Fuck customers, and bless customers

Today at the golden arches we had a man come in, claiming that his order had been made incorrectly at the drive-thru, and he had come inside so that we “hopefully wouldn’t fuck it up this time”. We made it again, exactly as it was printed on his receipt (which, oddly enough, was how it had been made the first time) because that was “how he wanted it”. He started screaming about how we were all morons and idiots, and we had made his order wrong twice. Well, sir, you were the one who said that it had been rung up correctly. He read his receipt to “prove us wrong” and then started screaming that we were overcharging him and he wanted a refund. Everyone was staring, because of course this happened during a rush, and even the people at the drive-thru were looking at this man in disbelief.

The manager gave him the refund and he demanded that we make his food for free. The manager began to explain that she couldn’t allow that and he continued to scream about how he “owned a fucking company”, “none of his employees were this fucking stupid”, and “he was going to get our asses fired”. At this point, three of the other customers stepped in, telling this guy to leave because he was being an asshole, and he started screaming at them too, telling them that we were useless and “couldn’t even get a single fucking order right”, claiming that he had 300 employees in his company and he came to order for them. Really? This guy had 3 meals and some value menu items, hardly enough for 300 people.

Eventually, after continuing to scream at my tiny manager, every single employee, (the girl on drive-thru came up front to help get orders out, and the grill team was visible from the counter) and most of the customers, this guy threatened to punch the manager and fight the customers standing up for her.

At this point, one of the grill members poked his head out and said he was calling the police. The guy turned to him and screamed “Call whoever the fuck you want! I don’t give a shit!” He stormed out after that, so obviously, sir, you did care. My manager went into the office after this and called the police to make sure that the man had actually left the property and wasn’t going to return. As soon as she hung up, she started to cry.

The three customers who had stood up for her waited by the counter for her to come out (she was only back there for less than a minute, her face was still red but she wouldn’t give herself more time because it was still busy) and they told her that she had handled the situation well and went to sit down. Even after the cop showed up and subsequently left because the man had gone, the three customers stayed in the lobby to make sure the guy didn’t return.

Honestly, if my manager decides to quit after this, I’m 100% behind her. This isn’t the first time that she’s been screamed at, but this is the first time it’s brought her to tears. And I have never, ever, heard a customer threaten to hit an employee here.

Golden arch tears

I’m so over this job. I just worked three and a half hours straight in front of the grill. And now. Just now got my break. But hey. It’s okay. the two people folding sandwiches are too busy putting mustard on a bun. The three bagging food can’t read the huge screen of which food for in what bag to turn off a loud beeping frier. But hey the other two at the windows are okay. They are taking orders and passing out food. But it’s not like we have over forty employees. Hahahaha. Yeah thanks MD for the job. Or should I say getting a taste of the hot fiery flames of hell. Did I mention I almost didn’t get a break. Yeah thanks.

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Shout out to the cashier guy at the Golden Arches who was patient as fuck with me even though it was 3am and I was half unconscious and barely able to string together a coherent sentence cause I'd just got off work!And thank you for throwing in an apple pie even though I didn't have the money for it,it was a nice surprise on the walk back home!