golden heart

Golden Heart

Heimdall x Reader Request Fic

For @littlepurplechipmunk . Request fic for Heimdall based on this Ask. Hope it’s what you wanted, darling!

Pairing: Heimdall x Reader  | Word Count: 2170
Warnings: None

Whoa… that’s one big dude!

Such was the first thought to cross your brain upon seeing the giant warrior dressed in golden armor, horns like that of a bull adorning his helmet, and eyes unlike anything you’d ever seen before. He stood with Thor and Steve, seeming to dwarf the two men of whom you’d always thought larger than life and all before them. But this man, this giant of a man, was massive.

Wow he’s pretty, was thought number two.

His skin was beautiful and dark, looking to be smooth and soft. Still, you imagined there were many a scar upon his body beneath all that armor. He appeared to you as the night, skin so dark and eyes like stars, but he was wrapped in the sun in that golden armor.

“(Y/N)!” Steve called out, breaking you from your musings. “Come meet Heimdall.”

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Golden Heart

Chapter Two

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Pairing: Heimdall x Reader  |  Word Count: 2686
Warnings: Smexy (so so smexy! Lol)

Three weeks.

That’s how long you’d been waiting for Heimdall to make his damn move.

Three godforsaken weeks!

Since that day in the lounge when he’d kissed you, touched you in ways you never known were possible, the big lug had done nothing more than that. He would lift you up onto the nearest raised surface, kiss you breathless, saying things which left you hot, bothered, and more than raring to go, but it always ended at touches and kissing.

The man had the most amazing hands, but if he didn’t put those babies to work on something other than the outside of your clothes soon, you were liable to burst into flames.

Today, however, you had other pressing matters to attend to. You were a paper pusher for the Avengers, but as such you often got dragged into meetings with the brass as your memory, a nearly photographic one, had you recalling data with a precision rarely seen outside a computer.

Normally your work attire consisted of slacks, flats, and a fitted top beneath a light jacket, but, faced with all the higher ups, you’d dressed to impress. The pencil skirt was your favorite, a stunning deep red which made you feel powerful when paired with seamed stockings and tall black pumps. The height of the heels lifted your ass and gave a shape to your legs you adored, but the shoes often did in your feet when you had to be on them all day. Luckily, the meeting was set to be only a few hours, and you would be seated throughout most of it.

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realised i havent drawn gabe on his own for a while so had 2 fix that