golden vision

   ❝ why are you looking at me like that ? ❞  it’s said with a large pout , confused at to why she was getting this reaction when she was gallivanting around their home in just her underwear.  it wasn’t unusual , clothes were overrated and she was carefree.   ❝ am i distracting you , my love. ❞  music was playing on the record player and she felt as she was back in her favourite era , but this time with her favourite woman in the world.   ❝ because them i’m doing my job because i want you distracted.  you should kiss me ! ❞   

cheeky as always.  but that’s to be expected with how much she absolutely adored lina.  she was her favourite after all.╰ 🌺 ‘・゚@heistlead liked for a starter. duh. 

My basic AU idea... Pitch... Thing

Basically these are the main points:
*Essentially, the Imperium as we know it falls, Guilliman’s Indomitus Crusade fails and Abbadon reaches Terra. So, current-Emperor, using whatever strength he has left in the golden throne, sends a vision to his younger self during the Age of Strife about what is to come, everything from the Horus Heresy to the Age of Apostasy to the Badab War and everything else in between and beyond

*the Emperor isn’t a irredeemable jerk, he actually cares about what happens to his sons. Also, he’s less harsh about the whole “worshipping me as a god” thing
*the structure of the Talons of the Emperor is different because the Emperor fixed what was wrong with the Thunder Warriors

*average Imperial citizens know the basics of Chaos, (I.e. it’s bad and turns people insane

*Arik Taranis is the commander of the Thunder Warriors and Ollanius Pius is the commander of the Old One Hundred (the regiments of Terra that helped secure Unification). They, along with Malcador, Constantine Valdor, Jenetia Krole and the Emperor himself form an “Illuminati” of sorts.

*none of the Primarchs fall to chaos (except maybe Omegon), and a few characters who canonically fall to chaos do not.. However, in exchange for this, EVERY legion has traitors amongst it’s rank. No “all the elements of a legion except for a small amount turn traitor”, nope! Approximately a full half of each of the legions turns to the Dark Gods.

*Erebus is still the first to fall to Chaos, but he’s almost immediately found out. He’s arrested and locked up under the Imperial Palace, where he remains to the present day. So the Dark Gods have to pick someone else to corrupt, so they choose Abbadon. They send Bel'akor to crown him as the new Everchosen of Chaos, but instead Bel'akor challenges him to single combat. Abbadon, despite being uncorrupted and essentially a normal Astartes, defeats Bel'akor, who crowns him as Everchosen. Abbadon becomes an Ultra-Daemon Prince meant to take on the Emperor.

*Daemon Princes are A LOT stronger than they are in normal 40k, but in exchange of that, the process of becoming a Daemon Prince is a lot longer and harder. You don’t just “get” to be a Daemon Prince; you have to be found worthy, and then have to pass several challenges and trials before earning your prize

*there will be more than 4 Chaos Gods. Namely, Malal, God of Anarchy, destruction and those who despise what they become, and Hashut, God of the Chaos Squats, the Bull-Father, will be heavily involved. Also, Squats, Zoats, Exodite Eldar and Hrud will all play larger roles than they did before.

*The Inquisition will still exist, however they will be a more investigative organization rather than a “murder entire planets over the slightest thing”. The Ordo Minoris will instead be sub-ordos of the three Ordos Majoris

*the Ecclesiarchy, and by extension the adepta Sororitas, will still exist. Also, the High Lords of Terra will still exist, but it’s structured differently. Each position of the Canon High Lords will be filled, as well as all of the Primarchs having a seat.

* the loyalist chapters and chaos legions as we know them are pretty much the same in this AU, I will work out how the other traitor legions/loyalist chapters work. Also, successor chapters will be a thing.

These are pretty much the basics of my AU. Let me know what you guys think! I can’t wait for some criticisms.

Here’s a unique piece of ephemera from comics’ golden age. My girlfriend’s Grandmother, the inimitable Edith Block, worked for Goodman Publishing back in the day. For her 18th birthday Stan Lee had Captain America artist Al Avison whip up this singing telegram themed birthday card, signed by Lee, Avison and the girls in the office pool. 

Avison inked Jack Kirby’s work on the Captain America strip. After Kirby exited, Avison stayed on, splitting pencil/ink duties with Syd Shores. Avison might be most famous, however, for his creation of the yellow, speedster Invader ‘The Whizzer’ (NEVER NOT FUNNY). He also worked on the golden-age Vision and inked Kirby again on Marvel Boy.

Heather’s Uncle took the piece to an event in 1992, where Smiling Stan resigned it fifty years later.

The Jewel Keeper

grapefruitwannabe and @inunanna wrote a fic. Together. <3

A New Keeper

Once upon a time. There was a high school. But not any high school. It was a JAPANESE highschool. That had DEMONS in it. Isn’t that crazy?? Who in their right mind would teach a demon? Well at this high school they had a very strange tradition. It was the Shikon no Tama.

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To celebrate new beginnings/spring I’m going to get a new tarot deck. Any Suggestions?

