If you have seen any disaster or major action movies over the past few years it will not have escaped your attention that The Golden Gate Bridge has become the new favorite landmark to destroy.

Once upon a time New York was the epicentre of almost all disaster movies but that torch it seems has been passed over to the West Coast of America and what is Arguably the worlds most beloved and most famous Suspension bridge.

So why? Are directors and viewers bored with the Big Apple? Or are we becoming desensitized to it? Could it be that New York has suffered enough in reality and is still sensitive to even implied disaster? 

Perhaps it is more that we have experienced a cultural shift in recent years and the relaxed bohemian image of San Francisco is once again resonating with people, and the destruction thereof has more emotional effect…

Either way it seems as though this trend will continue, that New York can enjoy its reprieve for now and poor San Fran continues to suffer.