golden trousers


Harry’s tweet “I study 🌈 ”……Purple…..LAST colour on the 🌈 (he wore red, orange,yellow, blue already) and now Donald DUCK on his purple suit… I reaching or do i hear Judy Garland in the background singing “Somewhere over the rainbow”…🦄 free?…. 

Louis also wearing all the colours of the rainbow in his hometown Doncaster for a shoot…..

And what do you find at the end of the rainbow?……the pots of GOLD…..yeah. Well I introduce you to Golden boy Harry on the left and Golden Sunny boy on the right Louis…..

Sizzy: YouTube AU

Anon prompted: Sizzy prompt: Simon and Isabelle are youtubers and they are making a video about their relationship on youtube.

This was so fun to write!

‘Is this thing even on?’

‘You forgot to press the button again, Simon.’


‘Honestly I still can’t believe you have so many subscribers and you can’t even tell when the camera is on.’

Simon glared at his best friend Clary. She was small with green eyes and fiery red hair that matched her personality. She was always supportive of everything Simon did, he didn’t remember a time when Clary wasn’t by his side so when he had told her about his idea of making videos on Youtube, she had fully supported him and he was grateful for that.

‘Hey everyone! I’m Simon Lewis and look who’s with me today…’ Simon tried for the Clary-popping-up-from-below-on-to-the-camera thing and it worked out well.

‘Hey guys, it’s Clary. Not the little girl.’

‘Believe her when she says that I mean you have not been on the end of her punch let me tell you…ow! Jesus, woman!’

‘You’re Jewish.’

‘No, I’m Simon.’

‘Dad jokes, classic Lewis.’

‘Shut up, Fray.’

Ola! It’s Izzy here and I have decided to give you guys some tips on makeup, it’s been too long since I last made a video like that and guess who’s with me today.’

Isabelle turned around and his brother’s boyfriend Magnus appeared behind her, wiggling his fingers at the camera in a gesture of hello. He was wearing a white shirt with a shimmering purple vest over it and a pair of golden trousers that matched the color crusted around his eyes. His hair was spiked up. Isabelle was wearing a blue dress that went past her thighs, her ebony hair pulled into a ponytail and her red lips curled into a smile.

‘I think we all would be offended if I hadn’t invited Magnus for this video.’ Isabelle grinned, her white teeth flashing, her smile dazzling as always.

‘Fear not biscuits for I come bearing fashion tips!’

Isabelle scrunched her eyebrows at Magnus. ‘I never got that term, why do you call everyone biscuit?’

Magnus pointed a finger at her smiling in a mischievous way, his eyes glinting. ‘That is a long story and I admit an interesting one but it’s not for today. Shall we get started?’

Isabelle nodded and looked at the camera. ‘So I thought we’d make it a little bit interesting and look who agreed to let us use the products on him!’

‘It was a bet! I lost.’

Alec was huffing at Isabelle from behind the camera, his brother was dressed somberly. He was wearing a baggy sweater with a few holes at the hem and plain jeans. Magnus grinned and extended his hand out, Alec sighed and took it to let himself be pulled forwards, he really hated that YouTube channel sometimes.

‘Hey everyone! I’m Simon Lewis and something very strange happened to me today! Okay so you guys know how I’m lame at picking up girls at how I’ve dated exactly 2 girls in the past years of my life, Clary can vouch for that. Anyway I didn’t get a date, atleast I think I didn’t get a date, but I met a girl and she’s breathtaking and I know saying all this on a video is probably a stupid thing but it’s not like she watched my videos but here goes, okay.

So I was at Java Jones minding my own business when this girl appears out of nowhere, she had the longest black hair ever and she was beautiful. That’s the word for it, anyway I, being my clumsy self, tripped over my two feet, yes over my feet,  and almost knocked her to the ground. Long story short we exchanged a very awkward conversation and sorry’s and I came home and found her number on my coffee cup.’

Simon raised the Styrofoam cup with a expression of exaggerated surprise on his face.

‘I don’t even know when she did it, what was she like a ninja or something?’

‘Hey guys! I’m Isabelle and I did a very stupid thing today, stupid by my standards. I’m hoping the guy doesn’t watch my videos, I don’t care if he does, but anyway I gave the said guy my phone number. He isn’t even my type. I was at Java Jones, the cafe up in Brooklyn and I’m standing there minding my own business when this boy trips and almost knocks me down. Then we started talking and I was thinking about how cute he was, even though every part of him screamed geek. He wore glasses and those clever geeky T-shirts that I don’t get and when he wasn’t looking I kind of wrote my number on his coffee cup. Yeah, I bet you’re enjoying this, Magnus though I have a feeling Ragnor and Raphael are enjoying it a tad bit more than you are…’

Simon grimaced at the taste of whatever Clary had made him eat and swallowed, trying not to gag; the things he did for his subscribers.

