golden waltz

Leon Draisaitl #1

So I wrote this little thing a bit ago during some boring night with my baby Leon on my mind. It was 100% inspired by this prompt list , and I wouldn’t mind any requests either from that list or anything in general involving the NHL and the dreamy players. Hope y’all enjoy!! 

Word Count: 1,066

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz. The faint sound became louder as you heavy eyes squinted open. You caught sight of the screen and saw Leon’s name across the top. You hummed and slide your finger across the screen, bringing the phone to your ear but not moving another inch. You were way too comfy to ruin whatever position you had on the couch.

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Emmett Cullen imagine requested by anon! “Hello, lovely! I want to request an imagine in which the reader is Bella’s older sister and she starts working at Forks hospital with Carlisle as her boss. One day at work Emmett goes to the hospital to say something to Carlisle, and he meets the reader. They both have awkward reactions like ‘damn he/she is hot’ and then they start having a flirty conversation, until he promises her to visit other day” Hope you like it!

There was a surplus of stable, peaceful occupations in Forks, Washington. Even working in the emergency room, you found your days occupied not in broken femurs or bloody accidents, but in rearranging office supplies in the many monochromatic containers scattered about the reception desk. It wasn’t that there was no action in the town; sure, some of the teens came in with concussions and every now and then a woman would give birth, but it was about as far from the hustling chaos of hospitals you were accustomed to. The days filtered in through the windows, sunshine streaked with gray, diluted by the waterlogged clouds drifting lazily through the sky. Your shifts seemed hours longer than you anticipated. It was quiet, most days, and rather tedious. No one in town was reckless enough to need stitches, which, essentially, rendered your coworkers and yourself useless.

Bella provided most of your entertainment. Your little sister could be counted on for scrapes, bruises, broken bones, blood loss, fainting spells, anything… and she always managed to do it herself. She had recently found herself stuck between her truck and an oncoming van, which was quite the experience at the office. It finally gave your coworkers the opportunity to stretch their legs. To say you didn’t panic was a lie; your little sister could have been mush on the sidewalk. She could have had to be scraped off the side of that God-awful Crowley kid’s car. Somehow, she managed to escape with no more than a bump on the head. Leave it to Bella to find trouble in Forks. She was your most frequent flier out of all of the townspeople. Bella sliced her finger chopping onions. Bella fell down a flight of stairs and sprained her ankle. Bella attempted to walk like a regular bipedal human and ended up bruising her tailbone. Most days you were able to drive her home when your shift ended. Charlie was never surprised.

Bella offered more than just an excuse to practice medicine; her relationship with your boss’ son allowed for rather liberal small talk. While most of the nursing staff was fawning over Doctor Cullen’s inconceivable good looks and chattering away to each other about how desperately they wanted him to leave his equally beautiful wife, you were able to see him as your sister’s boyfriend’s father. Not that you would have made a move if Bella hadn’t snagged Edward. Carlisle wasn’t… like that to you. He didn’t fit that mental image. Something about him was far too… old for your liking. He couldn’t have been older than twenty-five, but his manner of speaking was practically ancient. There was charm, of course, but it was so entirely respectful that it couldn’t have possibly been bred of this era. As one of the few members of your lazy organization who wasn’t trying to woo him and the only member whose sister visited regularly (both the hospital and the Cullen family home), he tended to gravitate to your side. Outside of Edward, Esme, and Rosalie, you hadn’t met the rest of his family quite yet. If they were anything like Bella described and anywhere near as glorious as Carlisle, you were sure you’d get along just fine.

You were seated behind the reception desk, absentmindedly toying with the filing cabinets hidden by your feet. Leafing through patient files was technically illegal, but since you weren’t reading anything on said files, you considered this pass-time appropriate. You’d misplace a manila folder to force yourself to reorganize the entire bin, you’d drag your thumb over the bindings to create the dullest form of music ever to grace the human ear, anything to make the clock move faster. While you were in the process of maintaining your sanity, a stranger had rested his forearms on the counter, awaiting your attention. By the time you noticed him, he was already smirking, amused by your mindless movements. His skin was pale, but nowhere near sickly. Your first thought was that he was visiting someone in the ward, but you were fresh out of patients. Your eyes connected with his, and upon seeing the melted butterscotch of his irises, you understood; this was one of the doctor’s sons. Working solely off of Bella’s description, you attempted to identify the smirking stranger. Your gaze dropped to his hulking form, the thick bands of muscle wrapped around his neck and shoulders giving him away almost instantly. Bella had spoken quite frequently of Edward’s monster truck of a brother before, and the first few words from between his blushing lips sealed your assessment in concrete.

