goldfish flowers


From my daughter to all friends in tumbler.
She took them in Kamakura,Japan.
Thank you for coming always ✨❣️:))

Tumblr のみんなに見てもらってって

#TGIF baby! 😎😆 It’s almost the weekend and almost time for me to head back to Rome for the Roma Cartoon Festival! 😲😀 I wanted to share one of the prints I’m bringing with me to the show since I fly out on Monday!😊🛫💖 I’m so excited to bring "La Madre" back to Italy as a print for all you awesome guys and gals going to the convention! 🐡🦋🌈 This is the first time I’m offering prints of her at a show ✨✨ So stop by and see me to take one home🖼💝 I’ll be there June 23rd-25th! 🙋 But for those of you on other parts of the globe, don’t worry! 😉🌏💕 She’s also available on my Custom Print Shop! 🎉🎉 You can go to and get your own custom made print. 😊 There’s options to choose your paper type, size, and if you’d prefer it signed or unsigned! 🤗 The possibilities are endless hee hee. 😚💞 I’m off to prep for my trip some more 🛍🖌See you soon Italy!💙 Hope you’re ready for me! 😘

Here’s a better image of the full painting “La Madre” 😀 What do you all think of her? 🖼✨

Her and her sister pieces will be part of my “Submerged” show at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome opening March 31st! 🎨 If you’re interested in any if the originals for the show please contact 😘❤

festival of the stars

To celebrate Tanabata~ Basically inspired by the event the BSD twitter is holding! 


Chuuya turned around at the distasteful greeting. Only one person greeted him in such a way, and the executive put on his most irritated face to face the bandaged covered idiot behind him.

“Why are you here shitty Dazai,” he huffed while keeping an eye on Elise as she wandered through the crowds of people with delight.

“Chuuya-san if we don’t hurry we’re not going to be able to put our wishes on the bamboo tree!” Elise called out several feet before him before slipping back into the masses.

“Oi- Elise-chan?!”

Exasperated, Chuuya reverted his attention back to Dazai who seemed greatly amused by the whole ordeal as he stood before him with that annoying smile on his face.

“What are you laughing about you waste of bandages?”

A cheery voice responded. “Just entertained that the Port Mafia’s top martial artist has been reduced to babysitting Mori-san’s ability.”

A sly, fox-like smile crossed his face. “How tragic Chuuya~”

Huffing, the executive turned back around to search for the young blonde girl who had mysteriously vanished without a trace.

“Fuck off Dazai. I don’t have time to deal with you.”

“Ehhh~~ But Chuuya, since we’re both here we might as well go to the bamboo tree together.”

Lifting up a strip of paper, Dazai approached the redhead.

“I even have my wish written down.”

Giving in to his current situation, Chuuya proceeded to walk towards the direction Elise had disappeared to with Dazai at his heels.

“I bet you wished to die as soon as possible,” he voiced in a flat tone while keeping his cerulean eyes on the look out for a bright red yukata decorated with goldfish and flowers.

“Chuuya how’d you know~” Dazai replied in an overly happy voice.

“Ah shinjuu shinjuu~ To die with a beautiful lady is the most ideal death I can imagine.” He continued off in a merry voice while matching his stride with the executive beside him.

After maneuvering through the crowds out to celebrate the festival, the duo finally came across Elise who had already placed her wish upon the decorated bamboo.

“Chuuya-san you’re late!” She pouted while running up to the executive. Holding onto his yukata she dragged him towards the bamboo tree before turning her blue eyes towards the brunet with a slight look of surprise.

“Oh Dazai-san you’re here too.”

Squinting, she gave him a perplexed look. “What were you doing with Chuuya-san?”

The brunet smiled and waved his hands.

“Let’s not worry about that Elise-chan!”

Reaching into his pocket, Dazai pulled out his piece of paper and walked up to the bamboo tree. After tying a sky blue ribbon at the top, he placed the wish onto one of the many branches, and turned towards his former partner.

Amber eyes held a quiet fondness as Dazai softly smiled.

“Aren’t you going to put your wish up too Chuuya?”

Sapphire eyes held their unwavering gaze till the executive finally sighed, giving into the holiday’s traditions and pulled out his own wish.

“Tch- I wish you would drop dead somewhere.”

Dazai merely laughed at the statement.

“Chuuya you know they say wishes don’t come true if you say them out loud.”

The redhead ignored the last remark and placed his wish not too far away from the brunet’s and walked back towards where Dazai and Elise waited.

“Let’s go Elise-chan.” He stated, giving the young girl his complete attention while still ignoring Dazai.

An unwise decision as the brunet began to follow him and continuously teased him about every little thing possible.

Elise tilted her head at the odd duo who acted like they despised each other’s guts but still seemed to be close enough to exchange banter and insults without truly meaning them.

She closed her eyes and shook her head when a gust of wind blew past her, causing the strands of paper to flutter.

Following the sudden breeze, she turned back towards the bamboo tree and happened to glance at both Dazai’s and Chuuya’s wishes.

太宰 治

May Chuuya live a long life.

中原 中也

May Dazai find his purpose for living.