushing on” he babbles more about “the hot dad” then collapses on Victor’s arms lmao Victor was so smitten, Yurio asks who the silly man was and Victor was like “ur future papa maybe” omg hahaha


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“You just watched me slip on the ice and wind up sitting in the snowbank beside the parking lot. You’re laughing and now it’s you slipping and your face in the snowbank across from me” au except it's Victuuri despite the both of them being professional figure skaters LOL

LMAO victor, realizing that he, a 5 time GPF gold medalist, fell on ice in front of Yuuri:

«Non c'è niente da fare, resti sempre in testa.»

— Claver Gold feat Rancore; Il meglio di me