This man has dedicated his life to patrolling Japan’s lonely cliff-tops to prevent suicides

Japan has one of the highest rates of suicide in the world - but one man has devoted his life to help bring the unfortunate figure down and has saved over 500 lives to date.

Yukio Shige is a 70-year-old retired police officer who told Japan Today that he is the “chotto matte man”: “chotte matte” means “Hold on, wait.”

Every day, Shige patrols the Tojinbo cliffs on the Sea of Japan along with three volunteers, keeping a look out and talking to people contemplating ending their life.

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–For another article in a similar vein, check out this interview with a former California Highway Patrol officer who worked on the Golden Gate Bridge and talked many people out of committing suicide.  The interview is a bittersweet one though, because although he discusses how he helped people, he also discusses some of the times he wasn’t able to help.  -  Facebook