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Hello! You saw the graphics and read the bold right: A week dedicated to Persona as a series! From the main games to the spin offs to any adaptation that may exist!

While the About Page covers most things, I’ll make a few notes here.

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  • Don’t be shy if you’re a fan of some of the less popular parts of the series! You’re encouraged to make things and they’ll be reblogged with much fervor!!

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Can we just enjoy the beauty in this.

Ladies Night
  • Circe: I now call to order, THE LEGION OF FEMALE VILLAINS!
  • Harley Quinn: YEAH-wait villains legion? I thought this was a potluck! Now what am I gonna do with all these baked beans?
  • Circe: Oh please, you're one of the greatest villains in woman history!
  • Harley Quinn: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, I'm more like an anti-hero now in all honesty. Hell I also keep several weirdos at work, and have an entire FLOOR of my building just for my puppies and kitties! That makes up for all my killings ten times over.
  • Catwoman: Its true, I've seen the puppy floor, its literally the cutest thing ever. Also I'm barely evil as well, most I do is steal stuff from rich white guys, nowadays I'm kicking Bane's ass and taking the rap for my step-sister! And MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYBE Mrs.Wayne finally!
  • Harley Quinn: D'AW, congratulations! Mr.J propsed to me once...the ring still had a finger on it.
  • Circe: Okay, well CLEARLY Poison Ivy and Killer Frost-
  • Poison Ivy: ALSO-more of an anti-hero now.
  • Killer Frost: And I'm a straight up superhero now...whose...into the Atom and not Firestorm for some reason. Try keeping those Arrowverse fans NOW DC!
  • Circe: Cheetah?
  • Cheetah: Wonder Woman straight up cured me, she's mah girl now.
  • Circe: Doctor Poison?
  • Maru: YEAH-I haven't been seen in...a while. BUT HEY-that new movie might spark up interest! Did you see her awesome face mask? SO awesome.
  • Silver Banshee: Same with me with lax appearances AS WELL as being pretty much an anti-hero.
  • Veronica Cale: You have me for support, LEADER of Godwatch!
  • China White: And ME, China White!
  • Circe: ...I have literally no idea who either of you are.
  • Veronica Cale: Oh come on, I'm a straight up devious lady villain!
  • China White: And I was a minor Green Arrow villain they made a mainstay in the sorta good sorta bad live action show!
  • Circe: Get better names, and we'll talk.
  • Talia: I WANT to say I'm a villain, but the writers treat me so inconsistently who can keep track?
  • Golden Glider: I'm a criminal, but no where NEAR evil. Rogues for LIFE!
  • Grail: Raising my baby-dad so that he'll be better than I was, semi-redeemed.
  • Blackfire: ALSO-good.
  • Jewelee: You know the pattern here.
  • Circe: DAMMIT-am I seriously the last classic DC lady villain to be...a legit villain?
  • Amanda Waller: I wanna include myself here, but I DO save the world...through evil means, so more an anti-villain.
  • Circe: UGH-fuck this, I'ma go hang out with R'as.
  • Talia: Tell him to go fuck himself for trying to kill my son...again.
  • Circe: On it.

This year my college had our Annual Persona Day. We saw Persona 3 the Movie #2 We played Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and We pastry that were persona related. The number cupcakes behind each display card resembles the number of party members from each series (not including returning characters )


Gold was more than precious metals used as jewelry and ornaments.

God is one of the most conducive metals in existence and highly sought by all Ancient cultures and the Elites of the modern world - but why?

Can Gold do more than we have been told?

Golden Trinity thousands of years before Roman Civilization and Christianity