My hollowed eyeballs
Sink deeper into my bones
Looking inward at my own flesh
I see the little god in me
Budding outward, and I
Breathe out to feed its unformed petals
The stem lengthen and strengthen
Through these black lashes
jutting out in arches

Like golden half-moon structures
Leading to the starry city
A mini divinity sitting on sunflowers.

Breathing in the fumes of my tea
I find my center in the corner of a wall.

—  Jenn Satsune
Valentine’s Day Sentence Starters

Mixed Starters :: Cute :: Fluffy :: Valentine’s Day Gone Wrong.

  1. “Who needs a date on valentine’s day when I have you?”
  2. “Our waiter is so hot.”
  3. "No, you have fun with your date. Don’t let my being stood up stop you.”
  4. “Oh, my god… the babysitter just cancelled on us! how are we supposed to go on the date now?”
  5. “Valentine’s day is my favorite holiday! I know it’s lame but I can’t help it. I’m a hopeless romantic. there, I said it.”
  6. “We’re going Dutch, right?”
  7. “Tell me that’s not my ex over there.”
  8. “What do you mean you’re at the restaurant across town?”
  9. “You’re literally the worst when it comes to being romantic.”
  10. “Babe, you know I love you, but… last time you cooked me a meal, I ended up in hospital. can’t we just go out for dinner…?”
  11. “Nobody said anything about this being a cover band!”
  12. “Um… yeah, these are really nice and all, but I’m allergic to roses.”
  13. Tthis is the worst valentine’s surprise ever! were you trying to scare me to death?!”
  14. “Oh my– are you proposing?!”
  15. “Do you think my secret admirer might finally reveal themselves today?”
  16. “Valentine’s day is such a scam of a holiday… it’s so stupid! I hate it.”
  17. “We’re eating out at the Golden Arches!”
  18. “We’re going to do anti-valentine’s day this year. we’re going to go out and do all of the least romantic date ideas ever, just to stick it to the man.”
  19. “I can’t believe I’m actually at a wedding on valentine’s day. what a lame cliché.”
  20. “Does this have caramel in it? I’m allergic to caramel!”
  21. “How was I supposed to know there would be a bee in the bouquet?!”
  22. “This is not a proposal!”
  23. “I shaved my legs for this?”
  24. “My boss told me I have to work late.”
  25. “I didn’t realize these tickets were for the nosebleed section.”
  26. “Um, I tried to buy some sexy underwear, but I think they sent me the wrong size…”
  27. “That movie was awful.”
  28. “You can’t seriously be proposing right now? on valentine’s day? couldn’t you have thought of something a little more original than that?”
  29. “Something has been nibbling on these chocolates.”
  30. “Um, I know this is really cliché and all, but it’s valentine’s day and I just wanted to say… I really like you.”
  31. “I’m going to be stuck at work for a little longer… I’m sorry, I know it’s our date tonight…”
  32. “I forgot to make reservations.”
  33. “I am not going to be your fake-date to this party.”
  34. “I wish I could do more for you today but I’m really broke…”
  35. “I love them and all, but their poetry is so bad! they’ve written seven love poems just for today.”
  36. “So… can I assume you don’t have a date tonight either?”
  37. “Olive Garden is not fine dining!”
  38. “I’m really sorry my dog peed on your good shoes.”
  39. “I didn’t forget that it was valentine’s day! I swear! your present is just… it’s somewhere else.”
  40. “What do you mean these diamonds are fake?”
  41. “We’re out of condoms.”



It includes Jesus, to the Kardashians, to Trump, to the Ka’bah, to the Golden Arches of McDonalds, to money and tax, to basketball related stuff, to guns, alcohol, to Muslim women praying, to Hookah, Dome of the Rock.

do you see the amount of things it tackles? just in ONE header? the world NEEDS this right now, and it couldn’t be timed better.

Wings: Preen

Request: I am absolutely in love with anything having to do with the reader’s ability to see Gabe’s wings (aka soulmate fics!) Would you maybe consider doing a Winchester!reader fic like that?

