Goldfish and Betta need new homes

Alrighty fishblr I mentioned a while back that I’m moving and need to rehome my pets.

My turtle is going to my dad’s and the platies and guppies have all been given to my sister’s friend who had a 55 gallon tank with only a large pleco. So that leaves my goldfish and betta. All are up on craigslist but I would give anyone from fishblr who messages me via tumblr the fish for free. The 200 gallon goldfish tank I could make a deal with you for but that I do need to get some money for it. Please message me with any questions and please reblog to spread this. I’m located in the DFW or North Texas area

betta link

goldfish link

200 gallon tank link

“George is my pet goldfish. He was a birthday present, and over the past 10 years he’s lived a very privileged life, swimming in my backyard pond. One day I noticed a bump, and over the next few weeks the strange growth expanded to the size of an olive. Panicking, I told Tristan, the vet at my work, and he confirmed it was a tumour. ‘What can we do?’ I asked. 'I can operate,’ Tristan said. Over 45 minutes, he cut away the tumour, using tiny stitches and glue to put the wound back together. Then, with bated breath, I waited while Tristan placed my little mate into the resuscitation bucket. Minutes later, his tail started swishing and, before I knew it, he was swimming around, alive and well! Some people wouldn’t consider going to such lengths for a goldfish, but George is family - and for family, we would do anything.”

- Lyn Orton, 50, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, Australia 


If you’ve ever wanted a pet goldfish that didn’t have to stay home in its fishbowl whenever you go out, check out these beautiful Nubuck Goldfish Purses by Japanese retailer Atelier Iwakiri. Sure, at prices ranging from $900 to $1100, these giant leather fish cost a bit more than your average live goldfish, but then again, they can also carry all your stuff.

The giant goldfish purses are available in two different sizes and handmade to order using red, black, brown, or dark brown leather. While all those fins and scales make them look very real, we suggest you don’t try to see if these fancy fish can swim.

Visit the Atelier Iwakiri website for more photos.

[via Design Taxi and RocketNews24]