50 Harry Potter Themed Asks

1. Hogwarts House?

2: Patronus?

3: Butterbeer, fire whisky, or pumpkin juice

4: Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade?

5: Favorite shop?

6: Your quidditch team?

7: Top five ships?

8: Otp?

9: Notp?

10: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, or Durmstrang?

11: Your wand?

12: Owl, cat, or toad?

13: Character you most identify with?

14: Character you hate for no good reason?

15: Character you would bring back to life?

16: Character you just want to be happy?

17: What does amortentia smell like to you?

18: Favorite Hogwarts class?

19: Least favorite Hogwarts class?

20: Favorite professor?

21: Centaurs, mermaids, or ghosts?

22: Chocolate frogs or Bertie Bott’s?

23: Zonko’s or Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes?

25: The Leaky Cauldron or The Three Broomsticks?

26: Lowkey ships?

27: Favorite Marauder?

28: The Knight Bus or broomstick travel?

29: Unicorns or Thestrals

30: Your go to spell?

31: Quidditch position or spectator?

32: Favorite friendship?

33: Animagus?

34: Wizarding World job?

35: Your broomstick type?

36: Dream Yule Ball date?

37: Gobstones or Wizard Chess?

38: Crookshanks or Pigwidgeon?

39: Potions expert or charms expert?

40: Favorite common room?

41: The Quibbler or The Daily Prophet?

42: Favorite of the Golden Trio?

43: Fantastic Beasts or The Cursed Child?

44: Invisibility cloak, elder wand, or resurrection stone?

45: Favorite minor character?

46: Harris or Gambon?

47: Would you apparate?

48: Favorite book?

49: Favorite movie?

50: Who would your BFF be?

Look what came in the mail today! :D

I love Old Man. Somehow, Phelous has taken this freaking guy and made him into something I can’t even describe. I love the voice he gives him, I enjoy his “Old Man Reads Creepypastas” videos, and anytime he makes a cameo, it makes me laugh.

My friend and I have been bonding over Phelous’ videos for ages now, and Old Man is just one of those elements we get a kick out of. So I ordered a T-shirt for myself and for her. ^w^ I’m so thrilled!

Thank you Phelous, for both creating the shirt design and the laughs! :)

|^| Original |^|

|^| My edit |^|

New artwork for my fic! The original is up top. It’s, of course, a depiction of Belle and (Adam?) or just Beast really lol, at the end of the movie. This image has been going around and it’s not hard to see why. It’s breathtaking and shows Belle in her famous golden ballgown and Beast (I’m just gonna call him Dan Stevens in this whatev) as well in his blue suit with gold trimmings, but human. I love this depiction a lot, especially with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens faces and roles so exquisitely portrayed. 

The first thing I noticed about the art was the proportion of the two main characters. It’s definitely out of proportion, with Belle being much too large around the waist, shoulders, and bust. Dan is a bit out of proportion too, but I think it suits him better. He was a beast, after all, haha. But I’m using these proportions to my advantage and putting this as the new cover image for my own fic: I Have Done It All for You.

Scarlett’s waist in my fic is around 23-27 inches so she would’ve looked something like this. Also, Raphael is a bit brawnier. I changed the color of her dress. I added a bit of rose-gold in there. Tbh, I’ve always hated Belle’s dress. I can’t stand the color yellow, so I added my own touches for Scarlett. I also gave Scarlett her signature brunette hair and blue-green eyes. 

I’m so glad the lovely person who created this piece of artwork realized that Dan Stevens in his natural look is so much hotter and sexier than with that God-awful wig! He looks like Ashley Wilkes! Gross! I always hated (Adam?) in the original movie when he transformed. The red hair didn’t suit him at all. I thought they would let Dan be himself, but apparently not. This artwork is great because it fixes that and lets Dan go natural. This is great because Raphael has dark hair, and Dan Stevens’ original look is what Raphael looks like really. I didn’t even have to do anything to Raphael except make his eyes a bit bluer. “Like sapphires,” as described in my fic.

Overall, I’m proud of how my edit turned out and I enjoyed the new movie thoroughly. So many new followers on the BATB section of! My story’s getting much more popular!

Thanks so much to the original artist of this:!

The Musical Touken Ranbu: Character Lines from the Song “Touken Ranbu”

“Touken Ranbu” is the theme song of the Musical Touken Ranbu franchise, and the lyrics sung by individual characters change according to the character. For characters who have appeared in more than one musical, their individual character lines don’t change. 

Listed below the cut are all the character lyrics (including the romaji lyrics and English translation) that have been sung in all the Musical Touken Ranbu productions thus far, from the “Trial Performance” to “Mihotose no Komoriuta”. 

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1 - Awkward Encounters

a/n: well hello I have no clue if the Newt fam is still alive or what; anyhow I’m still pretty much deep down the rabbit hole so enjoy. Also, this is going to be a series
Word count: 1465

You’ve been walking down the narrow hallway of Hogwarts Express for what seemed like ages. Anywhere you looked, all the cabins were filled up with students already changed into their robes, happily chatting with each other, excitedly sharing their memories about their summer.
You were starting to get worried as you entered the last carriage and still didn’t see an empty place. Sorrow settled upon your face as you neared the end of the train, only four cabins left that you haven’t checked, but the two on the right were quickly excluded, judging by the drawn curtains covering the small windows on the door. However, when you turned to the left, relief washed over you as you laid your eyes on the unoccupied seat.