A/N: I’ve read a lot of these, so I decided to take a different approach. There will be a part two!

Author: Holly

Warnings: Light swearing

Characters: Y/N, Gabriel, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 2,371

Y/N = Your Name

Part One: Preen

            Your twin brother Adam grew up with you in Michigan, and you only saw your father once a year – twice, if you were incredibly lucky. As you grew up, you stayed close out of concern for the increasingly-erratic behavior of your mother. You made plans to meet up again and take time off to stay with her.

            You never saw either of them again, because by the time you had returned to your hometown, your mother and brother had both been eaten alive by ghouls. Sam and Dean pulled you out of the infested house in the nick of time, and since then, you traveled with them. Your hunting, however, left some to be desired – you hadn’t had your entire life to practice.

            The desire to keep you alive was what made them relax their anti-archangel rules in a special exception for Gabriel. The archangel would ride with you on long trips in the Impala on occasion, and he would pop in for at least a quick minute once you’d found a hotel. You’d text and he’d send you photographs of the most beautiful places in the world that you wished you had the money and the safety to go see.

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not all managers are demons. but some are demon warriors!

So a little while ago, I worked at a popular fast food chain known for these golden arches to hell. Anyway, I was on the night shift and I despised the manager and the customers. Most of the customers were coming home from the bars, or high. So they were really nasty, rude and one actually waited in the parking lot for me. I had refunded him his money but refused to give him his food and he pitched a fit about it. Then threatened to follow me home.

My manager wouldn’t call the police (or let me either)  during that incident and I ended up hiding in the restaurant til nearly seven in the morning when he finally gave up and went home. This manager was just awful, they mostly stayed in the office, eating a sandwich and the fries all the time while they slowly did paperwork and other manager duties. Never helping me with any midnight rushes or anything. The manager was also gay and very proud of it, (which isn’t bad. I’m bisexual myself) But, like, he was constantly putting straight and bi people down, talking shit about other employees, and always fighting about politics. He also wouldn’t let me listen to my own music, insisting we listen to his, and he’d blast it really loud to where I couldn’t understand customers or him a lot. And on top of that, he was constantly talking about all of his mental disorders to excuse his laziness. in short, he was a very unprofessional manager, and I dreaded going to work every time.

After a while, I got sick of it and filed a complaint with the GM, who listened intently and told me he was sorry I was putting up with that and he would talk to the manager. So, a few days later, I come into work and am surprised to see a different manager. This time, a girl probably no older than 18 (she had to of been at least 18 to have that position anyway!) but she looked much younger. Anyway, she says she was the new night shift manager and i went about my normal duties.

This…girl…was…AWESOME. she helped with cleaning duties, was very patient when training new people and would help with the piles and piles of dishes. The evening manager sucked ass and would leave us with a lot of stuff. But, the night manager was super awesome about helping out and dealing with the more difficult customers. Calmly giving them the corporate numbers they demanded (and making notes as to what REALLY happened during those bad interactions)

A lot of the customers who came in at night (mostly men) would try to bully her, because she was so young looking. but she had none of their shit. I don’t think she raised her voice more than three times while we worked, but when she did, they would totally cower away in fear and run away with their tails between their legs. I totally looked up to her. Things definitely changed for the better. I wish I could say that she stuck around and shaped the store up, but after nine months, she quit her job and moved away. And a few months later, I quit and got a job elsewhere that didn’t make me want to tear my hair out.

Well, last summer, I was at a well known theme park in Orlando, and guess who I ran into there? my freaking awesome manager. She apparently had gone to culinary school ,did an internship and scored a job as a chef in one of their best restaurants. Super proud of that girl. I follow her on instagram, and learned she actually has been dealing with depression and anxiety. her job as a manager really pushed her to her limits. So, one day, she decided she had enough and that she did not want to work with the general public. so she had moved to a whole different area, and changed herself. All I’m saying is, that even though she struggled a lot internally, she didn’t let that affect her life or bring it with her to her job. She acted professionally and didn’t bring other people down


one black coffee, please

In which Class 1-A takes a roadtrip and Aizawa has had enough.

