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Lucille turned as she heard the door behind her with a soft creak; her eyes falling upon a young woman. she was quite beautiful; with porcelain skin and long tresses of golden hair; and Lucille wondered vaguely what had brought her to this solitary corner of the house. she ought to have been the belle of the ball downstairs, she certainly looked the part; but seemed, like Lucille herself to have preferred to leave behind the noise and bustle of the party — she was curious; and Lucille had to admit her curiosity somewhat piqued. The customary polite smile of a lady of good breeding painted itself almost automatically across her lips. It was an expression which she had practiced to perfection; a truly remarkable mask to hide her true thoughts and feelings. Inclining her head politely Lucille took a step towards the girl and greeted her with a soft 

“Good evening….. “


Christina by Kevin Russ