The three boys that were sitting there looked up curiously as you opened the door. You nervously stood in the doorway and fiddled with the sleeve of your sweater as you examined them with a hint of fear, they just seemed unappealing. Maybe it was the strict and judging look on their faces or the green and silver striped tie firmly tied around their necks that perfectly complimented their neat clothes giving them an almost immaculate appearance.
You took a deep breath in and spoke up: “Uhm…hi?” It came out as more of a question as the expression on their face that only seemed to deteriorate, made all the little confidence you had leave you. They continued to stare at you as you retracted your gaze from them and fixated it on the tip of your shoes instead. “I was wondering if that seat is-”
“Yes it is” spoke a harsh voice abruptly. You lifted your gaze to see who was speaking and when you looked into the coldness of the grey eyes degradingly staring straight at you, you couldn’t help but blush in embarrassment as you withdrew your look from him.
“But-” you started hesitantly.
“It. Is” the same boy interrupted again and with two firm motions, he put his perfectly polished shoe-clad feet up onto the seat.
“I’m sorry, but there’s no place for me to sit” you muttered.
“Oh I’m sure” he was eager to speak up again “that there’s plenty of space next to Creature” he nodded his head to the direction of the very end of the carriage, where the next and last cabin stood.
“Yes, I’m sure that freak will be happy to see you. You two are very much alike as I see” for the first time since you stepped in the three boys’ presence, you heard another voice, and how you wished you didn’t, as the sound of harsh laughs echoed in the small space, following his words. An uneasy feeling settled in your stomach; humiliation was never a thing you have experienced at Ilvermorny with Tina Goldstein at your side. The older sister has built quite a reputation for herself that resulted in no one trying to get in a conflict with her, even at the age of 12.
“Now what are you waiting for? Don’t you see you’re unwelcome here?” the boy asked, still having his feet put up comfortably. He didn’t even bother to look at you as he flicked his wand in your direction and you immediately felt the door pushing you out, trying to close itself. You were quick to step out of the way so it could finally slam shut, just where you were standing. The curtain was also pulled in as the result of the spell but that didn’t do anything about keeping the sound of three rude and loud laughs in.
“Did you hear her accent?” one asked
“It was probably American judging by her filthy pronunciation. Disgusting” came the answer straight away.
You took a deep, shaky breath in, as you looked in the direction of the last cabin. You reached it with two quick steps and looked through the window. Still being under the impact of the previous events you were a little scared of who you’d find inside. One word that had particularly grabbed your attention was ‘creature’. You were curious to find out what they meant by that, but in all honesty, you wouldn’t even care if they kept a dragon in there.
The strange thoughts were soon pushed aside as you took in the sight of the interior and besides the three empy seats that were practically calling your name, a lonely boy caught your eye. Even though there was no one in there except him, he still looked like he was trying to hide away as he sat with his neck pulled in, hunched over a leather bound book. His face was almost fully covered by the auburn waves of his hair, and the small bits that weren’t, showed that his skin was adorned with hundreds of freckles, along with his hand that was rapidly gliding a pencil along the paper.
You slowly pushed the doorhandle, the small movement grabbing his attention instantly, his emerald green eyes flicking to meet yours just to be drawn away a second later.
“Hello” you started quietly “would you mind if I sat here?”
He lifted his head again, his curious eyes settling on your face studying your features. He furrowed his brows for a second as if he was trying to recall if he’s ever seen you. For a second he seemed to be completely lost in his thoughts, eyes repeatedly scanning over you, but ever so carefully avoiding meeting yours. Even though it probably didn’t last more than a few seconds you were starting to get uncomfortable and as the thought of just leaving and sitting in the hallway emerged in your head he averted his eyes from you, back to his lap before he spoke “No… I don’t mind”
A grin broke out on your face “Thank you! I was staring to get worried that I really wouldn’t find anywhere to sit” as an answer he briefly looked up to acknowledge that you were now sitting opposite to him before looking back to the new page he just turned his book to. You took this as a subtle hint to not to disturb him anymore so you reached into your bag to pull your own book out. You laid your reading in your lap while you dived back in into the Ilvermorny marked bag you always carried around. The boy seemed to be interested in the matter of the rustling and when you finally pulled out your trusty hair pin you found him silently studying the front cover.
“It’s an amazing book. I’m only halfway in but I can tell you it’s the best I’ve ever read” slowly, as if not sure if he should speak he opened his mouth “Is that” he looked back once again at the golden-lined beast swirling around on the the navy covered book “Is that a real creature?”
“Of course it is! It’s a Thunderbird. The most magnificent animal to ever exist” you grinned enthusiastically as you watched his face light up with interest.
“You never heard ‘bout it?” you questioned unbelievingly. You could barely see the indistinct shake of his head “How could you not?!”
“I guess it’s not native in Europe” he muttered under his breath.
“You Brits! What’s even native here then?” you had a smirk playing on your lips, though you were trying to hide it with more or less success as you took in his flustered appearance.
“We uh—” he looked around the cabin, a faint blush spreading from his specked face to paint his ears a matching red; he was never a person to talk this much to a stranger, let alone one this friendly. “We have Nifflers for example” he smiled bashfully, looking down at his finger that he tucked in between the pages of the half-closed notebook peacefully resting in his lap, his other hand occasionally tapping the leather with the muggle pencil his father had gotten him after spilling his third bottle of ink in two weeks.
“Now what the hell is that?” you asked, confused. He lifted his eyes to meet yours once more before carefully opening the journal and flipping it so you could take a good view of a very messy sketch of what seemed like a long-snouted rat. You smiled as you set the adventure novel down beside you on the seat and looked back at him “Well…” your sentence quickly came to a halt as you had no idea what his name was, eyes boring into various parts of his body until he got the hint.
“Oh…I’m Newt. Newt Scamander” he answered your silent question with a faint lopsided smile.
“Well Newt” you leaned forward to rest your head in your hand “tell me more about these Nifflers”



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