I currently have rider waite, golden tarot, and prisma visions

Arboreal Dreams - Part 17

Title: Arboreal Dreams - [Part 17]

Summary: In a curious case of benevolent dryads, as thanks for sparing their lives, Sam, Dean and Castiel are gifted with a small but precious parcel: you.

Cas gives you some much needed advice about your Sam problem as he takes his time with you.

Pairing: Eventual polyamorous Castiel x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1700ish

Warnings/tropes: Smut, sleepy sex, polyamorous relationship, graceplay, Sammy being an angsty little boy but we love him, fluff

A/N: @angel–radio​ helped me edit this part, so BIG thanks to her! ^^ Love you, girl!

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A week after you were back in the bunker Castiel came to you in the middle of the night, with a whisper of his trench coat and the near unfelt shifting of your bed. Your body, barely awake, yielded to his scratchy kisses and the slide of his cock into your waiting cunt. His thrusts slowly awakened your body and you sighed, moving with him at a casual, unhurried roll.

“I’ve missed you,” you whispered, stroking his hair, his eyes lit by thin tendrils of grace.

“As I’ve missed you,” he returned, before leaning down to kiss you. “You’re sad today.”

You chuckled humourlessly but groaned as he squeezed your breast and licked a stripe up your jaw.

“Sam has been - ah! - he’s b-been distant lately. Oh, yes.” With your sleepy strength, you pushed his chest until he got the message and tugged you upright, so you straddled his lap and he never once stopped his glorious, shallow thrusts.

“Do you know why?” he breathed against your ear.

“N-no,” you panted, your arms tightly wound around his shoulders. “I mean…maybe. But, mmph, but I might have an…an idea.”

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Age of Aquarius interpretation (song by Hair)
  • Many astrologers have said the lyrics of this song are 'astrological nonsense' but here is my take on it. As always, you just need to look a little deeper.
  • When the moon is in the Seventh House: The meaning of the Moon in the seventh house relates to our emotions projecting onto others- that we feel safer and closer with others. It is not saying that the Age of Aquarius will only begin when the moon is in this house (it happens many times a year), it is saying that what this placement represents is important for the new age. The moon is joining us as one, which means we can easily negatively effect each other, but just as easily empower each other.
  • And Jupiter aligns with Mars: The planet of journeying and philosophical understanding is aligned with the planet of action and passion. This is most obvious in the activists we see today- standing up for the things they want everyone to understand, and it is very important that they do so. Activists (Mars) for feminism, equal marriage, veganism, anti-racism, are extremely important in shifting awareness (Jupiter). Since mars is also the planet of war, it is no wonder that passionate activists can come across as agressive, and that what they're fighting turns into a 'controversial war'. The key here is to lead with only passion, not anger, and for the unawakened to see the truth no matter how much they want to live in ignorance, or how hard the truth hits them.
  • Then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars: When we can get the best out of the traits I mentioned above, love will be the only guiding force of the universe and peace will radiate from within us, and around us.
  • This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius: We are coming out of the Age of Pisces (religion- particularly Christianity, sacrifice, deceiving, weak-will and escapism) and transitioning into the Golden Age of technology, space travel, invention, equality, freedom, clarity, everything that human civilization has always meant to be, a true community where everyone has equal value.
  • Harmony and understanding Sympathy and trust abounding: Relates to the traits of the moon in the seventh house
  • No more falsehoods or derisions: leaving behind the traits of the Age of Pisces
  • Golden living dreams of visions: Moving into the Golden Age of Aquarius
  • Mystic crystal revelation: Understanding what we wanted to know in the Age of Pisces
  • And the minds true liberation: Relates specifically to the zodiac sign Aquarius, the leading force in this age.
  • Let the sun shine: The sun relates to the self, our spirit, what we create everywhere throughout our lives. This line of the song sounds like the most simple, but it is in fact saying that we should let ourselves shine, become ourselves, do only what is true to ourselves. The light of the sun is our own reflection.


Pretty pretty pretty girl

Snow white skin and golden curls

She’s a vision sent from heaven

Break of dawn till half past seven

But with darkness things will change

She gets weird and she gets strange

Teeth grow long beyond proportion

Limbs will twist in mass contortions

Bile pours from her snapping jaws

Venom drips from six inch claws

Skin becomes a scaly mask

White hot flames shoot out her ass

Half a horror half delight

Just don’t take her out tonight

She is something in between

If tonight is Halloween

Credits to: charitytryst



I look at my reflection.

I smile, admiring my beautiful appearance. A green bulb-like head with two big round eyes on it, coupled with an unnoticeable small nose and a lipless mouth full of terrifying yellow incisors that seem ready to bite through anything. The upper part of a suit covers my chest; I want to look fancy. Through the sleeves a pair of long tentacles pop out, and through the lower half of the suit 8 more tentacles appear. I love Halloween.

I wobble to the door– I’m not used to navigating my house this way. I go out, watching as all kind of people, grown and little, wander the streets. Some wear high-level costumes while others wear bags with carved eyeholes in them. As I walk around the street, people look at me with awe and I can’t help but smile widely.

I just love Halloween; It’s the only time of the year I can get out of my human costume without people screaming at me.

Credits to: Raisu444