golden trinity


Beautiful official art with the protags <3

Can we just enjoy the beauty in this.


This year my college had our Annual Persona Day. We saw Persona 3 the Movie #2 We played Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and We pastry that were persona related. The number cupcakes behind each display card resembles the number of party members from each series (not including returning characters )


righteousman  asked:

hey,,,,, naomi,,,,,,, listen ,,, , ,, daddy’s gotta go away for awhile. pop’s gotta go. he's got some bad men after him, some really nasty guys. some big meanies are trying to catch him, and well dad’s gotta go. i’m sorry sweetie, but dAD'S GOTTA BLAST

as;ldghk istg every time this comes up, all i can think about is john winchester Blasting Off™ to become negan

get ready y'all. i’m about to fucking annihilate these bastards.

@adoringjensen: NAOMI. MY MEME BUD. nomers. naomi with your perfect personality and your gorgeous-ass face. naomi with a smile that would easily blind a feeble old woman. naomi with a brand new jensen meme you’ve cultivated everyday. naomi with your fine ass art and your hella beautiful graphics and sick as hell icons. naomi with more heart than a human body should allow, with a gorgeous soul. you bet your ass that jensen ackles is proud of you, dammit. you’re fucking rad.

@asexualcas: BRI. bri. my bruhsband. bri. bri with your cas eyes and your misha scrunch. that gorgeous floof of hair that goes “swish!” as it simply exists. it’s so floppy. how remarkable. bri with fine ass graphics and perfect fics and the best fuckin headcanons. bri with a heart of gold and a smile to prove it. bri who goes out of their way to help people. who goes above and beyond to make the world a better place. misha collins is proud of you, and i know it. he couldn’t not be. you’re fuckin aces.

THESE TWO BASTARDS are some of my closest friends and even though they’ve got baggage, they’re here for me and they’re beautiful and even though some days i feel like i can’t even think straight, they help me through it, because they’re angels. literal angels. and i know it. i’ve asked them to smite me. they said no. :(

but anyways!!!!!!!! i love them so fuckin much ok. i love those two nerds