goldfish decor

Little space foods/snacks

-hot dogs cut up into bites

-fruit (apple slices, strawberry, grape, peaches, pears, blueberries)

-animal crackers

-sandwiches (especially with cute cutters) (pb&j, grilled cheese, turkey)


-mac n cheese

-chicken nuggets/tenders

-apple sauce



-decorated pancakes

-gummy fruit snacks(especially disney ones)


-ice cream

-alphabet soup


-pretzel sticks

-chocolate milk




-Hershey’s kisses (limited supply)


Serving anything in kiddie plates/cups makes it 5x cuter
And cut up meats for them into bit size pieces(:

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victorsfall  asked:

what kind of fish is it, is it just a goldfish? does merc put decorations in the tank? just random things i wanna know

(CHARONS A SMALL RYUKIN GOLDFISH, A CHUB!!! he’s mostly reds and whites, but theres yellows and oranges in him too.

Merc actually got him a pretty big tank and theres a few random decorations; classic castle and blue rocks. Bit of plastic plants for extra places to hide


tsuki-no-miyako  asked:

If fish do not belong in fish bowls then where should they live if you buy them? (I had a goldfish when i was younger and we always kept her in a fish bowl and cleaned it regularly)

Goldfish should be kept in a tank with a powerful enough filter, plus APPROPRIATE substrate!  Either bare bottom or sand!

General rule of thumb for goldfish is 2 gallons of water per inch of ADULT -SIZED fish.  So if you have a fancy goldfish, they get about 8 inches large, meaning 16 gallons per fancy goldfish.

Comet goldfish (or “feeder” goldifsh— you know, the kind you win at carnivals?) get anywhere between 18-20 inches long, meaning about 36-40 gallons for a comet to live happily.  ( i prefer to leave comets for ponds as they THRIVE in pond space!  So much room for them to be happy and swim free!  My grandmother has 4-5 comets that she’s had for over 15 years and they’re all about 20 inches long.  They have babies almost every spring and she places the babies in a separate pond)

And the myth about goldfish only growing to the size of the container it’s kept in?  Just that: a myth.  Goldfish will end up with physical deformities and possibly die of organ failure because of the conditions they are left in.

Plus, what would YOU rather live in?  A small studio apartment where everything is in the same room INCLUDING the toilet/sink/shower, or a space where you could stretch out a bit, maybe have a roommate you get along with house with you with plenty of room so you don’t feel trapped in your own living space?

It’s the same as asking whether you think a living creature would enjoy something like this:

External image

External image

Or something like this:

External image

External image

These fish can live between 25-40 years with optimal conditions!

Most fish who are thrown in bowls don’t live past a year or two maximum— bowls do not provide enough oxygen or clean water for any fish to thrive in it.  The shape of the bowl itself isn’t even conducive to producing oxygen, since the surface area of the exposed water is so much less than the diameter of the bowl.

Not only that, but for a goldfish, the water in a 1 gallon bowl will hit toxic levels of ammonia from its own waste within 12 hours.  That means to have the SAFE levels of ammonia you would need to change the water out at least 4 times daily for a 1.5-inch goldfish.

Goldfish are NOT beginner fish.  GOLDFISH ARE NOT BEGINNER FISH!!  I would label them as intermediate because of the amount of maintenance required to have one live its full life span!

And for any of you who read this and say “Why is this so important??  It’s just a fish!”, you can easily ask the same question of any animal.  ”Why is this so important?? It’s just a dog!”.  ”Why is this so important?? It’s just a horse!”.  

No matter the animal, it should still be treated with respect.

If you ignore its needs on purpose, not out of ignorance or miseducation, that is animal abuse.  Never buy an animal on a whim or just because it’s cute or because you want it to fill a space in your house for decoration.  ALWAYS DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE PURCHASING AN ANIMAL.  And cross-reference your sources!  Never just rely on one person’s word.

Tl;dr or if you’re still curious as to why bowls are bad for fish, I suggest these links for more information:

Finatics: Why Fish Bowls are Bad

Aquaridise: Why Goldfish Bowls Should be Banned

Goldfish Care Guide: Five Reasons not to use Goldfish bowls

Aquarium Life: Myths About Goldfish

Animal Freedom: The Goldfish Bowl: Decoration and Torture Instrument

Say no to bowl culture and tell others the same!


Photo 1 - One of four cats at Ott’s Exotic Plants. These cats have the life—living in greenhouses, lounging in the sun, being petted by visitors, and fishing for goldfish in the decorative ponds!

Photo 2 - “Please can you come pet me? I don’t want to move out of the sun.”

Photo 3 - This kitty was much more interested in the goldfish in the ornamental pond than in being petted.

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anonymous asked:


*cracks knuckles*

  • makes the bed in the mornings - jemma. and 99% of the time she’s attempting to make the bed before fitz is even out of it.
  • has sole possession of the T.V. remote - neither. it normally just stays on the discovery channel 24/7 just for background noise unless a primate documentary happens to be on animal planet, then fitz puts the remote on the highest shelf in the house so she can’t reach it 
  • is the bigger cuddler - fitz. he needs a constant reminder that she’s real and there to stay. and jemma is happy to comply.
  • does the laundry - they take turns.
  • mows the lawn - fitz via a remote controlled lawn mower he invented. 
  • shops for groceries - both.
  • comes home drunk at 3am - jemma, giggling away while fitz rolls his eyes and helps her into bed
  • makes breakfast - both. they make it together.
  • remembers to feed the fish - fitz banned fish as pets after he caught jemma in the act of trying to take tissue samples from poor little squamous the goldfish
  • decorates the apartment - both
  • initiates duets - fitz. sometimes to pass time, occasionally to keep the mood light, and mostly because he likes her voice.
  • falls asleep first - jemma, but only if she’s curled up in his arms so she can hear his heartbeat, for she needs a reminder that he is also real and there to stay.

anonymous asked:


(I have like three asks for philinda ok here goes nothing)

send me a ship and I’ll tell you who:

shops for groceries

they try tag-team grocery shopping with melinda handling the refrigerated foods and phil handling the non refrigerated food but they always end up doing it together

kills the spiders

neither of them particularly minds spiders but melinda always wants to kill them because who wants creepy crawly things in the house? so phil’s just like “their lives are precious melinda I bet this one has a wife and three kids and a steady job ect ect.” and then when he leaves the room may finds a high heeled boot and squishes the thing and when phil comes back he’s just like “oh ok the spider went home” and melinda’s just like …yup

comes home drunk at 3am

philinda does not have time to drink anymore b/c you know the whole rebuilding shield and stuff but sometimes coulson will disappear for a day and may will get a call at three in the morning from like brazil and it’s nick fury and he’s just like “come and get him” meaning phil and melinda’s just like god no not again

makes breakfast

melinda is a surprisingly good cook and since she’s up at the crack of dawn there is always a full course meal waiting for phil (who stumbles out of of bed at like noon when he doesn’t have important meetings)

remembers to feed the fish

phil. he had a goldfish named Pablo

decorates the apartment

phil has a knack for interior design it’s what he was planning to study in college if he hadn’t joined shield. (I mean it was either that or men’s fashion so)

initiates duets

coulson tries to get may to sing along to Disney songs like 24/7 because he knows she has a pretty voice and she just glares at him

falls asleep first

melinda. early to bed early to rise makes a woman kick ass tough