In Search of Liquid Gold

Mikey Wier goes out on a soulful search in his home to his state of California for one of the rarest trout in North America. 

“Our mission was to head deep into the headwaters of the Kern River basin in search of pure strain California Golden Trout. Unfortunately, many miles and two of the biggest passes in the Southern Sierra lay between us and there. Mt. Whitney and the tallest pass in California guards the way out.  Our route included several miles on the John Muir trail then a detour into a remote basin that had been on the radar for Ballenger for a number of years.

Read the entire journey here on Mikey’s blog Burl Fish.

original content and photo by Mikey Wier


In Search of Liquid Gold

Few shorts can capture the feeling that exists in a fly angler’s soul in a minute and a half but this one does it. Off-the-grid adventure in pursuit of something completely wild, regardless of size, because it’s the journey that matters at least as much as the destination. Sign me up!

original content Keith Brauneis