official nomination banners for the 30th golden disk awards via it’s official twitter, @goldendisc. to rehash: the show will be held on january 20th and 21st in shenzhen, china. voting began just a week and a half ago and will come to a close on january 10th. fans are not able to vote for the bonsang / daesang awards (these will be decided via a combination of judging panel decision and sales volume), but they can held in determining the winners in three fan’s choice categories online: the disk popularity award, digital popularity award and rookie of the year. a tutorial on how to vote can be found here and any questions that you may have can be directed to either that tumblr, or support shinee’s twitter account.

as of noon on december 1st kst, shinee are currently in second place in domestic voting for the disk popularity award, while jonghyun is in third place for the digital popularity award. in the combined rankings (for both digital and disk), shinee is currently in second place while jonghyun is in ninth. for international voting, shinee is in sixth place for global fan’s choice - single while jonghyun is in twenty fifth, and shinee is in fifth place for global fan’s choice - album while jonghyun is in twenty seventh. in the combined rankings (for both album and single), shinee is in fourth place while jonghyun is in thirty fourth. it hasn’t been completely explained as to how these rankings will work in determining the overall winners but it has been said that an artist / group has to be ranking well both in domestic and international voting in order to win one of the popularity awards. (there will probably be two given for disk and two for digital.)


cr. goldendisc