I was gonna do this when I hit my four year anniversary on this blog but that’s like two weeks away and I wanted to do this now. I’ve had some ups and downs on this blog ( being from an extremely small fandom ) but through that I have met some amazing people who have made my time here worth it. I’m shitty with words but you have no idea how much I appreciate you guys being here and giving me the chance to write a character I love so very deeply. So whether or not you’ve been around since I made this blog years ago or you are newcomers who just followed me last night – I love you and I’m glad you decided to click that follow button for whatever reason. You’re all such talented people and I hope we’ll have lots of fun writing together in the future. If I forgot anybody I’m terribly sorry, I love you all. <3

                                                                                       xoxoxo – Katrina

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I recently reached another milestone and I wanted to do another one of these for a long ass time so ———– listen. I just love my followers, okay? You are what make this blog possible because without you I wouldn’t get to write Gwen, and everyone knows how much I love her and the series she’s from so yo. I just want to appreciate and love on all of you. <3

xoxoxo katrina

ps: look at that flawless graphic

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        wow ! i haven’t made a bias list in very long time, so bear with me here. this has been such a little time to have such a wonderful amount of talented and kind individuals along with me on this adventure. i made this blog a few days before the game was released and it wasn’t originally meant to be sam — though that changed almost immediately, honestly. he stuck with me right off the bat and while he’s my usual “personality type,” when choosing characters to write, i do feel a connection to him, and i’m thrilled beyond belief to be here with you guys. it’s been a fantastic experience getting back into this fandom and i have zero intentions of going anywhere anytime soon — there’s still so much left to flesh out and explore as far as sam’s characterization is concerned, and i’m ecstatic to get to watch him grow while i have the pleasure of writing with everyone ! my gratitude knows no bounds… to those i’ve written with already and those i haven’t quite gotten the privilege, i’m appreciative. ❤

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it’s really not that often that i find a community that i leave and come back to months later only to find that it remains relatively unchanged save for the stellar people that are in it.  there’s something unique about the BORDERLANDS fandom - i know it, you know it, we all know it. beyond incredibly welcoming, it’s filled to the brim with astounding writers, captivating portrayals, fantastic edits/icons/graphics, and people who love the series just as much as the next person. borderlands has always had a diverse cast and crew, the fandom and the people in this community are no exception. i simply adore logging on here, interacting with anyone and everyone that i can – even those that aren’t apart of our little clan of psychos and sirens ( LOOKING AT you uncharted, overwatch, and more ! ). you’ve all been phenomenal in ways that i cannot even express, especially not in gratitude and in love. so to suffice to say, this is just a small list of people who have made this experience one of the best ( in loose alphabetical order because i’m a sucker for structure ). 

 @aseriousshove, @bellcdonna, @bloodybluecap, @bloodyheroics, @bonafidegrit, @catchariiiide / @despctic, @cazadoric, @cfhyperion / @copyism, @chaordiic, @climxtologist, @diamondslaps, @dokuganryuu, @dreadingeverything, @dxhlcommando, @dxvilhunter, @emojiassassin, @eridiumborn,  @eridianwatcher, @fadedlegacy, @firstdegreefraud, @foolsgvld, @gladictor,  @goldencoin, @goodtobejack, @gortysactivated, @gottafccling@grcndel, @handsomesthero,  @headjacked, @helioshero, @hyperiontrxsh, @ignte, @imprisonedseirenes, @inkedvicious,  @jackfromthegrave, @jacktraded, @junkas, @karalorade, @kidsisterextraordinaire, @kingoftheslabs, @kiiiona, @longliivetheking, @markbringer, @pastismyown, @pcrtinax, @phaselockandload.  @phasewalkin,  @plauschange / @toerr, @p0etryassassin, @ppharaoh, @rampageking, @revvolver, @rhysinpieces, @righteouswar@scamminqs, @stealhisdeal,  @spunstories, @strickenveteran, @supfirehawk@timcheals, @tohonor, @tolearnthetruth, @turretxsyndrome@valkiriyas, @wageswar, @wildgrit, @willbeshot + THE REST OF MY BLOG ROLL

another milestone ! i have some plans for this, but i can’t put those in motion quite yet, so this will have to do until then. thank you guys, so very much for taking an interest in my sam. especially those of you who aren’t familiar with the uncharted franchise / sam as a whole, the fact that you’re here because you enjoy my writing is immensely flattering and i have no idea what to say beyond thank you. i’m enjoying my time here, i’m loving developing sam further than his canon allowed, and i’m just having a blast with all the wonderful people i’ve gotten to meet over the course of the last three months ! here’s to more interactions, more friendships, and so many more months as this pun loving little dweeb. ❤ 

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