“Having fun, princess?” He grinned, a wicked, mischievous grin, his amber eyes sparkling with intrigue. “Sorry, am I interrupting? I just thought I’d introduce myself. It’s not often I run into someone as beautiful as you are. I’m-” You cut him off, meeting his hand over the surface of the counter, his icy skin matching his father’s to a tee. If you hadn’t been so familiar with this supposed lack of circulation, you likely would have been alarmed. You’d probably admit him, actually. He was cold as clay.

“Emmett Cullen. I’m Y/n, Bella’s sister. She’s told me a lot about you. Nice to finally match a face to a name.” Emmett raised his brow, his teeth snagging his lower lip as his eyes raked over your face.

“Well, Bella left out a few details when she told us about you. I didn’t think you’d be so…” His voice trailed off, his hands clenching and circling as he attempted to find the proper wording to describe you. “So… unbelievably attractive. I mean, you’re…” He shook his head, watching you roll your eyes in mock frustration. Your heart was hammering in your chest at the very thought of charming this stunning man. If you hadn’t known any better, you could have sworn he could hear it too. There was something about the way his eyes flickered to your cheeks to check your blush that had you believing your pulse was as deafening to him as it was to you.

“Be still, my heart,” you whispered, sarcasm seeping through every syllable. Emmett threw his head back, filling the near-silent waiting room with sounds a hospital rarely encounters. His bellowing laughter ricocheted from the colour-cleached walls, his lips pursing as he contained his humour. “You’re quite the charmer. But… you’re not here to slide me pick-up lines, are you?” He opened his mouth to speak, his eyes shimmering with his next attempt at your heart, but your conversation was interrupted by the opening of the emergency room doors. Carlisle, in his pale golden glory, waltzed through, his gait as fluid as if he were dancing to your desk. His hand smoothed over the counter, unintentionally calling attention to the identical complexion he shared with his adopted son. Come to think of it, Edward’s skin was exactly the same colour of unrealistic white. Not… cadaverous, but not exactly healthy either. Carlisle offered a smile, his face illuminating with genuinity.

“I see you’ve met my son. I hope he’s been behaving himself,” the doctor’s voice hushed on the last word, his eyes drilling into Emmett’s as if to test his resolve like a parent staring down a child they know has lied. Emmett smirked, reconnecting with your gaze.

“It’s a shame we didn’t meet sooner. We should have her over for dinner sometime.“ He winked, licking his lips seductively. Carlisle sighed, the breath rushing from his lungs at his son’s blatantly sexual bravado.

“Emmett, that’s… hardly appropriate,” there was the typical reverb of authority in Carlisle’s voice, but something about the way in which he spoke his son’s name made you think he was used to this sort of social breach. Almost like Carlisle had no power to control his son’s manners, like he wouldn’t even bother attempting to redirect the course of the conversation. You hardly minded.

“I’d love to meet the rest of your family. Bella’s been saying such great things,” you added, hoping to somewhat neutralize the situation. Emmett winked, leaning his heavily muscled arm against the counter, leaning in your direction. Carlisle offered a smile, stiffer than you were accustomed to, coming from him.

“Yes, we’ve heard much of you as well. Unfortunately, my son Jasper,” he made very distinct eye contact with Emmett, who ground his teeth in defeat. “Has taken rather ill. He’s in no shape to be seeing anyone. Perhaps some other time?” You nodded slowly, returning the doctor’s friendly grin. He rubbed his hands together, parting his lips to speak. Before any sound was released, his son’s voice was filtering through the air.

“Just the two of us, then.” You blinked, quite dimly, unable to respond to Emmett’s so obvious proposal. He chuckled under his breath, his honey eyes glinting beneath the florescents. “I can pick you up later on tonight, if you’re game. I’m sure Carlisle could let you go an hour early.” It slipped passed your mind how odd it was for Emmett to be addressing his father by his first name, but to be honest, your thoughts were otherwise occupied. Your eyes flashed to Carlisle, silently asking his permission, prompting a quick surrender.

