He gave a short laugh, almost bitterly. “So. So love and hope blind us all. I thought the flowers were from you, Fitz. A fatuous notion. Instead they are from someone who, long ago, was infautated with the King’s fool. In fatuated, I thought. But like me, she loves where love is not returned.”

fitz you knucklehead

Did you think you could live two lives?

Chade Fallstar to Fitzchivalry Farseer, Royal Assassin

So, I’ve been sitting on this for a few days, and I wanted to pose to the tag what I think is the most sympathetic reading of “Quarrel” that’s ever occurred to me: what if Fitz is jealous?

What if part of his visceral awful reaction to finding out the Fool has a separate life - a separate, full life, which he’s able to keep entirely out of Buckkeep intrigue - is rooted in his deep desire to have such a thing for himself? And his picking at the Fool, and at Amber’s existence, is a means of trying to break it down - to prove to himself that Amber has to be less real, because if he accepts Amber is real, and safe, and separate, then that means Chade was wrong, and if Chade was wrong, that means Fitz’s entire life has been wrong, that means he really could have had Molly and his duty both; it means he ran away for nothing.

As much as I love talking about Fitz’s internalized homophobia (and I still believe that’s part of it), I actually think this is the root of why he’s so angry in that scene. I think it’s a much younger Fitz rearing up and screaming at himself that if he’d only tried a little harder, he could have kept everything.


‘What is the reality, Fool, not what you jest about or allow others to suspect? Who and what are you? What is it you feel for me?’

He looked at me at last. His eyes were stricken. But as I continued to gaze at him, demanding this knowledge, I saw his own anger come to life there. He suddenly stood straight and gave a small huff of disdain, as if unbelieving that I could ask. He shook his head then drew a deep breath. The words rushed out of him in a torrent.

‘You know who I am. I have even given you my true name. As for what I am, you know that, too. You seek a false comfort that I define myself for you with words. Words do not contain or define any person. A heart can, if it is willing. But I fear yours is not. You know more of the whole of me than any other person who breathes, yet you persist in insisting that all of that cannot be me. What would you have me cut off and leave behind? And why must I truncate myself in order to please you? I would never ask that of you. And by those words, admit another truth. You know what I feel for you. You have known it for years. Let us not, you and I, alone here, pretend that you don’t. You know I love you. I always have. I always will.’

—  Fitz and the Fool, Tawny Man, “Golden Fool”
  • Lord Golden:Badgerlock, I have dropped my handkerchief again, bend over and pick it up.
  • Jek:Oh hey Amber!
  • Lord Golden:..... uh
  • Jek:Why're you pretending to be a dude?
  • Lord Golden:......uh
  • Jek:Oh hey look, it's that guy you made the insane figurehead into!
  • Fitz:What?
  • Jek:Oh I get it, you want to BONE him!
  • Fitz:WHAT?
  • Lord Golden:Thanks, Jek. ....Thanks.

Your own boy? by ThereseOfTheNorth

The Prince’s face had gone very still at my words. I sensed a sudden distancing in him but could not perceive the cause until he asked quietly, ‘Your “own boy”?’

His inflection puzzled me. ‘My foster son. Hap. He is apprenticed to a woodworker in Buckkeep Town.’

‘Oh.’ The single word seemed to fade into silence. Then, ‘I did not know you had a son.’

Another RA Thing

…This is actually tied to that same quote I just reblogged and the same parallel chapter in Golden Fool.

Wait did I say parallel?

Please note, dear tag, dear shippers of the tag, that in Royal Assassin, we have Character A (Molly, in this case) coming to the sudden discovery that Character B (Fitz, in this case) has an entirely different life and even a different name, and rather than accepting B’s explanation that his life with A was not a lie, that it was just a different facet of him, A flips out and gets reeeeally fucking angry about it for awhile.

Gosh darn it where have I read this scenario before. It’s almost like the author did that on purpose.


Obtained the japanese version of the Golden Fool (split in three parts). I love the artstyle on the covers! Especially the face of Lord Golden in nr 2. Only wish the artist hadnt made the chest so displayed, considered that its kinda an important point that the Fool doesen’t show their body to anyone, not even Fitz. The face, hair and pose (and the lovely hat) makes up for it though.