He’s eating voraciously and acting more normal than I expected. Still pineconed. Lost a scale as well bu that’s obviously the least of his problems. LFS didn’t have kanamycin (I’m now getting conflicting info on it for dropsy anyway, bad for renal failure some say?) so I decided that the Metro Meds were the important thing and ordered them. Fight the infection from the inside out. I don’t want to shotgun medicine at him (and my wallet) just to make myself feel better. I’ll be patient and treat with Epsom salt in the meantime. Going to to a 100% WC today….and every day until we figure this out.

The photos above were taken this morning. (4-21-2013)

Jules Dropsy Update

Going to head over to the LFS to (hopefully) pick up some Kanamycin to treat the water. Then going to order some Metro Meds and hope they get here in time and are the miracle drug everyone says they are. 

He’s nearly fully pineconed now. He’s still active but having trouble swimming (floaty). Here’s to him still wanting to eat by the time the metro meds get here. I’ll keep just feeding him really tasty things he loves to interest him.

I think I might feed to the other fish the metromed too as a precaution in case there’s baddies lurking around in there? Thoughts? This  might be unnecessary.