“That’s fine, Emmett. Y/n, I can have you out by seven, no earlier. We have a couple coming in for an induction, I’ll need you.” He turned to face his son, whose smile lit the blood in your veins aflame as easily as if your heart had been pumping gasoline. “Not too late. We’re heading out early tomorrow morning.” Emmett smiled, his teeth gleaming dangerously.

“Will do. I’ll see you,” he pointed a finger in your direction, backing away from the counter, his features morphing somewhat to display his confident excitement, “at seven. Oh, and Carlisle,” he paused, redirecting his gaze, his hands still raised in the air, this time aimed in his father’s general direction. “Alice says six tomorrow.” Carlisle nodded subtly, bidding his son farewell. Emmett caught your eye one last time before ducking through the door, winking conspicuously before racing off towards an intimidating jeep. You could have been imagining it, or perhaps you were overtired, but it seemed like his figure had blurred just before he reached the driver’s side door. You had no idea what you’d gotten yourself into, but as Emmett drove away, leaning heavily on his horn, you were sure you’d have the time of your life. And dinner sounded great… even if it meant something else entirely to your date.

The Golden Waltz


  • Viennese Waltz ¾


  • 62 measures of 3 beats per minute


  • Optional


  • The time required to skate 2 sequences is 1:58 min

Side to Start

  • First steps started on side opposite judges stand

“The Golden Waltz is a complex dance incorporating many new positions not previously used in Pattern Dances i.e. “Spread Eagle” etc.

It is danced with long edges, interspersed with three-turns and twizzles and dancers require extra control because of the intricate nature of the steps, positions and changes of hold. The pattern of the dance, while optional, must be skated with well-rounded lobes. It is necessary to maintain consistent flow and a lilting waltz character throughout.

The dance starts in closed hold for the opening three turns. Steps 1 to 7 - the man begins by travelling”

This is my favourite of all the compulsory pattern dances, which aren’t a thing on their own anymore but exist in a smaller form in the short dance. 

So back in the day, (I’m not going to far back because it was different again, just to the previous system) Dancers would have the Compulsory Dance the Original Dance and the Free Dance. The OD would be based around a rhythm or pattern picked previously (e.g the charleston a la 2009), the FD is pretty much the same vein as today, free. But the compulsory dance, or CD was that before each season, a few patterns would be picked and then dancers would practice those and before each competition they would announce which pattern the  dancers would be doing. Each team was given the same music, the same steps and the same amount of time to perform them and it aimed to compare the skill of the skaters as well as their ability to make the dance their own without being able to choreograph it themselves. 

Each pattern is written like the ones below, beginning with the Dutch Waltz, which is super, super simple and the very first pattern any ice dancers learn and building up through different styles, rhythms and difficulties until it reaches the most difficult of all the patterns, the Golden Waltz. Most of the first patterns only have one pattern that both partners follow but as they get harder the steps become different, hence having two patterns. 

Davis and White’s Golden Waltz is one of their best of all the CDs they did. They are snappy and precise. Watch how tight their turns are and how close they skate together. It’s very difficult to maintain such closeness while doing such intricate and difficult steps. 

Watch how every one of their body lines matches, every extension is in line with each other. 

They also manage to fill the dance with character and joy and it becomes very enjoyable to watch.

This is up for discussion so any questions you may have, just pop them below!

the short dance of today, has the dancers given a pattern like the one above which they have to include a sequence of somewhere in the dance to the right music (tempo, number of beats per bar etc.) although they can pick whatever music they like as long as it fits the parameters. They are also given a few rhythms to choose from that the rest of the dance must be in the style of for their Non-touching step sequence and other stuff that’s not the pattern. E.g this season was Midnight Blues (the pattern) and then swing, hiphop (either/or these were the rhythms). 

Hope that explained some stuff :)

anonymous asked:

Even though I'm super tired of the golden waltz, part of me wishes that was the pattern the Oly SD. With all the open skating that has been going on recently, I just want to see a classic closed-hold dance that emphasizes the ballroom foundations of ice dance. With the end of the compulsory dance, I'm not sure teams even know how to do these types of dances properly anymore.

Tired of the golden waltz? The golden waltz hasn’t been the pattern dance since 2010-11, I don’t think I could ever be tired of it, it’s a favourite of mine. I see where you’re coming from but a lot of the diamond level dances are in closed hold or have lots of changes of hold. The Rhumba is kind of an exception as it’s in Killian the whole time. I’m sure they do, you have to master them to move up the ranks in the lower age divisions especially.