House Rowan, Lords of Goldengove, Sworn to Tyrell

House Rowan of Goldengrove is one of the most prominent and old families from the Reach and like several other major Reach houses, the Rowans can trace their descent from the legendary Garth Greenhand through his daughter Rowan Gold-Tree. Their seat is Goldengrove and their dominions extend all along its northern borders of the Reach. Their sigil is a golden tree on silver. 

House Rowan traces its roots to Rowan Gold-Tree daughters. According to legend Rowan was so bereft when her lover left her for a rich rival that she wrapped an apple in her golden hair and planted it upon a hill, from the apple grew a tree whose bark, leaves and fruit were yellow gold, which is now the sigil for House Rowan.

At the on set of the War of the Five Kings Lord Mathis Rowan rides with King Renly Baratheon however after his death house Rowan joins with the Tyrells and the Lannisters at the Battle of the Blackwater. Lord Mathis is among the lords presented to King Joffrey I at the award ceremony after the battle and Lord Tywin grants him an advisory seat on the small council, which Cersei later revokes.

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