goldfish at sea


I had a dream where Snape teleported me into the midst of an oceanic feud between mermaids, kelpies and frogs, all coz i was being a greedy lil shit


I watch this when I feel down so I thought I’d share ^^

🐚 Skrelp and Dragalge -  for @prince-goldfish  🐚

Skrelp #690: These Pokémon like to hide and camouflage themselves to look like rotten kelp to ward of predators. While hiding they slowly begin to store energy so they can evolve

Dragalge #691: Now evolved, the prey becomes the hunter and will spit deadly poison  at anything which comes into its territory. This poison is so corrosive it can break through a tankers base causing many ships, who wonder into their homes, to be lost forever.

I am fascinated and terrified of the sea. No one truly knows what lives down there. What dwells deep in the dark abyss hiding under the surface of the water. So much life lives in these waters, thriving where most can not. Carving deep crevasses into the earth and filling them with thoughts of the unknown. It is a wonderful and terrible place, only truly filled by what you can come up with in your mind. I love the water but that which hides deep within its depths terrify me.