‘Oh!’ Clary made a disgusted noise at the back of her throat. 

‘You will pay for this,’ Simon told her firmly and Clary smirked at him. 

‘Alright so before I end this video I’d just like to say that I asked the girl out-’

‘-yeah after five days of should I call her, what if she doesn't pick up, what if she left her number accidentally-’

Simon shut her up by throwing a pillow at her which made her laugh harder than ever. Normally her laugh would make his heart stutter considering he had been nursing a crush on her since forever, but for the first time he didn’t. Instead he thought about how pretty Isabelle looked when she laughed. It did, infact, take five days for Simon to muster up the courage to call her. He started with a lame joke which made her laugh and call him an idiot and he asked her out to movies, she said yes. Simon smiled, remembering the way her face when she laughed, her eyes bright. They had gone for coffee afterwards and they had sealed their date with a kiss and a promise for a next one.

Simon still couldn’t believe his luck.

‘You shouldn’t be the one to talk Miss I have a boyfriend with an ego bigger than Antarctica and dyed blond hair-’

‘-his hair is not dyed, Simon-’

‘-And with that happy note I’ll see you guys next week with hopefully me making Clary eat this stuff.’ He scrunched his nose at the bowl in his hand. 

‘And this is how this hairstyle is made, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I did go out with that guy I was talking about, we went to the movies and it was really nice…’

Isabelle grinned. She really did enjoy her date. Simon was cute in a geeky kind of a way, he was shy and he made her smile with his sarcasm and his lame attempt at making jokes. It surprised her still, how she agreed to go put with him, he wasn’t the kind of guy his parents would disapprove of, he wasn’t troublesome at all, infact he was the exact opposite of what kind of guys Isabelle usually went with. He was different but Isabelle saw the honesty in him, the way his cheeks flushed when he was pleased or when he was embarrassed, she saw his none too elegant gait, she listened to him blabbing about his one too many obsessions and she loved it.

‘If you like my video give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more of my freakishly awesome tips, I will see you guys next week!’

Isabelle got up from the bed and turned off the camera. She saw Jace standing in the doorway. He had a dopey smile on is face which was freaking her out.

‘What?’ she demanded.

‘Ah, look at you all in love,’ he sighed theatrically tossing his head back in an attempt to push his hair back from his face.

Izzy scoffed, ‘You’re the one to talk.’

‘Fair enough,’ Jace shrugged. ‘Have you, oh dear sister of mine, heard of a particular YouTube Channel called ‘The Mortal Simon’?’

‘Um, no.’ Isabelle scrunched her eyebrows at the weird name.

‘Well today is your lucky day then,’ Jace strode into her room, snatched her laptop from her dressing table and sat on her bed.

‘I found your boyfriend online,’ he told her. ‘And apparently he’s just as love sick as you are.’

‘So, uh, you guys remember that girl I was dating, turns out she has her own YouTube Channel. It also turns out she happens to be with me this very instant!’

Isabelle popped up from below, her hair flying everywhere. On her it actually looked like a very impressive hair flip.

‘Hi guys! It’s Isabelle here-’

‘-And Clary-’

‘-And her breathtakingly beautiful boyfriend Jace-’

‘-And forcibly dragged along Alec-’

‘-And Alec’s dashing boyfriend, Magnus.’

Simon and Isabelle blinked and turned around. Sure enough everyone was there, all of them leaning forwards to look into the camera.

‘We couldn’t miss a historical moment like this,’ Clary said seriously.

‘You guys even have a name now, Sizzy!’ Magnus grinned proudly.

‘That’s a terrible name,’ Simon countered.

‘It is not since I came up with it and everything that I come up with is naturally fabulous,’ Magnus countered and Alec rolled his eyes affectionately. 

‘Okay,’ Isabelle said loudly over the bantering, shutting them up. ‘Recording a video here.’

They settled themselves in Simon’s bed, which was small so they were all crammed into it.

‘Yeah let’s redo this,’ Simon turned off the video camera. He had a feeling they would be redoing the video for a long time and he found himself not minding it.

When The Sun Chases The Moon From The Sky (ch 2)

Sorry for the wait! I wasn’t expecting to get such positive reception to a fic I simply wrote on a whim one night and after reading all your responses on AO3 and tumblr, I wanted to take the time to flesh out how I see this AU and how the world of Theia and Selene works.

Thank you everyone for your support! I hope you continue to enjoy.

