& then we crossed over the Golden Gate!!

It was like a metaphor for me, honestly. When you’re driving up to it, it’s foggy & gives you an almost ominous feeling. but as you start to cross, the feeling you get is unexplainable (at least for me). I can understand why people would choose the golden gate as their last place of life.

but then as you continue to cross, the fog dissipates & you can see the bridge for all that it is. for what’s to come. & that’s kind of like life.

even when it feels like there is no end to your fog, you have to keep going. fog dissipates & you’ll start to see clearer once it does. you’ll see what life has to offer in all of its glory. & thats beautiful.

I wish with all my heart that all those people who chose the golden gate as their last stop in this life would’ve made their way to the other side. the brighter side.