~500 words, based on this

Aizawa was never quite sure who had started the chant.

All he knew was that, three hours into a class roadtrip, someone had spotted a pair of golden arches over a copse of trees.

And then it all went to shit, really.

That was about…thirty seconds ago. Now, a rhythmic chant of “McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds!” echoed through the van, fists pounding on the seats, the windows, hell, even the ceiling, beating a steady tempo.

Aizawa did not need this.

His dry eye had been especially bothersome lately and he was already feeling ill from the motion of the van, not to mention the migraine.

The beat suddenly spiked in volume. Glancing into the rearview mirror, Aizawa saw Jirou’s audio jacks plugged in.


What a lovely addition to the din.

Iida and Yaoyorozu appeared to be trying to calm everyone down–they really had been good choices for class officers–but it didn’t seem to be having much effect. Midoriya was somehow sleeping through the chaos, head cushioned on Todoroki’s shoulder.

All Might looked up from his book, sitting calmly in the passenger’s seat.

“It can’t hurt to take a quick detour, can it?” he asked.

Aizawa scowled.

If these kids wanted to stop by McDonald’s…

He would stop by McDonald’s.

The screaming had only gotten more frenetic the closer he had gotten to the fast food joint. The second he flicked his turn signal on to exit the highway (because he was a proper driver who did proper things like use his fucking blinker), it had gotten so loud that Midoriya had momentarily woken up.

But that was fine. They were almost there, and once they were there, they would all shut up for a blessed minute.

Aizawa pulled up to the drivethrough, where a tinny voice filled with false cheer asked what his order was.

He gave the kids a second to let the shouted orders die down before making very deliberate eye contact with each and every one of them in the rearview mirror.

Then, he leaned out of the window, and said, in the most polite voice he could manage with a migraine like a herd of elephants pounding through his skull and eyes drier than the Sahara, “One black coffee, please.”

The van went silent, save for Midoriya’s soft snores.

It stayed that way, the kids all shooting each other glances, as if wondering if this was all some prank and at the pickup window they would be showered in cheap burgers and fries anyway.

The window opened, and Aizawa recieved a single small black coffee, and then he thanked the worker very nicely.

No burgers. No fries.

He rolled the window up and drove away, getting back on the highway and up to the speed limit before taking a sip.

Absolutely disgusting. A true cup of McDonald’s coffee.

Peering into the rearview mirror at the suspiciously quiet kids, a small smile spread across Aizawa’s lips at the expresions of pure shock.

And then–the screaming started again.

Oh well.

It had been nice while it lasted, he reflected, pouring the shitty coffee out of the van window.


February 16th 1909: Richard McDonald born

On this day in 1909, the co-founder of the McDonald’s fast food chain was born in Manchester, New Hampshire. Richard and his brother Maurice established the first McDonald’s in 1948 in California, and the restaurant became a franchise in 1953. The iconic Golden Arches were included in the restaurant designs at the suggestion of Richard McDonald. The brothers did not want to expand the chain too much, and only desired a small number of restaurants. Others, however, had bigger dreams for McDonald’s. In 1961, Ray Kroc bought the company from the brothers for $2.7 million and transformed the restaurant chain into a corporation. The business expanded from there, and in 1984 Richard was served the ceremonial 50 billionth McDonald’s hamburger. What began as a humble burger joint in the 1940s is now a corporate behemoth with a presence in 119 countries around the world. With around 68 million customers per day, McDonald’s draws huge profits - in 2012 its annual revenues were $27.5 billion. Maurice McDonald died in 1971 aged 69, and his brother Richard died in 1998 aged 89. The brothers began with a dream of becoming millionaires; they most certainly achieved this.

No pie for your spawn!

