“Scarlett is built like a classic Hollywood movie star, with the never ending curves, and the pouty lips, and the golden locks, and a smile that would drop you to your knees. However, it is only betrayed by her no nonsense attitude, her sharp wit, and self-deprecating sense of humor that truly defines her alluring charm.” Jeremy Renner on Scarlett Johansson

When I was little, mama whispered fairy tales into my ears

Just before I closed my eyes.

She described handsome princes with pretty eyes, riding in on white horses.

Of beautiful girls with golden staircase locks,

Red hoods and big bad wolves in disguise.

Witches lurking in the wooded shadows, and of glistening poisoned fruit.

Every night, I dreamed of being swept off my feet,

By fair haired knights that traveled long and far,

Following the sound of my voice.

I longed for sword fights to defend my honor,

And slayed dragon heads placed at my glass covered feet.

I believed that I lived a fairytale.

Until I grew up.

Suddenly all the glitter and glamor

Transformed into sirens and warning lights.

I danced in the streets with dainty heels only to be chased by wolves

Disguised as handsome princes in white chariots.

I realized, the only reason knights travel long and far,

Was to hunt and claim lonely voices.

To keep broken the voice boxes as their trophies.

The sword was placed in my hand.

It was small, and shaped like a pepper spray can.

Kings and paupers alike, placed bets for my honor.

They fought to take it away from me.

And the glass slipper I once wore,

Cut into my bleeding feet

As I ran away from my happy ending.

—  inspirationmakesacameo, “Never Ever After”