Have you guys ever tried this fish food for goldfish? It’s supposed to be good for digestion and the guy at my LFS recommended it for marmalades floaty/digestive issues. I’m feeding it as a replacement for my hikari lionhead at least for now. I’ve also taken out their protein rich snacks (blood worms and brine shrimp) and replaced them both with steamed broccoli. They are still getting the repashy soilent green daily.

I’m just curious about this food or if anyone’s tried it before. I’m a little put off by the fact that it’s a floating pellet despite long periods of soaking. Thinking about hand feeding except marmalades already having trouble swimming.

zayn could tweet something like “fuck caramel covered popcorn” or “my goldfish just died” and he would still add 👌🏽😝


Elegantly by max max
Via Flickr:
A school of goldfishs swam leisurely happily elegantly in the pond which dead leaves went down

The Signs as Even Weirder Things My Friends Have Said to Me
  • Aries:I'm, uh...53% virgin.
  • Taurus:I had a dream where Jon Krakauer and I went to Disney World and now I'm scared about my inner demons.
  • Gemini:I hate children. They're too sticky.
  • Cancer:Paper isn't flammable unless you put alcohol on it!
  • Leo:The cat down the street wants to assassinate my goldfish and I just can't let that happen.
  • Virgo:How dare you presume me heterosexual!
  • Libra:Draco Malfoy is going to make me drink. He's ridiculous.
  • Scorpio:You're the poster child for strawberry addiction.
  • Capricorn:I want to study your mind. It's my hobby.
  • Aquarius:Can you get sick from licking a Polaroid by accident because I fucked up
  • Pisces:Do it for the aesthetic.