In Search of Liquid Gold

Few shorts can capture the feeling that exists in a fly angler’s soul in a minute and a half but this one does it. Off-the-grid adventure in pursuit of something completely wild, regardless of size, because it’s the journey that matters at least as much as the destination. Sign me up!

original content Keith Brauneis


Sierra Nevada’s Volcano Creek is home to the Golden Trout.  Check out this project and consider supporting it.

Hi Guys, so sorry that is been so long,

We are still here, tired and run off my feet but still here.

I like to give advice on Aquaponics freely, I feel that no one should have to pay to learn how to grow their own food, it should be a right of every person to know how to do it.

So after we offered a little advice to a great mate of mine in regards to just fine tuning his brilliant Aquaponic System, you can imagine our surprise when in return he popped in Yesterday with this seasons Trout for us as thanks!

Not just any Trout, but Golden and Brook Trout!

I have never raised these before and i look forward to the challenge, but they fed well this morning and again tonight so we will see how they go! Very Cool!

I will get some more photos up on the weekend!

(and just quietly, we may be pulling the big system out of premature retirement! Stay tuned for that!)

Thanks a lot for your patience, and welcome to our new followers! Thank You!