I woke up this morning to find one very pissed off pearlscale being pushed around by the boys. However they seemed to be unsuccessful at getting her to spawn. So I got a bowl and hand spawned them instead. It was pretty easy because Ushi was so full of eggs that just her struggling a bit in my hand was enough to release them. Then with some gentle coaxing I managed to get most of the eggs out. Both Cider and my new boy (who still does not have a name) both contributed lots of milt. (so much so that the bowl was pretty cloudy) I had her in a net box afterwards so she could get some rest since it seemed like they had been pestering her for a while before I checked on them. Within a few hours she was re-introduced and they’ve stopped bothering her so I think I got enough eggs to count as the entire spawn; hopefully any that are left will be reabsorbed. I haven’t tried to count the eggs but there are a ton! Also sorry for the poor picture quality I was using my phone.


Took a video of the babies at 6ish days! they are living in a larger sterlite tub but I was in the middle of cleaning it out so I scooted them into the glass dish(which looks nicer). Everyone is eating and doing well. One fry developed without a swim bladder and was stuck on the bottom so I had to cull it but other than that everyone is healthy and defect free. They’re are 12 babies in total C: all with very full tummies.


My TVR Harmui has such large cheeks that they poke out of the water when she eats. Harumi was spawned in early April of 2012, so she is a Nisai (second year of life) TVR with Oishi x Kageyama x Oishi bloodlines. She is a big fish, and was 125g when I picked her up last month. Hopefully within the next month she’ll be getting a boyfriend so I can start breeding TVR next season. I know SVR are really in currently and I love them but since finding TVR and really seeing them in person I’m pretty smitten with them as well.


Size comparisons of all my pearlies and my fry Izoku from my May accidental RyukinXHibuna spawn. These fish are all on the smaller side, but both are sexually mature.Ushi (calico tiku) and Cider (sakura hamanishiki) are both reaching one year in my care. They were both much smaller upon purchase and are still growing quite quickly. Here are their past records for weight (ignore the poorly made table):

External image

As shown above, they are growing, and while Ushi has been growing more quickly Cider seems to be at the beginning of a growth spurt. My newest pearlscale has not been weighed yet but is probably around 15 grams. Izoku is only around 4g. These guys are all quite small in comparison to my largest fish (TVR Harumi) who is a hefty 125g.


Worlds fastest pearlie! Ushi is ridiculously fast for being so round. She managed to get the food out of my hand as soon as it hit the water.

Picture of the fry set up (or as I was setting up the fry set up). The tub is a 10 gallon mixing tub from Home Depot. I have it fitted with an airstone and a small heater (not shown in these pictures). I won’t add a sponge filter until they’re around one month because the calmer the water the better chance that they develop healthy/normal swim bladders. They get twice daily 100% water change and are fed 3-5 times a day. Right nowt heir diet consists of mainly baby brine shrimp and crushed New Life Specturm Thera A. I had 35 little ones hatch on 10/27/13 so they are almost two weeks old now. I had one fry die a few days after hatching but have not found any dead others dead, so everyone is eating and growing well! I'll  try and get some shots of the fry themselves tomorrow.