Day and Night AU is by @beanpots

Chapter 1

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anonymous asked:

cullen/trevelyan prompt: cullen and bull are sparring, and the inquisitor stops to watch. "quick, commander, the boss is watching, take your shirt off," "maker's breath, bull," "fine, she can just stare at me," "now that you mention it, i am feeling sort of warm"

Here you go, Nonny. I hope you like it! I hope you don’t mind that I made your supplied dialogue a bit ambiguous from Trevelyan’s POV (I also added a bit where Bull says ‘I know you’ve been making eyes at each other’). 

If anyone would like to submit a prompt to me, you can do so here

A Lighthearted Bet

Rated T.


Elena Trevelyan strolled through Skyhold’s courtyard, theearly morning light warming her skin. Around her, the people of the Inquisition were going about the beginning of their day, and every now and then someone would pause to nod in her direction with a soft “Inquisitor”. As she walked up the stairs from the lower level, the sounds of soldiers practicing in the yard became louder, and over that, cheers. Approaching the practice ring set up in front of the Herald’s Rest, she could see a large crowd of people gathered. 

“Morning, Sunshine,” Varric greeted as Elena drew nearer to the ruckus. 

“Morning Varric. What’s going on?” She asked, standing on tiptoe to see around the mob. 

A loud cheer rose up, muffling the dwarf’s reply at first.


“Tiny and Curly, they’re having at it. Here,” Varric started pushing through the crowd. “Make way, make way, Herald of Andraste coming through, Maker’s chosen coming through!”

Elena scrambled after him, finally pushing her way through a throng of elbows to the wooden ring. 

“Oh,” she murmured, eyes wide. 

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i'm more excited for your reactions to their outfits than I am for the actual awards lmao

fashion review 2016 boncas:

Phil Lester showed up in a suave suit jacket with golden embroidery. Fitting for his golden personality. His black trousers were immaculate. Hair, on point. Shoes, maybe a little off target but we forgive him.

Dan Howell arrived with Phil Lester in an absolutely dazzling sequined jacket. He wore his beautiful white shoes from the 2016 Brits, proving recycling is good for the planet. The outfit was obnoxious to the point where it was beautiful.

Both wore matching bowties for the occasion.

I am impressed. 9.8/10


Royal wedding - clothing

Princess Sofia wore a dress with three tones of white created by Swedish designer Ida Sjöstedt. The dress is made of a crepe-silk and with Italian organza. The lace applications are by José María Ruiz. The wedding dress is hand cut and then hand-embroidered in Ida Sjöstedt’s studio in Stockholm.
The veil of thin bridal tulle are also hand-embroidered with applications of sheer cotton lace .The tiara was a gift from the King and Queen to Princess Sofia. Her hair is done by Marwan Hitti and makeup by William Värnild.

Prince Carl Philip wore his companion uniform from the navy. The large brass outfit consists of a dark blue mess jacket, white vest, dark blue trousers with golden stripes, a dress shirt and black bow tie. The prince wears his Seraphim light blue ribbon, the words character and grand, and the North Star Order’s cross with a black ribbon around the neck.

Crown Princess Victoria wears a dress in a blue-green hue from H&M’s Conscious collection. Crown Princess Victoria wears the Princess Sibylla diadem, poireörearrings and a poirebrosch with a diamond.The Crown Princess also carries her Seraphim’s light blue ribbon, word characters, and grand, and a miniature portrait of The King framed in diamonds.

Prince Daniel wears a tuxedo with Seraphim in bands, and grand, and the North Star Order’s cross with a black ribbon around the neck. On the chest he carries King Carl XVI Gustaf’s Jubilee memorabilia II miniature.

Princess Madeleine wears an apricot pink dress in soft falling silk embroidered with matt stones by Elie Saab. The Princess wears the Modern Fringe tiara and Vasaearrings. The Princess also carries her Seraphim light blue ribbon, the words character and grand, and a miniature portrait of The King with diamonds.

Princess Leonore wears a dress once worn by the Princess’s grandfather’s grandfather Gustaf VI Adolf.

Christopher O'Neill wears a tuxedo and the North Star Order’s cross in blue and yellow ribbon around the neck.

The King wears his uniform of admiral in the Navy. The uniform consists of a dark blue mess jacket, white vest, dark blue trousers with golden stripes, a dress shirt and black bow tie. The king wears the Seraphim order in bands with star and Vasa Order of the Seraphim. The neck decorations of the Sword, the Swedish military words. King also carries two ordenskraschaner, the top Swedish The Order and the Vasa Order grand.

The Queen wears a light lilac dress in silk satin embroidered with lace, sequins and stones. The Queen wears the Leuchtenbergska sapphires in diadems, earrings and brooch, a brilliant collier with clappers and the crown jewel bracelet. The Queen also wears her Seraphim’s light blue ribbon, word characters, and grand, and a miniature portrait of The King with diamonds.