This happened several years ago, when I was chaperoning a young man with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (let’s call him S) to and from speech therapy. S was using a PECS book for communication. (For those unfamiliar, PECS stands for Picture Exchange Communication System, and the PECS book is a binder full of pictorial representations of objects, persons, actions, etc., attached by a self-adhesive hook-and-loop fasteners, which are used to build a sentence on a detachable sentence strip. User builds a simple sentence -a request or a statement - and hands it to a communication partner. These day PECS books have been replaced by digital devices - like I mentioned this was a wile back.) It became a custom of ours to stop at the Golden Arches for a meal after the therapy. The place was quite busy, and as we waited in line, we used the time to for S to prepare a sentence strip with his order.

Enter a mother of 5, with her brood in tow. Woman with a “can-I-speak-to-the-manager” haircut begun making loud remarks about how slow the service was (it was not, by the way, there was just a lot of customers in store and a drive-through line was wrapped around the building). Her eldest kid, a girl of about 10-11, whined in turns about the wait, and about wanting an apple pie. When it was our turn to order, S gave his sentence strip to the cashier who read it back and entered it into register. And as all of this was taking place, I heard the “R” word from the whiny girl. Something to the likes of “Ugh! That retarded kid is taking soooooo long to order!”. I saw red. I looked at the mother, and she did nothing, did not say anything to her kid, did not look ashamed in the slightest. Nothing! I kept staring, but she was just avoiding looking at me. I guess in her mind, there’s nothing wrong with her kid calling someone with disability a retard.

So, I did, what any reasonable person would do, I purchased 23 apple pies. Why 23, you ask? Because that’s all they had available. If the spawn of hers wanted an apple pie, she’d have to wait for a fresh batch. S and I got seated in a booth with a good view of the registers, and oh joy, it turned out the restaurant did not have any more apple pies. Mother was fuming, and I felt bad for the staff, but the manager handled it quickly with a coupon offer, and her kids were hungry and whiny, so she gave up the fight, and they all went to seat down. They were shooting me angry looks from across the restaurant, to which I responded with a wide smile, because the faze 2 of my petty revenge had just occurred to me. After our meal, I had S build a sentence on his sentence strip that asked “Do you want apple pie?” (Not the most polite way to ask, but PECS book had its limitations) and we made our way from table to table asking it to diners and handing out pies, as I explained about S’ condition and this being a good exercise in communication and social interactions for him. Everyone was responding kindly, smiling and high-fiving, overall very nice experience for S. When we were down to the last pie, I decided to keep for myself, because there was only our favorite family of 6 left, and heavens know, they were not getting a crumb. As we walked past, the mother went “Excuse me, my daughter would like a pie”. The audacity! So I got the box out the bag, looked the woman square in the eyes and said “I know”. Then I opened it, took a big bite, went “mmmmm”, and we walked out of the place. Very petty, but very, very satisfying.


Watch this gameplay reveal trailer for Shadow of War. Here’s a short list of things that have been revealed:

- Multiple locations inside and beyond Mordor are accessible. Osgiliath, Minas Ithil/Morgul, the Gorgoroth plains, the Nurnen seaside, mountainous Seregost and the path of Cirith Ungol.
- Fire breathing drakes are available as mounts
- The armies you fight and command are composed of both Uruk (orc) and Olog (troll) warriors, and the warchiefs and bosses can be of either species.
- Every part of the mission depicted is supposedly dynamic, from the name and species of the commanders on either side, to their history as supporters/opponents/betrayers of eithet Sauron or Talion/Celebrimbor. Even the throne rooms of the overlords are supposed to change dynamically with their interests.
- Conquering a fortress apparently changes the architecture into a mock-elvish style with golden arches and attempts at beautification. Celebrimbor was probably serious when he said he would redeem Mordor and the Orcs.
- The characters you put in command of your army can betray you, cheat death, come to your rescue. And they probably react to whether or not you promote them for their deeds.

