goldenrod seeds

It is 65 degrees out

And foggy, in central Illinois, on December the 12th. We have not yet had a hard frost, a killing frost (or the killing cold that will cull the wood-boring larvae, and quicken the goldenrod seeds in the ground).

And everyone is all smiles, “I *love* this weather!!!! ☺☺☺”

Meanwhile, I am filled with a quiet, creeping dread, at the weeks of Niflhel fog, and the lingering mild warmth. No winter, yet, and it’s winter solstice in a week. No winter. The Long Thaw us upon us.

Does anybody remember the Joe Pye weed in the nice spot with the blooming clematis growing over it? Both have gone to seed now. Goldenrod and jewelweed take over the late shift.