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Beautiful official art with the protags <3


“We have no excuses

For the pain and death of us.

Look me in the eyes,

And hear my quiet cries,

We’ll never see the skies.

Is it something out there?

This is the last moment we both share.

You can run,

But you can’t hide,

Get ready for a ride!

We’ve lost so much time

Of our happy little youth.

Look me in the eye,

And see my little smile,

Now you know the truth.

Is it something out there?

This is the last breath of this heavy air.

Thank you for the care,

It was only fair.

This is our last prayer.“

((The song is “Is there something out there?” By Flannyr on YouTube. The moment I heard it my first thought was “I need to do something with this!” And here we are.))

((Also the roses are there because roses are pretty and it was too monochrome. The first picture I took before I added the flowers just in case I messed it up but yAY I DIDN’T-))

((Reblogs are appreciated!))

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Trinity verse Valentine's?

Ha!  I was just about to write something for Trinity!verse.  Sorry, this came out a little more maudlin than I’d intended.


It was possible there were more awkward moments that could have happened, but Emma couldn’t think of anything.  Catching her parents in bed, with all that that had implied, had been bad, but this was worse.

“Charming.  Snow.  What an interesting coincidence.”  Gold was the first to recover from the surprise, though Emma could feel the tension in his hand as he touched the small of her back.

“Emma.  I didn’t know you had plans for tonight.”  Snow’s eyes widened as she looked up at her daughter, dressed in her favorite leather coat over a black dress that didn’t quite hit her knees.  Belle’s dress was almost the same style, but red.  She wore a shawl of black.  With Gold in a black suit and red shirt it was impossible to miss the fact that the three of them were together.

Emma shrugged.  “Belle’s never celebrated Valentine’s Day.”

“That’s, um. nice.” Her dad was having a hard time looking at her.  His gaze kept going down, to where Gold’s arm was clearly wrapped around her.

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Comics I wanna write

you know, in the future when i…..become a comic book writer (hopefully)

  • Golden Trinity:
    • a sort of road trip starring Cassie Sandsmark, Stephanie Brown, and Kara Zor-El. something (would have to be in line w current continuity) happens and the gals get cut off from everyone else, and they have to make their way from around the world and fight crime, complete their mission, and find a way back to the Justice League 
  • Nell
    • yeah, i’d want the title to just be “Nell”. It’d be about Nell Little, and her ascent into Batgirl and her adventures at Gotham Academy (pls @dc it makes so much sense for her to go there)
  • [insert name of solo steph series here]
    • self explanatory? all i have to say is that i’d make steph and dami hug
  • i’d literally love to write something with just the batfam…maybe a holiday special? but all of them interacting and having wacky shenanigans and all that jazz
  • idk probably others but those are the List

This year my college had our Annual Persona Day. We saw Persona 3 the Movie #2 We played Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and We pastry that were persona related. The number cupcakes behind each display card resembles the number of party members from each series (not including returning characters )


I keep seeing posts that are bashing Marvel for not making a Black Widow movie after she appeared in five movies (fair) 

and praising DC for making a Wonder Woman movie after she appeared in one

but can I please remind everyone that unlike Black Widow, Wonder Woman has been part of the golden trinity of DC Comics since the 1940s. She’s been one of their most visible and popular heroes and helped evolve the superhero genre into the one we know today. Wonder Woman has been a role model and a pop culture icon since her inception 

and DC has refused to market her despite her equal prominence and name recognition as Batman and Superman. It’s about damn time Wonder Woman got a movie like this. DC doesn’t deserve praise over something they should have done a long, long time ago when Wonder Woman already had enough popularity for her own movie. It’s not comparable to Marvel’s Black Widow at all. Please don’t act like DC Comics is a magical progressive company just because they’re making a Wonder Woman movie in 2017 after ignoring her popularity since 1941

Batman has 14 solo animated movies and he appears in 17 team movies. [x] This doesn’t include the 13 cinema movies Batman has appeared in or the many TV shows (both animated and live action) that he’s starred in.

Superman has 8 solo animated movies, 10 cinema films, and appears in a bunch of team Justice League movies as well [x]

Wonder Woman has one solo animated movie and her sequel was canceled even though it made over 7 million USD. She appears in 13 animated team movies with the rest of the Justice League and has three cinema films including BvS. [x]

tldr; DC isn’t better than Marvel just because they’re finally making a Wonder Woman movie in 2017. that’s like praising a boss for finally paying an employee who deserved to be paid years ago


Grace Helbig looking stunning at the Golden Globes after party X

So proud of this human! Her new show is going to be amazing!