I do wonder if they’re trying to still set this game in the canon of the books and movies, at least nominally. Mordor and Gondor are at war almost constantly between the Hobbit and LOTR, so I suppose this is the conflict that’s being depicted.

anonymous asked:

How do you tell Vincent and Leonard apart?

ah, a lot of folks have trouble telling them apart, but you gotta understand, these are my babies! I can tell them apart blindfolded (and in fact I do tell them apart in the middle of the night all the time, due to fur texture and behavior). So there’s not really any way that I tell them apart, I just can do so because I’ve known them almost their whole lives. But here’s a crash course of how they differ:

Vincent (left)

  • Fur is a deeper black
  • Fewer light markings
  • Light markings are bright white and very contrasted with his black fur
  • Has a white tail tip
  • Has a distinct white marking on his neck and chest
  • No white on his butt (backside of hind legs), not much fluff on butt either
  • Slightly bigger than Leonard
  • Narrower face
  • Shorter fur with a wiry texture
  • Has white underfur, so if you brush him counter to the grain you’ll see bright white fur
  • More pronounced neck flap
  • Longer claws (we’re filing them down, but they just seem to grow faster or wear down less than Leonard’s)
  • Mostly black face with two distinct white marks on the cheeks that make him look like a Canada Goose
  • Small pinprick “eyebrows” that give him a much more severe expression than Leonard
  • A total grumpus
  • Sighs and grumbles a lot
  • Whines when he hears annoying noises or if you’re not giving him enough attention
  • Will sit on you
  • Very stubborn
  • Barks a lot and is very vigilant, very ‘guard dog’
  • Despite his size, his bark is kinda high pitched and always sounds like he’s straining his voice
  • Tends to not pant too much and when he does it’s pretty quiet
  • Lazy tail wagger, tends to only wiggle it or wag it slowly a couple times
  • Likes to curl up into a tight ball like a cat
  • Pretends he doesn’t want attention but does and will stare daggers at you until you come over to pet him
  • Knows the treats are in the pantry and so will repeatedly run over to it at random times just in the off chance you might decide to give him a treat
  • The couch is his, he just lets us sit on it during the day

Leonard (right)

  • Fur is lighter black, almost dark brown
  • Many light markings
  • Light markings are golden tan and blend into his black fur
  • Fully black tail
  • Golden markings all over face, neck, and chest
  • Fluffy white fur on his butt
  • Slightly smaller than Vincent
  • Broader face
  • Longer fur with a soft, fluffy texture
  • Barely any neck flap
  • Face has a lot of golden markings, giving him an overall lighter and easy to spot face
  • Distinct golden markings on top of his head
  • Large golden arch “eyebrows” that make him look confused all the time
  • A big, silly goofball
  • Easily excitable
  • Spins around in a circle when excited but nowhere to run (I call it the Dognado)
  • “Talks” when you first get home or wake up but aren’t giving him enough attention (always the same “phrase” like “Roh-roh-roh”
  • Won’t sit on you (because he can never figure out how, but he’s tried)
  • Will 100% step on your feet
  • Not very stubborn
  • Doesn’t bark that much, usually only when Vincent isn’t there or in extreme situations (stranger way too close to the house or if something is keeping Vincent from barking)
  • Bark is much deeper and more forceful than Vincent’s
  • Pants a lot and very loudly, you may need to turn up the TV if he’s sitting next to you
  • Champion tail wagger, wags so fast you think it’ll fall off
  • Will wag his tail if you so much as look in his direction
  • If you’re walking in the dark in the middle of the night and hear thumping, that’s Leonard and his wagging tail
  • Will sometimes wait outside the bathroom or bedroom for you to come out
  • Will sometimes just sit in the dead center of the room and look around in wonderment
  • If you look at him, make eye contact, or even just give the impression you might pet him, he will run over to you at the speed of sound (and step on your feet)
  • Has a Skylanders pillow that he loves very very much and will lick it whenever he gets excited (he will not play tug of war with it)
  • If he’s very excited, he’ll carry the pillow around with him for easy access
  • Licks everything and everyone all the time

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Fuck other customers. Stopped at the golden arches inside wally world to get food for the spawn. Bf stood in line while I kept the crotch nugget entertained, and 2 teenagers cut in line before he could order. Props to the cashier who was super annoyed and did her best to ignore them and take the bf's order, but the 2 teens started yelling their order over his. Cashier ended up offering him a free burger for the inconvenience, but he declined since it wasn't their fault.